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Get Out of Something
Get Out of Something English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this wedding English lesson

Date: Jan 29 2013

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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Have you ever made a plan to do something, and then regretted it? Maybe you realized you’d rather do something else instead, or that you didn’t like the person you were supposed to have the plan with, or that you were just not into it anymore. It should be easy to cancel plans, but it’s not. The plan starts to feel like a trap. And you don’t know how you’re going to get out of it.

The desire to get out of something can come up for any kind of commitment. It can simply be a coffee date with a friend, or it can be something as big as an engagement to be married. Either way, that suffocating feeling can come on, and you can spend hours trying to come up with the excuse that will let you off the hook.

The blackout and the storm are making Amanda and Mason stressed out about their wedding and their relationship. Find out who wants to get out of the wedding in this wedding English lesson.




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Amanda:  Mason, what did you want to talk me about out here? Why are we…

Mason:  Amanda, listen. I just…have you changed your mind about the wedding?

Amanda:  What are you talking about?

Mason:  Well, it’s just, I feel like with the generator, and all this canned food, it’s like you’re trying to get out of something, like you are trying to get out of the wedding.

Amanda:  OK, that’s crazy. I was just trying to keep us all safe during the storm. You know, lights?

Mason:  I just feel like you’re playing up this storm thing, and what you’re actually talking about is the wedding, that you’re just trying to find a way out of…

Amanda:  What are you talking about? Remember how I pursued you? Aggressively? And I was over the moon when you proposed to me?

Mason:  Yeah.

Amanda:  OK? I’m not trying to—oh my god. You’re projecting. You want to get out of something!

Mason:  What? Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous! I’m not trying to get out of something! I’m trying to get to our wedding! That’s the whole idea with the boat…

Amanda:  Oh, I get it. So you came up with this ridiculous plan about the boat because you know that I hate boats and would never get in one. You found one on the side of the road, it’s all rickety and disgusting. It’s because you knew that I would be trapped here in the storm and I wouldn’t make it to our wedding. You’re so devious and sneaky and…

Mason:  This is ridiculous. The boat will take us to the wedding that I want to have with you. That’s all I’ve got.

Greta:  Excuse me for eavesdropping, but I couldn’t help but overhear. I don’t know which of you wants to get out of this wedding, but I have some advice if you do.

Mason:  Really?

Amanda:  What?

Greta:  So, this is based on a movie I was in. What you need to do is find a group of retired spies. I mean I guess they don’t have to be retired. But then you’re also going to need a sheepdog, or a Dalmatian. And a helicopter. And definitely an accordion player. I know a great guy, if you need a recommendation.

Mason:  She’s going on and on. We have to find a way out of this.

Amanda:  Shh. I love that movie. Go on.

Greta:  OK.


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Mason has taken Amanda out into the hall to talk to her about something, and Amanda wants to know what it is. Mason’s worried that Amanda has changed her mind about the wedding. He thinks she’s making a big deal about the storm in order to find a way to avoid having the wedding.

Amanda thinks that’s crazy. Didn’t she pursue Mason to try to get him to marry her? Then she realizes that Mason might be the one who’s trying to get out of the wedding. He’s making up excuses so it doesn’t seem like it was his idea.

Greta has been listening to their conversation. She has some advice based on a movie she was in. Probably, in that movie, someone wanted to get out of a wedding. She describes a complicated scene, involving dogs, spies, and lots more. Mason thinks she’s crazy, but Amanda wants to hear what she has to say.

Have you ever had a plan with someone and you wanted to get out of it, but they didn’t, or the other way around? Do you think that Mason or Amanda are really trying to get out of the wedding?



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Sometimes I really want to get out of my job, because there is a nagging manager in my office, she just nagging and complaning everything everyday, she spends her almost time on it,  and she just can’t shout up her big mouth! At that time, I really want to get out off her and get off the hook!. 

