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Olympics 2012
Olympics 2012
2012 年奥运会

How to Use Your and You're

Date: Aug 01 2012

Themes: Sports

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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The Olympics are a special tradition around the world, and especially at English, baby! Two years ago, Jason travelled to Canada to go for the gold at the winter Olympics. In 2008, he was in China for the summer Olympics. This year, he will only be at the Olympics in spirit. But he’ll also be watching them every way he can, on TV, on the Internet, and even on his phone. Find out which events Amy and Jason are most excited to see at this year’s summer Olympics in London.

朋友,奥运会是世界人民的一项特殊传统,对英国人来说尤其如此!两年前,詹森曾前往加拿大参加冬季奥运会,争夺金牌。2008 年,他还来中国参加了夏季奥运会。今年,他只能在心里想象着参加奥运会的场景了。但他还是会通过看电视、上网,甚至通过手机,尽可能关注奥运比赛。看看艾米和詹森在今年伦敦的夏季奥运会上,看到哪些比赛项目时最兴奋。


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Jason:  This time four years ago, I was getting ready to compete on the international stage.

Amy:  I know, going to the Olympics is a tradition for you. You’re almost as much a part of it as the torch relay.

Jason:  Thanks, I like to think so. But this will be the first time in four years I haven’t been. I’ve been to the last two. And I always enjoy watching the Olympics, which is actually hard to do when you’re at the Olympics.

Amy:  Really? You didn’t go to a lot of events when you were there?

Jason:  Yeah, you see some events. But, you know, when you’re at home, on TV it’s just one after another.

Amy:  That sometimes bothers me, though, when I’m really excited about watching one event, and then they keep switching back and forth between that event and something else that I don’t care about at all.

Jason:  Oh yeah, that’s true. But I think there’s gonna be a lot of options this year. I’m gonna download whatever the mobile app is for the Olympics, so I can keep track of the events I really have my eye on.

Amy:  Do you think there will be a lot of streaming live of events on the Internet?

Jason:  I do, but it will be at times when we likely don’t want to stream it live.

Amy:  This is true.

Jason:  We can stream it on delay, and that will be awesome too.

Amy:  Well, I’m excited.

Jason:  Yeah, me too. Especially for the hurdles. That’s my favorite.

Amy:  The hurdles?

Jason:  Yeah.

Amy:  Crazy. It’s all about the tennis and the gymnastics.


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Jason has gone to the Olympics for the past four years. He loved being there, but he didn’t get to watch as many events as he would have liked. This year, he’ll be watching the Olympics from home. He’s excited to see more events, especially the hurdles.

Amy enjoys watching the Olympics, too, particularly the tennis and gymnastics. But she doesn’t like how they switch back and forth between different events on TV. She prefers to watch one event at a time. She may try to stream her favorite events live on the Internet. But because of the time difference, she may not be awake when the events take place.

Jason thinks there will be a lot of different ways to follow the Olympics this year. He plans to download a mobile app for the Olympics on his phone. How do you plan to watch the Olympics? What are your favorite events in the summer Olympics?



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The Olympics 2012 was a memorable moment! I went there for the first time and had an incredible experience. I wish I can go one more time.

Andre Jones | Sonho da Loteria

06:48 PM Feb 06 2017 |

ali behzad

ali behzad

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Iranian athletes had a great performance in the games. I followed wrestling, taekwondo and weight lifting. I would also follow the men’s basketball where the US team was a collection of NBA stars and won the gold medal.

09:53 AM Aug 13 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Iran ranks twelfth in the 2012 Olympics. The hope of winning more medals and rising rank.


09:59 PM Aug 07 2012 |

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I’ll be watching the Olympics on internet. I could find the particular game which interest me. It’s pretty good to see how the sportswoman concentrate before they start.

08:11 PM Aug 06 2012 |




I’m following the Olympics at the web, but I’d like to watch some events that China participates. It was too difficult to find web pages that broadcast them…

03:54 PM Aug 06 2012 |




I like to watch the Olympic Games on TV (this is what I do actually every night). I like sports and games where we have good chances to succeed: boxing, rowing, fencing, volleyball and some others.

