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English Lesson about Chocolate

Date: May 16 2012

Themes: Food

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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Cookies, cake, and pie are all tasty desserts. But sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a simple piece of rich, dark chocolate.

Most candy bars are made with milk chocolate, which is sweeter and less bitter than dark chocolate. Some people only like milk chocolate. For others, it has to be dark or it doesn’t count. Find out if Amy and Jason are chocoholics.



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amy:  I’m just dying for some chocolate, Jason. You don’t have any, do you?

Jason:  No. Don’t carry chocolate in my pockets or anything.

Amy:  I just like to have a little bit of chocolate every day.

Jason:  Wow, really? So it’s almost like coffee to you or something?

Amy:  It’s similar to coffee. I don’t need it to wake up, but it is kind of a pick me up in the afternoon. Just like a square or two of really dark, creamy, delicious chocolate.

Jason:  What percentage cacao are you going for here?

Amy:  I like to go, you know, 70% or higher.

Jason:  Alright.

Amy:  Yeah. But it also has to be creamy. I don’t like it when it’s so dark that it has that kind of brittle texture.

Jason:  And you want just the chocolate. You don’t want it in a chocolate bar with nuts and raisins and different things?

Amy:  I do not like nuts in chocolate. But sometimes a little something, like lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of chocolate with salt.

Jason:  Oh yeah, that actually is really good.

Amy:  It’s so good, I know.

Jason:  It’s so surprising.

Amy:  I know. But it really brings out that chocolate flavor.

Jason:  Hot chocolate, does that do the trick in the winter?

Amy:  Yeah, but it has to be that really dense, thick, dark hot chocolate.

Jason:  I like a good milk chocolate. You can kind of suck on it and dissolve it in your mouth. It’s nice.

Amy:  Yeah, it’s just kind of a different thing. It doesn’t give me that sort of high that real dark chocolate gives me.

Jason:  Wow. I’m not familiar with the dark chocolate feeling.

Amy:  You don’t get kind of a buzz when you eat a piece of dark chocolate?

Jason:  I’ll have to pay more attention.


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Amy wants a piece of chocolate and asks Jason if he has any. Jason is surprised to hear that Amy likes to eat chocolate every day.

Jason asks Amy what kind of chocolate she likes. She prefers dark chocolate to milk chocolate. She likes chocolate that is creamy, bitter and sweet. She doesn’t like brittle chocolate or chocolate with nuts. Both Amy and Jason like chocolate with salt, because the salt brings out the chocolate flavor.

In the winter, Amy sometimes like to drink hot chocolate. But it has to be thick and rich. Jason enjoys milk chocolate as well as dark chocolate. Amy says milk chocolate is OK, but it doesn’t give her a buzz like dark chocolate does.

Do you like to eat chocolate? What kind of chocolate is your favorite?



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Goooood morning chocolate addicted!

I like chocolate too but not too much, my fovourite is the black one



06:30 AM Jul 23 2014 |

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06:08 PM Jul 22 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oh my god,if i could build a world from chocolate i built it i.i do love chocolate in every flavour but dark chocolate is the most attractive and delicious.i cant wait more than this,im going to eat it at this moment :-)

03:52 PM Jul 21 2014 |

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United Arab Emirates

I like eating chocolate but not much :$

10:55 AM Jul 21 2014 |

1 person likes this



Viet Nam

Yes I like to eat chocolate . Sometimes I can eat the whole large Hershey Chocolate bar although I know it is not good to consume  too much sweet . I love to eat chocolate with nuts and I often carry chocolate candies and bars with me whenever I travel out of town  with my family on the holidays.


06:37 AM Jul 21 2014 |




Well,dose anybody hate chocolate?I don’t know!It’s such delicious that almost everyone refuse to say no when facing a plate of chocolate.And I love it so,especially milk chocolate,it’s so sweeeeeeeeeet!

08:49 AM Jan 21 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i love chocolate,in all the days i should eat a lot of chocolates may be 7 or 8Laughing

10:43 AM Nov 20 2012 |



yes i like the chocolat!!!! carlos V chocolat is my favorit. 

06:56 PM Oct 15 2012 |

1 person likes this

Vina Novalina


Let’s face it, a piece of chocolate does a lot for alot of people. yeah and it does for me, I love chocolate, it can pick me up, bring me out  and it is a pleasure, yeah one of my happiness. Beside that chocolate is good for health especially dark chocolate although chocolate is also high in fat but can’t resist it.

“All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now then doesn’t hurt.”- Charles Monroe Schulz. I am fully agree ^^

09:31 AM Sep 09 2012 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it’s a delicious foodTongue out

03:57 PM Aug 24 2012 |

Sally Turquoise

United Kingdom

Save the earth! it’s the only planet that has chocolate!! I love chocolate

08:24 PM Jun 15 2012 |



wow i like to eat chocolate , and my favourite of chocolate is dark chocolate to milk chocolate . of course i don’t eat it every day but somtimes i eat it for pick me up in the morning

08:47 PM May 19 2012 |




I like chocolate, but I don’t eat it every day like Amy does. I eat it from time to time when I want to. I like to eat chocolate with my tea, which picks me up in the morning or just to feel better. I like dark chocolate, 70 percent and higher and I keep it in the refrigerator so it is brittle and craks on my teeth. I also like chocolate with nuts. And in winter cold day thick hot chocolate in a cafe hits the spot. I also like to taste different kinds of chocolate, because there are so many, and I know only a few.

12:11 PM May 19 2012 |




I like chocolate and sometimes I do it myself, but what really brings me up is halva. I’m a complete halvaholic!

07:27 PM May 18 2012 |




I love chocolate. It always picks me up :) 

I may say that I am a chocoholic. I cannot bear a day without chocolate :)

10:14 AM May 17 2012 |




Chocolate is my favorite snack, I like candy bar, chocolate with walnuts, also chocolate with wafer, I love anything relates to chocolate, ice cream, cake. I love all of them.

12:15 AM May 17 2012 |




Halloween chocolate treat goes all year around with me. I used to eat tons of chocolate in my student’s years.  Just a bar of chocolate on the desk slowly melting away while you do some hard intellectual task and by the end of the class, as for the memory for that delicious product, you have left a beautiful fairy tale wrapping.  Nothing goes into garbage though. All goes into the collection of stamps and other trinkets.  And what a vast collection of chocolate itself we have today on the market!!  Every time I hit the store, I’ve got pretty hard time picking the best from the best product. Well, at the back of your mind, there’s a red warning signal – fat and calories!! and then you try to pick the one that has more dark chocolate (no less than 70% of cocoa). And you know it has more antioxidants, lowers your blood pressure, improves your cardiovascular health and even makes your teeth stronger. And who said that chocolate is not a health product ;)


Paulo Arruda


Yeah, for sure ! Recently, I read an scientific article that emphasized the relaxing effects caused by eating chocolate. I prefer it bitter, with 70 % of cacao or higher.

11:01 PM May 16 2012 |

glassy heart

Saudi Arabia

I am in love with chocolate. latly my presentation at college was about Hershies Kisses chocolate, it was so exciting to see a vedio about coco tree,how they make the harvisting and then production . I like both dark and millky normal or with alamound or nuts , i love chcolate cake,cookies and drinks .Oh now i feel like dying for some coco kisses ! Does Any one have some for me ❤

09:32 PM May 16 2012 |




oh my, i love chocolate.. chocolate bars, chocolate cakes, chocolate ice cream, anything with chocolates.. I like the bitter one, and also I like it more if it is free. 

07:47 PM May 16 2012 |

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