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How to Form the Past Perfect Tense

Date: Aug 15 2012

Themes: News, Pets

Grammar: Past Perfect Tense


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Fashion is personal. The same shirt, dress, or pair of shoes might seem beautiful, ugly, impractical, or perfect depending who is looking at it. The best colors, fits, and materials are all up for debate. But in the world of fashion, nothing is more controversial than fur.

In extremely cold places, fur is practical. A fur coat will keep you warm in the snow. But animal rights activists think that wearing fur is wrong. They believe that innocent animals shouldn’t have to die for fashion. Find out what Mason and Jason think about wearing fur.

每个人都有自己的时尚观。同样的衬衫、礼服或鞋子,不同的人会有不同的观点 — 美丽、丑陋,华而不实或是完美。对最佳颜色、剪裁和面料的定义,都会引来一番争论。但在时尚界里,没有什么能比皮草更受争议了。



1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Mason:  You know, I was walking around the other day, and I actually walked past some people who were doing one of those animal protests.

Jason:  Yeah.

Mason:  I’d never actually seen that before. I didn’t realize that was a real thing that happened. I thought it was just something you heard about.

Jason:  It does. I know someone who does it. She goes to labs that do animal testing and demonstrates like once a week. She’s also really good about looking for cruelty-free products in the store. Like any time she buys soap or shampoo or makeup or anything, she makes sure they say on the packaging that no animals were harmed.

Mason:  You know, there’s a way that like you could probably contort a lot of those meanings.

Jason:  Sure, and there’s definitely…I mean…it’s the same with that protest you saw, like you can’t…no one is in favor of hurting defenseless creatures, just for the sake of it. No sane person. But scientists need to do experiments to cure diseases and what have you.

Mason:  And to an extent, fur is a sustainable resource. I mean, wood is a sustainable resource. You have to kill the tree to get the wood.

Jason:  And we eat animals. We’re not all vegetarians or something.

Mason:  Well, I’m sure most of the animal rights people are vegetarians.

Jason:  That’s true.


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Mason recently saw a group of animal rights activists protesting in front of a store that was selling fur. He had never seen that before.

Jason knows someone who protests for animal rights. She demonstrates in front of labs where animal testing is done. She also tries to buy products that she knows have never been tested on animals before.

In the US, when a product was not tested on animals it is labeled “cruelty-free.” Mason wonders if those labels are always accurate.

Jason thinks that sometimes, animal testing is necessary. He doesn’t want animals to be hurt for no reason, but he is not an animal rights activist. Mason agrees. He thinks that it may be OK to wear fur sometimes.

Do you think it is wrong to wear fur? Are you against testing on animals?



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 Different people have different views .  Although I am not  a  animal right activist, i don’t agree that it is a wrong thing to wear fur .In the world it is should be accepted as long as  doing a thing can be good for human.For example . leather of the snake can be used as medicine,and wood can be used as furniture,and so on .At the same time .i am not also  in favor of destorying the ecological balance to kill a large number of anmails to satisfy human’s needs ,resource should be keeping  sustainable .

02:26 PM Aug 26 2012 |

Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


Nop I dnt think it is wrong to wear fur but in the same time I dnt agree with mason and
Jason Int all animals are been killed to eat ,no1 eats bears !!!!! Yeah there r innocent animals out there that r being killed to get fur or leather and I can’t stand that , I’m with testing on animals …., btw I’m nt a vegetarian ;)

01:35 PM Aug 26 2012 |




It looks brilliant when pretty women wear fur,but it doesn,t worth the life of animals.I mean that those animals haven,t been killed only for we have a nice look or follow the fashion. We can change fur for many other nice things that are created by designers or other people and are not worse than fur.

Testing on animals-it,s not good,but we have no choice untill our scientists won,t think something to replace.

06:45 PM Aug 25 2012 |




we should be mercy and kindness with animals

Our Prophet (peace be upon him) taught us that a woman went to heaven because he gave a thirsty dog some water! While a woman went to hell because she locked a cat up, she neither fed the cat nor let it go seek its own food! ( Hadith in Sahih Al-Bukhari)

01:18 PM Aug 25 2012 |



I think that wear fur is wrong, I have no reason to wear fur, if I can wear anycloth.

