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take off

take off

Date: Jul 05 2012

Themes: Celebrity


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“I thought I was going to be married and have two children by the time I was 21, but then my career started to take off, so that dream ended.”

- Actress Cameron Diaz on her parenting plans. (Redbook)

“我曾想在 21 岁时结婚并生两个孩子,但随后我的职业生涯开始起步,这样,我的梦想就终结了。”


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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develop quickly; become suddenly popular

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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No matter how many times you’ve flown, the moment when a plane takes off still feels pretty amazing. One minute you’re on the ground, and the next minute you’re soaring through the sky like a bird.

In the same way, Cameron Diaz probably felt amazed when her career as an actress took off. One day she was struggling to make it like so many others, and then suddenly, she was flying high as a famous movie star.

When something takes off, it starts or develops quickly and suddenly, like when a plane becomes airborne. Often, when we say that someone or something took off, we mean it suddenly became popular, as in, “Our band really took off after one of our songs was picked for the soundtrack of a movie.”

It’s also common to refer to one’s career taking off. If your career takes off, you suddenly become more successful—and probably a lot more busy. That’s why Cameron Diaz says she had to put aside her dream of having children at a young age once her career started to take off. She was too busy working to focus on settling down and having kids.

Has your career taken off already, or are you still waiting for it to take off? What is more important to you, having a career or having a family?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Ever since we had that song on the radio, our band has been taking off.”

“The party took off when the cheerleaders arrived.”

“When you go to college, your social life will take off.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

sofree start
by sofree
Quynh Mai Succeed, starts to progress in a positive way.
by Quynh Mai
Orchestra started to develop rapidly and it was like a rise of a plane))
by Orchestra
When a plane begins to fly
by mehri.nejatifar
Grace Nath It means that her career started to move/flurish
by Grace Nath
cubi1604 To develop
by cubi1604
Ahshan on the way;begin
by Ahshan
My career started to be popular & successful
by Sally Turquoise
"Take off" means something like starting something big... in the case of Cameron Diaz, it could mean getting famous and sucsess at her career.
by Andreus Felipen
Englishty It means become successful.
by Englishty
merllan To achieve wide use or popularity; to become seccessful or popular very fast.
by merllan
dyanramos to be launched (as if a rocket ship), and continue to soar higher.
by dyanramos
Eleniya To achieve wide use or popularity.
by Eleniya
dearpesar to success, to go the way you don't expect it, getting more than you thought
by dearpesar
anges491 to become very successful suddenly
by anges491

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for me, as for a woman, family the first of all.

04:52 AM Jul 07 2012 |

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I would like to say,both the family and the career are imporant for me.That’s because, I love so much to share everything with my family.I feel espical happy when I see my little baby smiling to me when she just wakes up in  the moring. Both my husband and I enjoy every minutes to stay with her.On the other hand,I also like to become a capable and independent woman, to have a good  career in a company.That means ,not only I am independent in the economy but also in the spirit.I want to keep the contact with the society. I hate to be a woman out of date.

If you ask me ,which is more important ,family or career?

I would ask back,why we have to choose one and give up the other? Is it really too difficulty to behave well in the company as young mothers? Do all of the women have given up the career in order to give a birth to a baby?Certainly I do admit that, if we want to privide the good performance in the company when at the same time we are the young mothers ,we will have to spend more time and energy ,we will have less time for relaxation for oursevles.We might feel too tired ,too hard ,we even might think,maybe  we really cann’t deal with all of them,but in fact ,there are so many good example in our life. After reading theri successful sotries , I am sure you wiil feel more confidence and courage in your heart. You can do it ,be confidenct ,and try on.

Wish all the young mothers enjoy their career! Good luck!

03:09 AM Jul 06 2012 |

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a successful career provides a good future to your lovely family in today’s world and both of them take off



08:39 PM Jul 05 2012 |

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The Last Joke



Joy : Because :

Fly is a smooth  , but  takeoff is a little rough .