06:58 AM May 11 2013 |




i think they r showing that they are bored from each other and want to quit the relation but no body can ask thats why they r blaming each other that they dont want this relation any more

nice lesson to learn from

03:34 AM Feb 04 2013 |

susan koh


“When you are gambling, a good time to get out of is better of holding a good card”.It’s means that no wander what situation you are, choose a good time or chance to get out of will help us avoid a lot of losting and suffering. But its too late for me to learn such a hard lesson.

02:06 AM Jan 31 2013 |

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Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i had paid the money for my girl friend  study at unisa. in middle€ of the year she cheated on me. i was to get out of her because she was not to be trusted.luckily i got another beauty she became jalouse,i got married with my beauty. things are going well so far.

04:40 PM Jan 29 2013 |




yes, i put my headphones on to get of out of my mom’s endless complaining , she couldn’t stop it . sometimes u just couldn’t say it out loud to let someone shut up , when u don’t wanna hear him or her out , and u can pretend to go to the toilet, thats how i managed to avoid the conversation with my colleague.or change the subject ,and thats how i was treated in a bad interview last year, i was totally unprepared, and the interviewer act if just by hearing me out is some kind of torture,he just cut it there by moving on to the next question .

03:27 PM Jan 29 2013 |



South Korea

I usually want to get out of something that makes me bothered, such as when I have to attend study group meetings, make it for some appointments, go to my student’s place for teaching early in the morning and others.

Even though I am supposed to do that sorts of things and even already promised that I would do, I can’t help feeling like, “Oh, I am suffocating, I want to get out of this, Please get me off the hook.” 

I wish I was a more decisive and diligent person.

02:04 PM Jan 29 2013 |



Get out of something- Do you think we always  face anything ?

In our life , when we faces the difficult , we always escape. Always said I’m busy,I have a lot of things to do , About the put-off, and then   we must be a craven person in the moment. Ok, we aren’t hero . But  we must face anyting in our life, we have mother father sister brother and so on. we can’t always make them to help us . so please don’t “get out of something ” .We have to “face anything!”

Do you agree with me?

12:55 PM Jan 29 2013 |

Angels ArcosSuper Member!


I think they’re both afraid. A wedding always scare.

12:07 PM Jan 29 2013 |




 I remember many times in which  I was in a situation that i wasn´t comfortable with  and    i wanted very badly to get out of it, but how without  hurting other feelings  and the remorse of having to  brake a promise ? Ultimately, though painful,  to be honest and come forward with an excuse (though lame) that they don´t count on me,  it was the best solution .I don´t like going to sleep with the feeling that I am in a trap .    

12:04 PM Jan 29 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think they dont want get out of the wedding but they think different and they dont listen each other,,,anyway im agree with amanda,,,,

11:29 AM Jan 29 2013 |




really they just speaking and nothing else and they dont anderstent each other … they dont try to listen each other

10:59 AM Jan 29 2013 |



Yeah i was in a trap like that few months ago… In fact i’ve broken up with my BF ( 4 years long  of relationship) and i was dating with another guy.. he was younger and he was in love by me and use to talk about wedding and be happy forever together, but later i realized that i was not that into him. than i had to find a way to tell him i didn’t want it all… and i found a way to get of of all this trap.. 

10:24 AM Jan 29 2013 |



Both of them are misunderstood with each other.

09:21 AM Jan 29 2013 |

La Princesse de la vie


It happened many times with me before.. When I arrange for a meeting with a friend and then some changes in my temper occur or something happens that makes me don’t want to anymore, so I call my friend and try to find the proper excuse to get out of it, but because I’m not a good liar or rather not a good sneaky person, she busts me and then either I’m not a good friend anymore or I’ll challenge my bad temper and commit to my word as long as there’s not something serious to hinder me and that proves that I’m still her best friend..

I don’t know, maybe she’s right :)..

About Mason and Amanda, I don’t think they try to get out of their wedding.. Specially Amanda that fought for him until she got him finally.. Maybe it’s just the stress of work or something that makes them not at the right mood..

06:16 AM Jan 29 2013 |

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