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Food English Lesson

Date: Oct 26 2012

Themes: Food

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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There you are, in the hours between lunch and dinner, and it happens. You want a snack! There’s not necessarily anything inherently wrong with snacking, but, if you start snacking on lots of junk food, it can be a slippery slope.

Is the answer to make sure that you only keep healthy snacks around, like carrots or apples? Or can you eat some food that’s bad for you, as long as you limit how much you allow yourself? Hear Mason and Vanessa discuss the ways they avoid, and indulge in, snacking.




1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Vanessa:  I have a really bad habit, I think, of snacking all the time between meals. Do you do that, or are you a three-meals-a-day sort of guy?

Mason:  No, I definitely munch now and again between meals, but, you know, honestly, it’s mostly because at my work they give us lots of free food, so it’s just there. It’s a crime of convenience.

Vanessa:  That sounds nice.

Mason:  Yeah, we just got our shipment in and I’m loaded up with goldfish, and string cheese, and way too much soda. I barely drank soda until I started this job and it’s like, it’s there all the time!

Vanessa:  Oh, soda’s not very good for you.

Mason:  No, I’ve tried to get them to bring in some different, more healthy stuff. Just like, V8 juice, and an apple very now and again.

Vanessa:  That sounds like a more nutritious snack. With my job, I have to eat on the run constantly. I’m always in my car, so I’m just grabbing little bites wherever I can find a minute to do that.

Mason:  Are you at least eating healthy stuff, or is it mostly junk food?

Vanessa:  Hmmm. To be honest, about half and half. Half junk food, half nutritious food. So, you know, I’ll have some carrot sticks, and then I’ll have some gummy bears!


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Vanessa tells Mason that she’s got a bad habit of snacking between meals. It turns out that Mason shares the same habit, mostly because his work provides lots of free food. He has easy access to goldfish crackers, cheese, and, worst of all, soda. Sometimes he’s convinced his office to bring in some healthier food, though.

It’s not as convenient for Vanessa to snack during the day. She’s on the run constantly for her job, so she just takes whatever snack is available. She strikes a good balance between healthy snacks and junk food, though.

Do you snack? Do you tend to have more healthy snacks or more junk food? Do you think snacking is always a bad thing?



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I snack between lunch and dinner. Sometime I eat before lunch too if I know I can have lunch later.

09:16 AM Oct 26 2012 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I always eat goot food even between meals and most of them are Natural food(organic)

08:29 AM Oct 26 2012 |



United States

It is convenient to get a nutritive snack between foods because you get energy from food and provide to the body the requirements to keep our normal and vital functions.




As for me ,I usually have a little snacking.Keep a healthy eating habit is really important for everyone.I enjoy three meals a day,and,what’s more,eating some fruits and vegetables can keep me more healthy. 

12:41 AM Oct 26 2012 |




i used to munch on between meals but that wasn’t all the time! juste when i got very hungry and meal not ready Innocent

12:21 AM Oct 26 2012 |

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