01:35 PM Aug 06 2012 |

no volvere

United Arab Emirates

i forgot to mention that Micheal Phelps is a true Olympics Legendary  .. and You have got my profound respect and admiration

01:17 AM Aug 06 2012 |

no volvere

United Arab Emirates

i was only interested in swimming, but in this olympics i game i really changed and was open to great sports, hight competitions and pretty amazing athelets.. ive experienced  a combination of emotions, i get nervous and excited when i was watching a favorite team or athelete. More like an incredible journey that takes through  many places and events and you got to see it live and feel the tense. Another great aspect appears when u see how fraction of seconds can make all the difference and those moments of happiness, contentment and anguish ones. Right there u can appreciate all the hard working of all competitors taking part and how it finally pays off greatly ..

in short .. we all can enjoy and learn alot from watching them .. thanks all athelets, organizors and fans Innocent

01:04 AM Aug 06 2012 |




Zeus, yeah, I was thinking about that too. In Beijing, Usaine Bolt set a record 9.69 sec. I think along with 6 hours of training a day there’re some other advantages.  Like  Michael Phelps has a unique physical characteristics: large wingspan, trunk longer than legs and he’s got extremely flexible ankles that let him generate incredible power. Another aspect is the athletes psych. They need to block themselves from the noises and indulge only in the hundred meter race. I think there’s no limit because of the acceleration ( people are getting bigger and bigger ) and there’ll be as well a newer streamline clothes and super fast shoes developed :) The progress never stops in anything. The sky is the limit.

11:13 PM Aug 05 2012 |


zeus2006Super Member!


Ola33, me and my wife discussed this situation tonight, We wonder all these world and olimpic records will go on until when? Always we say okay this last point but naxt time it is changed. There must be last point! Am I right?

10:52 PM Aug 05 2012 |

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Congrats to Jamaican sprinters!!! I’m impressed. 100 m at 9.63 sec. Amazing! What a speed - 12 meters per second! 4.6 strides per second during the acceleration phase!  

10:26 PM Aug 05 2012 |

muhammad mussa


congrats to mo farah the great ambasador of islam in uk

love human <3

09:48 PM Aug 05 2012 |



CONGRATS TO JAMAICA !!! USAIN BOLT and Johan Blake!!! The best team ever!!

09:04 PM Aug 05 2012 |

marija luiza


At this moment, I’m just watching Olympics on the web and on the tv. I’m so excited about this topic, because I can’t believe how people give their hearth to represent their country. I’m sure that everyone is so happy about it, and fourtunaly, we have loads of ways to watch it without lose it. 

My favorite events are tennis, swimming and diving 

07:22 PM Aug 05 2012 |

abdull qader


im crazy about the olympic game, i keep track of the compitition on TV and internet. but mostly there isnt enough time on hand to watch the whole games.

06:51 AM Aug 04 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


I’m not so interested in the Olympics.. But I heared about “Alaa El-Din Abou El-Qassim”, that Egyptian that got the silver medal for sword fencing… I felt pretty happy for that :) and after this I think I’ll change my mind about watching the Olympics .. 

06:06 AM Aug 03 2012 |


zeus2006Super Member!


my favorites sport branches are: gymnastic, athleticism, swimming, volleyball. And I will never forget two people’s name of Gymnastic; Olga Korbut and Nadia Comaneci :))) they took all of ten points.

08:27 PM Aug 01 2012 |




I dont care alot about the olympics,but I wish the victory to all of those who make their efforts to win.

07:36 PM Aug 01 2012 |

1 person likes this

Irene Forever


Hurray, Ukraine got two gold and three bronze medals in Olimpics 2012!

We have the 12th place in the total ranking at the moment.

My favourite kind of sports in Olimpics 2012 is diving, rowing and tennis. I’ll try to watch the events as much as I can.

07:33 PM Aug 01 2012 |




My fav. sport is swimming and gymastics to watch during the Olympics. Unfortunately, you don’t have much time on hands to watch the whole package, In this case the newspapers are to help to keep track what’s going on there. So far, Canada can’t boast by the number of medals – 4 bronze ones. But China and America are for the gold. America has got Michael Phelps who’s got the most number of medals, one more than the former Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina in 1960.

06:44 PM Aug 01 2012 |

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