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Make a Difference
Make a Difference English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this activism English lesson

Date: Apr 30 2013

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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If you listen to the news or read the newspaper, you will surely find out about all the terrible things happening in the world. Wars are being fought. Children are going hungry. Animal species are going extinct. Sometimes it can be overwhelming.

But sometimes you find yourself getting angry, and that makes you want to take action. Yes, these terrible acts exist, but maybe you can do something to help stop them. Maybe there is some way that you can help out and make a difference in the world.

There are many ways to make a difference: writing letters to politicians, going to demonstrations, writing editorials for the newspaper, and more. Sometimes it can feel as if one person can’t do much, but it takes many individuals deciding to act to truly make a difference.

There is an issue that Greta feels strongly about, and she’s ready to try to make a difference. Find out more in this week’s activism English lesson.





3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.











Greta:  OK. I have an announcement to make.

Mason:  You got a date?

Greta:  No. No. For the moment, I have way more important and serious matters on my mind. I recently had the severe displeasure of discovering a horrific act that is taking place against harmless creatures. These creatures are small. They are cute. They live in very cold places, and travel many miles to carry their eggs around before they hatch (I don’t really know why they do that, I need to do a little bit more research on that part of the speech). But most importantly, these creatures have never done anything to hurt you or me. Yet, we insist on perpetuating what amounts to genocide against these poor, defenseless creatures, by plucking their delicate eyelashes from their cute little eyes. And I am here to say, “No more. Not in my name.” And I hope you will join me in saying, “Not in my name, either.”

Amanda:  So that last part was a little bit awkward. Should you say, “Not in your name?”

Jeff:  Isn’t it a little extreme to call it genocide?

Lily:  Well, actually, penguinpedia.org says…

Greta:  You guys are missing the point. I’m trying to do something good. I’m trying to make a difference.

Amanda:  Not to be rude, Greta, but why now? From what I know you’ve never been much of an activist before.

Lily:  Well, maybe her reputation was never on the line before.

Mason:  Are you trying to date an activist?

Greta:  Why won’t you guys take me seriously? I’m horrified by what’s happening to the penguins, and I want to make a difference. I don’t know. I mean, maybe you guys are right. I know the anti-penguin-eyelash-harvesting community is pretty loose right now, and I’m just one person. What difference can one person really make?

Amanda:  Oh, don’t give up, Greta! I’m sorry for being skeptical. Maybe this is exactly what you need. A lot of huge celebrities have a cause. Let’s see, George Clooney has Sudan, Brad Pitt has the environment. Maybe we could even get the company to back you on this.

Greta:  Really?

Amanda:  Sure. I mean, maybe if we’re the website that’s known for wanting to make a difference, that could increase traffic. Right?

Greta:  Right.

Amanda:  Hey Lily, young people are into having a cause these days, right?

Lily:  Sure. I’m part of the Anti Dimming Streetlight Alliance.

Greta:  Oh! What was that?

Mason:  The protestor is back. He’s throwing ice at the window!

Greta:  Well, that’s just mean! That’s no way to make a difference.


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Greta has something important to tell everyone. She’s written a speech about the penguins. She has decided, rather than be blamed for the penguin abuse, to try to make a difference and fight the abusive practices.

Unfortunately, her co-workers don’t back her right away. They’re skeptical. Is she being too dramatic? And can one person make a difference?

Amanda realizes, eventually, that Greta’s activism could be good for the site. Maybe making a difference in the world of penguins can save Greta’s reputation and the site!

Do you think one person has the power to make a difference? Have you ever tried to make a difference in the world?



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trucluanSuper Member!

Viet Nam

It’s a meaningful topic. There are some structure I have not seen it before, it’s great. It likes a alarm for us to think and to safe the enviroment, animals. It’s the very important thing for every one all around the world. Although there are a few rationale from Greta to persuade, to keep her friends together with her suggestion, I think they should understand about it by themselves. We need enviroment. It is too!!!

11:34 AM Jun 24 2013 |




Ok making a difference but in life there are priorities. I don’t agree when I read to make a difference on saving animals when around the world there are millions of children who die of hunger.

Very often some Countries act in war “to keep the peace” in other Countries but we all know that they go there because they have economic interests.

In central Africa every day million of children die of hunger. Why don’t rich strong Governments allocate money to save them instead to spend in order to look own interests? 

03:58 AM May 14 2013 |

1 person likes this




In my opinion, you can make a difference if you are confident that you can. and then  you must not listen to the negative messages that discourage you. In addition to that you have to plan steps to acheive your goal. Moreover, you have to be a patient and optimistic peson. Finally , by working hard, you will make a signficant difference. 

09:42 PM May 13 2013 |

1 person likes this




I think one person maybe hasn’t the power to make a differnce for our society, but one person can effect another person and more and more. If everyone has the same belief and has the willing to do it, maybe the world can be changed.

