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Sixth Sense
Sixth Sense

Be Able To

Date: Sep 28 2012

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: Be Able To


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We perceive the world through our senses. The five senses are hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, and smelling. The sixth sense is a way of perceiving things through the mind rather than one of these five physical senses.

Not everyone agrees that the sixth sense truly exists. But some people swear that they have psychic abilities. They can predict the future, see things that others can’t, or read people’s minds. Some people even claim that they have the ability to talk with the dead.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a psychic, you may have had strange experiences you can’t explain, or felt a strong gut instinct that turned out to be correct. Hear Amy and Jason talk about their experiences with the sixth sense.





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Amy:  I wouldn’t say that I have a sixth sense, but I do feel like I have a sort of gut instinct that, if developed a little bit further, could maybe lead to some premonitions or some kind of psychic ability.

Jason:  Wow. So you think that the sixth sense is something you can work on. It’s not just something you have or something you don’t have.

Amy:  I sort of do. I mean, I think that we all have it, you know? I think we all have these strong feelings or instincts sometimes, and most of us just ignore them. But I feel like if you worked on that the same way you work on other things that you have in some small measure, like, you might be able to refine it.

Jason:  OK, I’m ready. How do I work on it? What do I do?

Amy:  That I don’t know. We need some sort of spiritual guide, I think.

Jason:  OK. Should I just go through the phone book and see which one gives me the chills?

Amy:  Yes, exactly.

Jason:  OK.


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Amy says that she has strong gut instincts. She thinks that if she worked on it, she could even develop a sixth sense. In fact, she thinks all of us have the potential to develop a sixth sense if we really try.

Jason wonders if the sixth sense is something you either have or don’t have. But Amy points out that all skills take work. You have to practice and refine any ability before it becomes consistent and reliable.

Jason does not have any psychic abilities. He thinks he needs a spiritual guide to help him develop a sixth sense.

Do you have a sixth sense or any kind of psychic abilities? Do you believe in the sixth sense?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I do not believe in the sixth sense…......

07:28 PM Apr 18 2014 |



Russian Federation

I dont have a six sense, as I am unlucky in lottery :)

08:51 AM Mar 08 2014 |




i would like to say that the sixth sense really existe …it’s kind of a strange feeling which makes you predicting something or some event …it happened to me for many occasions …what about you friends ???

08:35 AM May 22 2013 |



scentific things or superstitious? hard to tell


04:10 PM Jan 24 2013 |



Darn it! I think it’s safe to say that this is literally the lesson of my life because I find it really really relatable. So I like to think of random stuff (which is normal, everyone else does this too right?) and soon after that it’ll somehow come to reality! This happens all the time and it gives me the chills. I asked my friend once who is a psychic and she said that I might have the sort of abilities similar to hers and all I need to do is refine them. She thought I could be spiritually gifted. Neverheless I’m starting to like these gut instincts I have most possibly because I love Final Destination to death :)

01:44 PM Dec 18 2012 |




I need someone who has this sixth sense. COuld you help me. Give me a message.

07:52 AM Dec 18 2012 |




Yes. I do have sixth sense. I can read or tell other people’s emotion and what they are thinking. It bring a strong feeling to me whenever I open my sixth sense. sometimes it doesn’t do well on me because I can’t control my perception. specialy if that someone’s thinking or emotion has something to do in me.when I was a kid my psychic abilty was strong I tried to stop the rain or call the wind and it worked but I couldn’t believe I really made it I was thinking that I’m just playing.

Yes. I believe in sixth sense I’ve known people that has that special ability. It’s real…

04:40 AM Oct 11 2012 |



Russian Federation

the sixth sense is a great thing when you can use it. Otherwise you see things happen and if you don’t really like them you feel angry – why haven’t I listened to my intuition!damn! why couldn’t I foresee that?!

I do have it. like almost all the women do especially when men are at issue…Smile

02:28 PM Oct 10 2012 |



Maybe what is called Sixth sense it’s just the maximum potential expression of our instincts, minds, or spirits.

04:35 PM Oct 03 2012 |




sixth sense is not good for weak person.. that’s make crazy

03:55 PM Oct 03 2012 |

La Princesse de la vie


Actually, I don’t believe in that called ” Sixth sense ”, but I know some people who take a deep look at the scenes in present that enable them to expect the next..

And yeah, as most E,baby’s members said, women have strong gut instinct, but I don’t call it ” Sixth sense ”, it’s about women’s deep feelings and emotions that make them feel about any harm or joy or anything coming, especially if it’s related to their children or their families… 

Sometimes I can expect what can happen next through the present actions, just like my right expectations about the story of Mason, Vanessa and Amanda.. Do you remember them? :D 

03:44 PM Oct 03 2012 |



I think all women have the sixth sense. And we need pay more attetion on it. Because it’s a good thing, we can stop and think about the whole world and we are able to realize what is missing around us.

11:58 PM Oct 01 2012 |




I think i have sixth sense, sometimes i know what my wife would say, before she says it.

Angela Maria de Oliveira


]Well, I believe in it ‘cause sometimes I catch myself feeling some something kind of premonitions, and I feel scary sometimes as well.It comes to you, you don’t know how neither when, just come, and when you want to come, it doesn’t.

01:43 PM Oct 01 2012 |




I agree with Anja, that the sixth sense is also something to do with intuition, inner voice- it’s totally opposite to any kind of rational thinking. It’s moslty for right-brained people who are empathetic, emotional and with a big imagination. They can  feel intangible parts of life. It can be developed as well.. through meditation (the clue of the lesson!), through literature, art,  self-relflection.  I think the whole feeling is very very creative and a good exercize for brain. When you meditate, you start seeing things from other perspectives and it’s awesome. 

01:23 AM Oct 01 2012 |

jossef 002010


I actualy don’t believe in the 6th sense, well,sometimes when something happened i say i dont know where i saw this before, only sometimes, but can i call that a predict or a sexth sense ?! i’m not so sure, because as a muslim i have a belief that no one ok no one can predict what can happen tomorrow. we’re human and our abilities are limited, lets just agree that it’s impossible to know about the future or see things that others can’t, ok maybe when you are unormal, or in your dreams, and to talk with dead, it’s just unbeleivable.

But when you say i can read people’s mind, when you do that ” you’re shooting in the dark” means you are ‘guessing’ because you have no clue then, 

Human psyche is a world it self, is a science, and when you have a spiritual emptiness..no faith, no belief, that lead to believe in these things 

The Only one who knows the future and what’s behind it is “God” allah .

12:51 AM Oct 01 2012 |

1 person likes this

i love life

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

This topic is reflect about me , I believe in the sixth  sense , I totally agree with the opinion  which says there are many things maybe  happens by accidential but sometimes lots of events happens without any predict , But when you Have a strong  deep feeling with things which around  you , specially when you could expect about what will happens tomorrow , this is incorrect idea because Nobody could Knows what will happens  tomorrow only God He will knows

Each of us needs an spiritual guide , I can’t believe anyone If He tells me I can predict what will happens  tomorrow  or I have an psychic abilities , But we will try to do what we feel what we wish what we need , our things are different when we have a deep faith with God

11:04 PM Sep 30 2012 |




Naturally, People fell and predict but they never know about future

01:30 PM Sep 30 2012 |

anhaar tarek


I believe in Sixth sense I saw peoplw who have the ability to know things about me I didn’t tell before !

10:20 AM Sep 30 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

Quiet true. But I dont know if you can call it a sixth sense. like for example - I can Descern an Individual by their pic, likes and dislikes or lifestyle and help accordingly :)

10:05 AM Sep 30 2012 |

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