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Step Up
Step Up English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English phrases like 'Step Up' in this English lesson video

Date: Nov 06 2012

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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Difficult situations require courage. Not everyone can wait quietly and see how things turn out. Someone has to step up and help.

When you step up, you volunteer to do something important. Others will depend on you to do a good job. This idiom is similar to “man up.” However, “man up” implies that you do not hide from responsibility, and “step up” means that you actively seek it.

The phrase comes from baseball, because throughout the game, each player must step up to the plate and take his turn at bat. But you can step up in almost any aspect of your life. If your mother is sick, you can step up and take care of her. If an army needs someone for a dangerous mission, a good soldier will step up.

Jeff recently learned that Marni is pregnant. Learn the English phrase “step up” and see what Jeff is ready to step up for in this English lesson video.





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Jason:  Alright, guys. I’m out of here. See ya later.

Marni:  Goodnight. You know, I’m gonna head home too, but before I do, Jeff…I just wanted to say, I really appreciate the way you’ve been stepping up lately. You know, things are tough around here and they’re only going to get tougher but I…

Jeff:  Marni, I am there for you. I will do whatever it takes. I am ready to step up and take responsibility.

Marni:  OK. Well, that’s great. I really appreciate that.

Jeff:  It’s the right thing to do. A guy’s gotta really step up and take care of what needs to be taken care of.

Marni:  Sure. Yeah. I mean, you do a great job around here and I appreciate that, so thanks.

Jeff:  Hey, I will start reading books, magazines…I’ll get a room ready in the house. Any color you want it. Just tell me what color when you know.

Marni:  I can help you with all that stuff later. But right now, I just want you to focus on being a great employee, stepping up for the company. OK?

Jeff:  Yeah, I understand. The company. Whatever it takes.

Marni:  OK. So, thanks.

Jeff:  I’ll make sure to do what’s right for the company.

Marni:  Yes. The company.

Jeff:  Exactly. Alright, see you tomorrow.

Marni:  Goodnight, Jeff.

Jeff:  Goodnight, Marni. Goodnight, son, or daughter.


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As everyone leaves the office for the night, Marni tells Jeff how glad she is that he has been stepping up lately. Jeff tells her a guy should step up and do what he has to do.

Marni thinks Jeff is talking about helping out at work and encourages him. But when he mentions painting a room in his house for her, Marni seems confused. Jeff is implying that he will step up to help Marni with her child.

Have you ever had a conversation like Marni and Jeff’s where one person is talking about one thing and the other person is talking about another? Are you the type of person who steps up and helps out when you are needed? Do you know people like that?



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When I was talking to my girlfriend the other day on the phone, our conversation went cross purposes. The topic was the same but the aspects of the topic she and I had in mind were different.  When our conversation went on for a while and it became increasingly clear that we were not exactly on the same page, I was frustrated. But later as I reflected on it, I realized why her focus differed from mine. I did not know what was important for her about the topic we were talking about. I also had to recognize that I was only paying attention to things mattered to me. The moral is: misunderstanding is an opportunity to know people, including yourself, better.    

12:53 PM Feb 03 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

we should step up and help out others in their difficulties untill they step up for us because i think our deeds are like mirror in the world .whatever we do good or bad others do for us.

06:52 PM Nov 10 2012 |



Saudi Arabia

 hi marni you are pregnant cogratulation.

02:03 AM Nov 09 2012 |

1 person likes this


Costa Rica

It’s interesting to see how some people is always ready to step up and have the spirit to help even when is someone absolutely strange to you. I’ve been in situations when, without the help of some good souls, it could have been worst.

01:03 AM Nov 09 2012 |

1 person likes this

*butterfly wings*

Saudi Arabia

I have always been passionate about volunteering. I always apent most of my free time doing charity work. So, i have always been involved. There are some challenges but i have always felt, if you have the time and motivation and the ability to step up, then you shouldWink

12:51 AM Nov 09 2012 |

1 person likes this

elissa nmutyr


hello im new girl …i want to learn english Language please help:)

08:06 PM Nov 08 2012 |

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07:52 PM Nov 08 2012 |





10:06 PM Nov 06 2012 |




Pseudohappy ;)

09:43 PM Nov 06 2012 |




and look at Jeff ;)

09:34 PM Nov 06 2012 |




 Julito  ( nice point) your assumption could be right also.

In that case that would be a rarity, but some women prefer to raise their children singlehandedly, especially when they’re financially or professionally more capable than the fathers of their children. But there could be many more reasons as to why a woman would want to raise a child alone.

just a rule of thumb for the guys ;)

There’s a new breed of women out there my fellow men, they’re called the corporate women, and they’re bossy and independent in every sense. You show them continuous signs of being irresponsible, they’ll send you packing and no love letter in the world will convince them to take you back- and they’ll have no problem raising the kids on their own. Being separated from his or her child is the worst thing that could ever happen to a parent, that’s one of the reasons why divorce is so disheartening.

06:45 PM Nov 06 2012 |




Snoopy .   maybe you are right, Marni in this case is very professional,she is setting aside all personal concerns and focusing  exclusively on her business, also it might be that she  prefers to be a  single parent mom, 

05:41 PM Nov 06 2012 |

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It’s quite hard to know that someone needs help with something and just do nothing or say “it’s none of my business”. Sometimes, the situation might make it a little bit difficult to step up, but doing the slightest effort to help might make you feel better about it.Moreover, acknowledging the outcome of your help would encourage you to do even more.

05:41 PM Nov 06 2012 |



i’m a kind of person who always step up and volunteer to do somthing for others whoever doesnot matter. i think to step up in any one’s difficulty is really a good deed and even batter if we keep the stuff under wraps according to circumstances. but it needs great courage and strength to do, so people with strong will powers and beautiful innerselves can make this happen. its a kind of innate quailty in a person and he or she can perform in a qua of his own. its a superhuman type of ability to step up and volunteer i think.

Masoud M

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think thats mean is :it said and it was clear.it said I mean this book ,that the step up means is valunteer to do sth is important and i think this is best meaning for this word

03:29 PM Nov 06 2012 |




Step up on the ladder of a man’s life Jeff Smile

I have my doubts like many of you but Jeff is still my prime suspect.  I think there’s something fishy between him and Marni. I don’t think they’ve eloped   but I do think they are living together. let’s analyze Jeff’s sentence here : < I’ll get a room ready in the house. Any color you want it. Just tell me what color when you know > need I say more? How more blacker on white could this be? ;)

Marni is being strictly professional and is keeping what’s going in the house under wrap when she’s at work. That’s why she’s dodging the topic Jeff was alluding. There isn’t any confusion here.

What you just witnessed was a guy who has had a fling with his boss and the responsibilities that had spawned are really making him sweat ;). He found himself in a situation where is forced to gave up his bachelor life and well manicured hairstyle and step up to be a father, sooner than he wanted.

03:12 PM Nov 06 2012 |

Son of English

Hong Kong

Darth Vader stepped up and saved Luke from that lightning CGI.

Mitt Romney stepped up to try and save the rich [after stepping on poor people most of his life]


03:09 PM Nov 06 2012 |



If a person had a problem I would step up. Because we must be good with people.

Afther it reward us, at any time of our lifes. And that is very good. =).Wink

02:51 PM Nov 06 2012 |



United Arab Emirates

yes sometimes it happen:)
and if someone need my help and I see I can help, I do it
and we should help free 

01:30 PM Nov 06 2012 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I can’t get it .why Marni did  appreciate Jeff??

sometimes it happens,when you are talking with another,because you both think againts  each other.

It is a good way that step up to help as religous tells us.

12:17 PM Nov 06 2012 |

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