09:13 AM May 05 2013 |

1 person likes this




Well, eventually you make us realize that one person is far from making a differene alone. Greta is backed up by the website workers in her cause !! :) And by giving examples of celebrities joining causes,  you hint to the higher probability of success when causes are undertaken by famous people… So there will be a dim chance of success when ordinary citizens create causes. After all I think it’s better to say that ” many hands make light work”

05:36 PM May 04 2013 |




So short but meaningfull comment of haitham4vi
“Who will make?” Yes, who if not each and every of us?

To make a difference requires to be different, it means to stand out, to be persistent enough to withstand the doubtful attitude of skeptics ( who after thinking for a while possibly might offer their backing), this is to commit yourself to something you believe will bring positive change in the end.

To make a difference means to uproot indifference: to be a voice for voiceless(and it has become so easy with global communication nowadays), to be hands to disabled, to bring comfort to a lonely one… this can be listed endlessly, of course. Every contribution as an act of kindness definitely makes a huge difference to a one in need.

Very often we hear people say that it requires a lot to make a dent in everything that needs to be done, If we assume that someone will probably take care of a problem because it’s too vast for us to handle, that someone might think the same as we do.

Let’s embrace our own change which will cause the change of the world(even our little own world) and we definitely benefit from it

11:07 AM May 03 2013 |




I think one person has the power to make a difference.There are so many heroes and villains in the history of every country or every nation.Such as Napoleon,Che ·Guevara,Newton,Einstein,etc.They all have the power to make differences and change the world.

If one person want to be a famous or great guy,I think dream,confidence,preparation and oppotunity are all needed.

I haven’t tried to make a difference in the world since I am so ordinary.But if one day I have the dream in the future,I think at the beginning I should change myself and be a better one than before!

03:17 PM May 02 2013 |



to be or not to be 

09:56 PM May 01 2013 |

1 person likes this




I’m from Poland,so what can I say [?] – John Paul II is for me the best an example that one person can do everything. He had the power which I still can’t conceive.

Do something good for the world and make even one person follow You-  and You will make a difference :)

09:39 PM May 01 2013 |

angel_ eyes


Yes, one person has the power to make a diference, if he/she does it selflessly. And thsoe who does, are actually very devoted  and selfless.  We even have a saying something like that….take one step  step toward a good casue, people will join you. And we  have a living example. His name is Edhi. He  started alone, on his own, and see what a significant   difference he has made through out the country. God bless, Edhi Sahab.


12:31 PM May 01 2013 |

2 people like this



United Arab Emirates

if you want to change the world, start with yourself

06:47 PM Apr 30 2013 |



who will make ?

05:54 PM Apr 30 2013 |

1 person likes this

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

greta does like to conserve and save the penguins although her coworkers skeptive to back her, she gonna carry on asking them to support the difference changes.

05:04 PM Apr 30 2013 |




I  don´t think that one person has the power to make a difference , but certainly, in some cases, (public figures for instance)raising awareness, they can influence others  to take a stand putting  pressure on politics and governments  that ultimately will be  forced to pass on  laws against these acts of barbarism. ( slaughtering of baby seals and whales)

04:45 PM Apr 30 2013 |




Persons who make society-whatever good or bad; there’re many types inside the one-that’s true. We know many of activists through ages –in different sectors-who made a difference; some got immediately support, on the other hand many hadn’t be known until death(bleeding hearts who work for people ,even if people themselves put them in troubles).

I know a teacher who put his career on the line, the administration refused what he worked up to, he didn’t give up and worked on the students and their parents support. At final he has achieved his goal” thanks to my teachers”

Surely we need a back to raise up an idea or such a discovery-this make our road easier-but what if we don’t have, will we give up?! Life gave us many examples to be followed, lesson learnt!

Make a difference, don’t give up, be patient-life won’t change in one day-give the cold shoulder to the plots, believe yourself and your dream>>you’ll reach….


                                 Be special!!

04:21 PM Apr 30 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

to make difference just feelinng different every day!

03:52 PM Apr 30 2013 |

1 person likes this




to make difference just Listen to your feelings and step forward…

01:24 PM Apr 30 2013 |


Saudi Arabia

any good news thats hear about it in ur life it makes you intersting and never be sad however bad news thats so sad it makes you sad and hopelensses its important for our live the news especially the good one as u know everythin is around us so must be heard the good one otherwise you will be crazy and sad..

09:05 AM Apr 30 2013 |

1 person likes this




welll….....one hand cant clap….yeah i think we all wanted to makea difference one in our life….and its great thing…but its hard to do it ur own…we need someone to support us…so if we collect all the people who wanna make a diffrence from all over the world…we will support each other and we can really make this diffrence…..

08:54 AM Apr 30 2013 |




making dffirent is a good idea.as long as we know what really we want

06:45 AM Apr 30 2013 |

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