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Learn the Zero Conditional

Date: Jun 08 2012

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Ah, nature. It can feel so good to take a hike through the woods, or relax beside a river. Being in the natural world, away from civilization, can even be a spiritual experience. It can make us feel connected to something larger than ourselves.

But if you’re heading out into nature on a spiritual journey, make sure you remember the bug spray. Being in nature isn’t all peace and rainbows. It often has certain drawbacks, too, from bugs to dirt, to no indoor plumbing. Hear Marni try to convince Ella to spend more time in nature.



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Ella:  I love nature, but I just, I’m not fond of the bugs and dirt.

Marni:  Oh, really? I think it’s just, you know, if you love nature, you just kinda have to accept that.

Ella:  It’s difficult for me. I’m such a city person, but I really love being out there, smelling the fresh pine and being in the sunshine and stuff. But I can’t stand the bugs and dirtiness. I can’t do the camping. It’s really hard.

Marni:  So do you just go hiking?

Ella:  Yes. I love hiking, fishing. It’s very difficult. I’m trying to pick and choose, but like you said, you have to try to enjoy it all.

Marni:  Right. I think you just have to accept it. Well, I love nature as well, and I go hiking all the time, and camping. But I don’t mind the dirt so much, and the bugs I just accept. I just find it so peaceful and so rewarding to be out in nature. It just makes me really appreciate how lucky we are to have such natural beauty in our world.

Ella:  Yeah. I find it a really good meditative place to be.

Marni:  Yeah. I don’t know, I think there’s a connection that’s lost when you don’t get to live in an area where you have such natural beauty around you.

Ella:  I agree.


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Ella explains to Marni that she enjoys being in nature, but she hates bugs and dirt. Marni disagrees. She loves all aspects of nature, even the dirtiness of it.

Ella doesn’t like to camp, but she does enjoy hiking. She thinks that being in nature is very meditative and peaceful. But she has to pick and choose which activities to do in nature.

Marni thinks it is important to spend time in nature. It makes her appreciate the beauty of the world, and it makes her feel more connected to the natural world.

Do you like spending time in nature? Where do you go to feel connected with the natural world?



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I like nature because it makes me feel relax and when i feel upset i go out , i see the greeness of trees and blueness of sky , i smell clear air ,i love nature too much its some thing a mazing ,i can not feel happy with out the beauty of nature ,thanks god for your all blessing .

06:27 PM Jun 11 2012 |

lian liang li


I like nature .beacuse it is so close to me ,so true

08:26 AM Jun 11 2012 |





11:55 PM Jun 10 2012 |




huhhhhh, I love my MOTHER NATURE.

I enjoy and like everything about nature,, the SUNSHINE, the SUNSET, the LAKES, the RIVERS, the MOUNTAINS,  the wide blue sky you can easily see, everything’s whimsical, but uh, not the BUGS, I’m scared of them. 

07:24 PM Jun 10 2012 |



United States

is not all peace and rainbows))) love it!))))

07:20 PM Jun 10 2012 |

snow l

snow l

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i enjoy spending time in peaceful nature;)fresh air, walking on the beach,watching the wonderful sunset,birds flying in the blue sky,the sweet smell of the wet soil after rain,even its dirt…it reminds me of my happy curious childhood,playing long hours on the farm in sunny days,exploring the beauty of the world!
colorful natures gift to all is health and happiness:)
nature is a best teacher:)
let’s be friends with nature:)

05:52 PM Jun 10 2012 |

tutorheatherSuper Member!

United States

Hi all!

I live in Maine, USA, which is often referred to as “vacationland” just for this reason.

The coastline is beautiful, with white sandy beaches and cool ocean water. Sea birds fly everywhere, hoping that people drop a snack on the beach. I love the beach, however, after everyone goes home. The beach at dusk is beautiful. Talk about meditative and peaceful!

One of my favorite things to do in nature is just to sit under a tree and read a book or write. The tree provides the shade, so the warmth is more bearable. It can get hot here, but not as much as other places in the world. Plus, if  you sit by the water, you can enjoy the cool ocean breeze!

02:49 PM Jun 10 2012 |




I like nature, camping, fishing ,woods, I agree with Marni that we can feel  inspired and 

refreshed  in the wilderness ,as far as bugs is concerned  ,maybe they are the entrance fee that we have to pay to  to get into paradise  to charge our ” batteries”  and momentarily forget  our internet ,newspapers  and cell phones.Laughing 

01:45 PM Jun 10 2012 |


New Zealand

I love nature but not became a meal for insects….... yes, I really do think so.

09:56 AM Jun 10 2012 |



Sri Lanka

I love nature,and I love to walk in woods…cannot imagine a life without nature..Thank God…

05:47 AM Jun 10 2012 |



Will i like the nature , if I dont spend some time in nature i feel like some one suffocates me slowly slowly , usualy i spend my free time in farms watching the small revar , palm tree , and the animal over the fields.

03:42 AM Jun 10 2012 |

mark lee

mark lee


In China,expecially in the large cities like Beijing,Shanghai,the air pollution is terrible,which just looks like L.A in 1960s. But,in the countryside or some small cities,the air is goooooooooood.

02:43 AM Jun 10 2012 |

1 person likes this




I love nature,but inchina ,the air isn’t  so satisfactory。

12:27 AM Jun 10 2012 |



United States

i like to go fishing and camping. I really love climbing trees.the weather is warm around california and the aroma of flowers always make me smile. the bugs are really playful.Cool

08:39 PM Jun 09 2012 |

1 person likes this

blue skyy


yes , i enjoy nature and camping a looot even with all the dirtiness that comes with it

09:28 AM Jun 09 2012 |




Ohhhh nature, that haven for all peace and calm seekers… I can not even imagine the world without the woods greenness, the blueness of water and all that merge of colors that feels so subtle and flawless… 
Nature is the essence of life.

08:34 AM Jun 09 2012 |




I have anatural world everywhere,cuz I live in avillage.I didnt need to search of nature or apure air,cuz the trees & the beauty of the nature are around me.There isnt any noisy,but peaceful isWink everywhere.Even people here are pure,kind,hospitable & simple.I think that im alucky girl.

08:19 AM Jun 09 2012 |

1 person likes this




i like nature’s amazing colors… it’s what i enjoy most.
the sunrise and sunsets… they give out the best hues of yellow, orange and hints of pink. sometimes bright and sometimes soft. for me, sunrise is like hope, a welcome and a new beginning. sunset on the other hand is kinda romantic, calm and like a curtain call after a great performance of the day. hehe
the best greens in my opinion… comes from the rice fields. usually after a little bit of rain and then the sun comes out to play, rice fields showcase the best vibrant green of all.
flowers always make me smile. and fruit trees amaze me. they remind me how blessed we are with nature’s beauty and bounty. they’re both refreshing to our different senses (sight, smell, taste, touch). they always keep me on a happy note.

07:29 AM Jun 09 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think Nature is very beautiful.

the blue sky,yellow sun,beautifull waterfall,green grass.wwwooowwwWink


06:22 AM Jun 09 2012 |

siberian tigger


It is big place where people find the peace with theirself and the others.

In summary, people soul is free throught the forest.



01:21 AM Jun 09 2012 |

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