We use ( take off ) :  whit an airplane  which goes from the ground(moving along the ground )  to flying in the air ..

Ex :The plane always take off from the airport on time ! 

We use ( fly ) :  whit an airplane  which flies above ( in the sky ) .

Ex :The plane always fly over  mountains  .

08:37 PM Jul 05 2012 |




Why ?

  Is there a difference between fly and take off ?

08:33 PM Jul 05 2012 |

The Last Joke


Joy :

No , no , you can’t say that!!!!!!

08:31 PM Jul 05 2012 |




Baset :  very well …........

I can say :

The plane always fly on time.

instead of :

The plane always take off on time.


08:28 PM Jul 05 2012 |

The Last Joke


 JOY : Take off is :

 the phase of flight and the opposite of landing 

TAKE OFF means : 

-To rise into the air or begin flight:

 The plane always take off on time

Also :Take off has different meaning :

1-To stop working:

Ex. :I was taking off 2 weeks last month ..

2-To remove, as clothing or shoes:

(take one’s coat off or shoes )

Ex :He took off his shoes.


Takeoff  means  : to become successful : .

Ex :My business has really taken off this year and has made quite a profit

08:20 PM Jul 05 2012 |




Baset : what it means take off ??

08:11 PM Jul 05 2012 |




Im already having ajob,& im successing day after day.But like most of the girls, Im dreaming with the good guy & the good family too.Having agood job is beautiful,but I think the most beautiful thing in the life is the family.Im happy with my family alhumdullah,but I hope I have my own family too.My cute kidos & my good husband.

08:08 PM Jul 05 2012 |

Lolo :)

Lolo :)


hm to talk about my career isn’t possible, because I’m still going to school, but in two years I will go tu university. I think, career and jobs and so on are important, yes..but I think family and friends are more important. I meen, your family knows you from your first day and she catches you, when you fall. There you can be yourself, because they don’t know you in other ways. But still I’m thinking that it’s really intresting when a career takes off, but you should be careful with it.

07:14 PM Jul 05 2012 |




Actually there is no family without career.
i choose career after that i’ll choose family because i wanna the best for my future.
study >>career>>family

07:07 PM Jul 05 2012 |



United States

my carrier doesnt really take off but i never really fail either. i am not who i really am without my family!! jobs are just a small part of life but a lot of people make it such a big deal. jobs are  important, i’m not saying you can live without a job, but families are more important. families raised you up from a baby! yes families are more important. 

06:50 PM Jul 05 2012 |

Yllod olop

Yllod olop


I think, i didnt have time of thought it.  I was married at 20 years old, and i have my family with 2 children.I am a young mother, and that make me happy. But i need to take off too… i am young until and i want to study and have my own bussines and i think that my kids will grow and will take your road…...So …I’ll think on me Now….

06:15 PM Jul 05 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


Joining university very soon makes me feel like my social life is really about to take off and follow a new different trend :)

I don’t think it would be hard for me to reconcile between my future career and having a family. 

06:11 PM Jul 05 2012 |

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I agree with you .. for me family is more important than the existence of everything and your family will be able to achieve all Mathelm him because he will be there to support you and support you and stand beside you and encourages you
Is not it?

04:43 PM Jul 05 2012 |




to me is more important to have a career and after  my career takes off, i want a family.

04:40 PM Jul 05 2012 |

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El Salvador

So amazing! Normally I had used this expression like “undress” but in this time it’s like “starting to grow” or like “to be launched to the infinity and beyond” lol

03:37 PM Jul 05 2012 |

Andressa Holland


Ow! In portuguese (my native language) we also use the same expression with the same meaning! It’s interesting to see the similarities between the languages.


I think both are important: family and career. Of course that is hard to manage both but, if you really want, it’s possible. With dedication, love, patience, determination and organization you can do everything, no matter how hard it can be!

02:33 PM Jul 05 2012 |




both is important for me but i don’t know what tmw bring to me bcuz every thing is on god’s hand

02:19 PM Jul 05 2012 |

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