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Air Travel
Air Travel

Learn English with this travel English lesson

Date: Mar 06 2013

Themes: Travel

Grammar: First Conditional


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Flying through the air at high speeds in a giant machine is pretty crazy when you think about it. Air travel is kind of a miracle. But the details of flying on a plane are silly and annoying. You have to arrive early and check your luggage, take off your shoes and go through security, sit in a cramped seat and eat tiny bags of peanuts.

Worse yet, your flight can be late and you can spend hours in the airport. Other than the fact that you can cover thousands of miles in a matter hours, air travel isn’t usually a great experience. Of course, if you have enough money for first class, things are considerably better. But no amount of luxury can fix a fear of flying!

Greta recently took a very long flight. Listen to her discuss the life of a coach passenger with Sara in this travel English lesson.





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Greta:  I love the fact that air travel gets you to amazing places. I don’t particularly enjoy the actual experience of being on a plane.

Sara:  How come?

Greta:  You know, if you’re going for a two-hour trip it’s one thing, but in a couple of weeks I’m going to Greece, and it will take me about 48 hours with my connections to get to Greece. I’m really not looking forward to spending that long in airports and on planes.

Sara:  Do you get scared?

Greta:  No. I know all of the statistics, that traveling in a plane is safer than traveling in a car, so I don’t really get scared. It’s just uncomfortable.

Sara:  Yeah. Do you get kind of claustrophobic or something?

Greta:  Yeah, I get claustrophobic. I hate the whole thing at the airport of having to take all of your liquids out and pull your laptop out. It’s just such a hassle.

Sara:  Isn’t there something kind of nice, though, about just getting to sit back, then the flight attendant comes down the row and you can have some ginger ale and everything like that?

Greta:  I think it’s nice if you’re not sitting back for a really long time, and I think it’s probably lovely if you travel in first class and you have all that space and you can just relax and sort of enjoy the trip, but coach is a different experience.

Sara:  I agree.

Greta:  The one thing I have learned though is to keep your luggage to a minimum. If you can only do carry-ons your travel experience will be much better.

Sara:  Cool! I’m going to take your tip next time I travel.

Greta:  Good.


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Soon, Greta will take a 48-hour plane trip to Greece. She is glad that airplanes exist so that she can get around the world so fast, but she finds the experience of flying to be kind of annoying.

Sara doesn’t mind flying too much. After you check your bags and then take your carry-on items through security, you can sit back and enjoy the flight. That is, if your seat isn’t too cramped.

Both Sara and Greta agree that flying first class would be great. For now, though, they’ll be stuck in coach.

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about flying?



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fortunetly i havent had air travel yet. although i know air travel is safe but i perefer travel with train- car or bus. becuase i like see nature in route.

have a good time  

01:44 PM Mar 06 2013 |




At least once a year I  flight to the US.  Here is my story .Flying is not fun anymore. I have to go to the airport three hours in advance , check in , scanner your stuff,no shoes, belt,  xray your body, security patting  and if you  are lucky to be cleared  you proceed to  board the  plane, find your seat  and enjoy your flight !!! I am joking , travelling coach on an international flight sucks, cramped seats, no elbow movements , I can not imagine what would happen with the passenger if his/her next seat flier is obese , the food sucks, and on a domestic flight  the flight attendant generously offers a teeny package of peanut or pretzel and luckily, so far, I wasn´t asked   to share it with my next seat passenger . I envy first class passengers but by travelling coach you get what you paid for.  !!!



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The most interesting part of an air traveling is happened when flight attendants begin to explain the case of emergency!!!
I can never understand why they show doors of airplane and instruct how to use oxygen masks; I think these are so simple and obvious, even for children; no need to describe a lot, by the way if I get a chance to be in an urgent situation, promise you to examine all of them! :D




I have flown by plane twice till now, with connection in both cases. For me, a pleasant thing was that I saw a very kind and respectul attitude of flight crew, but the most favorite thing is that I always get saving time this way. O course the least pleasant thing is the fear, especially when I was flying for the first time by plane, but my advice for you is: don’t let your imagination run wild cause you’ll start to think crazy thoughts, just keep your feet on the….plane….ha ha ha

10:54 AM Mar 06 2013 |




except  ear congestion, fly above the clouds is a great feeling…

09:26 AM Mar 06 2013 |

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when the plane start up is my best moment… it is thantastic feeling :) the rest of flight is typical. I mean we feel like in bus or car with one difference, we see  the clouds :)

08:20 AM Mar 06 2013 |



air travel is the fastest way for your to get to a place far away from where you are, it can help us save a lot of time and effort on the way, especially in the morden times, a lots of ppl have to go abroad for bussiness, trip, or personal things, the air travel is undoubtedly the only simply way. but maybe for someone, he/she will be uncomfortable for its high and speed. but in total, i like air trave than other tool for long distance trip.

05:22 AM Mar 06 2013 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

air fly is what i want to expirience. i hope next time i ‘ll get a chance to have a travel on a flight. that is my wish. from this lesson i learned what will be needed when i travel by air fly. 

05:05 AM Mar 06 2013 |




What I don’t like about flying is sitting. Can’t stand sitting for a long time. Another thing I don’t like about flying is fear. I’m afraid of flying though has been traveling all my life by plane. And I feel always nouseous on the plane. As soon I’m on board, I feel the plane smell and it makes me feel bad. What I like about a plane is drink! Wine, Gin and tonic.

My fav. transportation is train. My dream is to sit on a train and to travel across Canada, from East to West. Or to go down in a car to Florida, and see how the climate is changing. That would be worth of traveling on which I’d be glad to spare my free time. But tastes differ. To each its own!




Travelling by plane is the best option for me if I want to trip somewhere. It helps me to sit back while I am going to trip especially with first class. However, checking stuffs , cramped places for entering to a plane and connecting flight are such  a significant hassle that are compulsory and unavoidable. Being claustrophobic is a big burden for some people which isn’t a big deal for me. The excellent thing about flying is it’s convenience and getting to the destination much earlier than other transport systems.

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