And about test on animals I don’t know, it’s cruel, and necessary. We want to achieve the perfection in science, in cure, etc. But the Scientist could find out a way to do these kind of test just in dead animals. It’d be less aggressive.

03:28 PM Aug 20 2012 |


Viet Nam

Yes, I think so. But it is also OK to be wearing fur. The thing we should be think is how they take the fur from? By kill the natture animals? It is will be never accepted. But they take the fur from animals they feed in the farm should be OK.

Like you eat the meat. Some of these animals are going to an end in all over the world. It should be protect and not be killing from anyone.

02:15 PM Aug 18 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I like it vry much it’s realy niceWink

10:22 AM Aug 17 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

fur is really nice

07:27 AM Aug 16 2012 |



@sanaa2000 totally agree with you. @Ola, that’s really pity, but it’s not surprising when every day we hear innocent people being killed all over the world 

07:26 AM Aug 16 2012 |



The purpose of wearing fur is vanity. It’s easier to be against it, and I think it’s easier to give a solution too. But when it comes to the Science, things turn out complex. Its purpose is to get Knowledge (for a better human life, it supposes) and that requires Experimentation. Sometimes Animal experimentation. There’s no Sciencie without a bit of cruelty yet. The Eva and Adan’s history knew that.

05:11 AM Aug 16 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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02:00 AM Aug 16 2012 |




I dont think that its wrong,& i believe that allah creates all the creatures to help the human to develop & ive an easy life.But also allah ordered us to treat these animals well.Feed them ,takecare of them ,& dont hit them.We can eat meat,test on animals & wear fur too to feel warm,but not doing that alot for the sake of the lot money or fashion.

09:55 PM Aug 15 2012 |


United Arab Emirates

hi frnds am looking for someone whos gunna help me out with grammer : )cus am facing some problems with it ! 

08:57 PM Aug 15 2012 |




what a hot  and  debatable  topic. I eat meat  and for a vegetarian  who are against  the slaugther of livestock  to feed human  beings this would be questionable  ,I respect  this  stance  but  I don´t see myself  as a vegetarian  ,on the other hand , when people  make a profit killing defenseless  animals  because the fashion is  to wear a fancy fur coat I am against  it.  Nowadays more and more there  is a public awareness  in the consumer  to avoid buying fur coats that  come from  killing  animals.

08:42 PM Aug 15 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Sustainable is something which using of that wont damage ability to use of others in future

If rate of killing animals are more than growing up or them , It means killing animals for anything is not acceptable, even if it is for fur or something else!!!!


08:35 PM Aug 15 2012 |




Fur aside, what I would do is to close all the Marinelands fascilities which provide horrifying conditions for captured animals that arrive healthy and playful but after repeated exposure to brutal conditions become just blind, sick and a shadow of themselves. This is a crime, and something should be done. A person who worked there couldn’t see that anymore. He just left.


08:26 PM Aug 15 2012 |



very nice point of view kotlesya, i am impressed.

07:22 PM Aug 15 2012 |

1 person likes this



i totally agree with my friends englishty and la princess di la ve. there is nothing to say more.

07:16 PM Aug 15 2012 |

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Saudi Arabia

If you take a second thinking that humans created on this earth together with animals , beside all what on this earth created to serve the human including animals to help him live and also to enjoy his temporary years of living.

I say the right for animals is the man ” humans ” should respect that animal and use it in right way without harming includeing testing , but ( with fur ) it’s another matter when you need to kill that animal just to use its fur.

For me it’s okay as long as it’s not just for ” fashion ” only if it’s a need with no other way like industrial fur .

05:43 PM Aug 15 2012 |

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Russian Federation

It’s very important theme for nowadays, I think. Many animals suffer from our irresponsibility. We should to protect animals with all known ways.

05:26 PM Aug 15 2012 |

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