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Date: Mar 01 2013

Themes: Health

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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You probably don’t like to think about it very often, but germs are everywhere. Any time you go out into a public space, you run the risk of interacting with something that could make you sick. The sickness could be as harmless as a common cold, or it could be something as serious as the avian flu.

Because of all these germs out there, some people worry about them a lot. They wash their hands obsessively, wear face masks, and carry hand sanitizer wherever they go. Other people try to be more relaxed. They try to stay healthy, but realize that there is no way of avoiding germs completely. Find out whether Marni or Lily is more afraid of germs in this health English lesson.




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Lily:  I’ve gotten to be really afraid of germs.

Marni:  Oh, really?

Lily:  I wash my hands all the time.

Marni:  Hmm. Are you one of those people that uses hand sanitizer obsessively, when you can’t wash your hands?

Lily:  Yeah. I’ve gotten to that point. I carry around anti-bacterial stuff in my purse. Some people would call me germophobic, but I think, you know, I’m being perfectly reasonable about this.

Marni:  Well yeah, there’s a lot of contagious things out there. I mean, the flu is really bad this year, but are you now taking it to the level where you’re wearing masks on public transportation, per se?

Lily:  Not yet. I would only do that if I heard about something on the news that was kind of scary.

Marni:  But you would do that.

Lily:  I want to be protected, right?

Marni:  OK, alright.

Lily:  I have a very weak immune system.

Marni:  OK. Are there things that you do to help your immune system? Or are you just so freaked out by germs that you just…

Lily:  I take Vitamin C every day. I drink a lot of orange juice, antioxidants, and so forth. Stay away from anybody who’s contagious.

Marni:  Well, those are all perfectly good things to do. I just think, you know, life is too short. You can’t just be worried about getting sick all the time that you just obsess over washing your hands and using hand sanitizer all the time, but… to each his own.


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Marni and Lily have some differences when it comes to germs. Lily has a weak immune system, and is very afraid of getting sick. She washes her hands all the time, and uses hand sanitizer. She also takes vitamins, drinks juice, and stays away from sick people. She’s really afraid of germs.

Marni, on the other hand, thinks that Lily is taking things a bit too far. She knows the flu is bad, and that germs can be dangerous, but she thinks that worrying too much about germs can distract you from living your life.

Given their different responses to germs, it will be interesting to see whether Marni or Lily gets sick more this season!

How do you feel about germs? Do you spend a lot of time making sure you don’t get sick, or are you less worried about it? What do you think is the best way to avoid germs?



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lizaolamaribel@yahoo.comSuper Member!

United States

i really do not care about germs . mom always says that you have to be arount germs and it will make you strong .

01:01 AM Mar 18 2018 |



The best lesson

04:23 AM Jun 21 2015 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

germs are tiny organisms that can cause disease — and they’re so small that they can creep into your system without you noticing. You even need a microscope to see them…i myself dont care about it alot cuz the more u think about it the sensitive u will become..but we should know what is the proper way to wash our hands:There are two ways to clean your hands. One is with soap and water; the other is with an alcohol-based, waterless cleaner. Both are effective for the majority of bacteria and viruses. Obviously, when using soap and water you need to stay in one place for at least 15 seconds while you wash….....

11:01 AM Aug 20 2013 |




i’m less worried about it. come on! its not need to think about germs all the time.

07:57 AM Mar 09 2013 |




I’m far from being germophobic, have a sanitizer in my bag though, but always forget to use it. But we were quite brainwarshed during outbreak of pandemic influenza  like Avian flu, SARS, Swine flu to wash wash wash regularly our hands. Well, we were provided some shots as well, some were wearing masks and then, thanks God, it disappeared. But what I like is to built a strong immune system to fight the germs. That is to develop an every day habit of eating fruits, like oranges, kiwi, strawberries. Less of junk food and, I know, once you tasted and it’s so difficult to say “No” after. And the best remedy  is water. Fill up the cell with this precious drink. When a cell is saturated with water, it’s quite strong to protect itself from free radicals. But when the cell is waterless like prune, it’s very weak and vulnerable and anything can damage its membrane and mess up with its genetic built. So drink water, don’t wait until thirsty. Stay healthy and wealthy!

Poor Georgy from MonsterInc was shaved and given a hot shower by a Swat team after the found a kid’s sock stuck to his back. (Kidding)

12:10 AM Mar 04 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

germs are every where and if we want to keep them all away from our self we will not have enough time too live good so take care of u’r self but live with no scare of germs. they are and we cant deny that or kill all of them.

be winner with self care:D

07:20 PM Mar 03 2013 |

1 person likes this


Russian Federation

I cannot say, that I’m afraid of germs, they are everywhere and I can’t be protected from dirty handles in the shops and so on, the only thing I can, is to keep my immune system in perfect condition and to follow some hygienic rules.

07:16 PM Mar 03 2013 |

Talia Do

Talia Do

Viet Nam

“Candice’s Germ Poem”

Germs. germs everywhere

Even on a little pear,

Germs germs all around

Even on the dirty ground.

Germs germs make me sick

Especially on a candy stick.

Germs germs are so small,

Even on a bouncy ball.

(source: library.thinkquest.org)

Good hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to lessen the germs around us. There are two ways to clean our hands. Use soap and water; or gel an alcohol-based, waterless cleaner. 

I am now living in Singapore which is known as the air-conditioned nation. Living in closed spaces most of the time, even when you use the transportation like car, taxi, bus and MRT – Mass Rapid Transit makes it easier for germs to spread from person to person or from environment to person. So for me, I often wash or gel before eating or preparing food, after using the bathroom, after handling money, before and after spending time with someone who is ill, after getting off the public transportations and whenever my hands look dirty.

Do you know that proper hand washing takes 15 seconds?

03:25 PM Mar 03 2013 |



in fact, i do not care too much about germs, for it is not seen by my own eyes. i know germs sometimes get somebody sick, this is unluck, but if only you are healthy and strong, it is not that easy to be like that. in my opinion, to be in touch with germs sometimes it is good to your body, it can help you to be more fit with the external environment we live in.

12:31 PM Mar 03 2013 |




Actually i’m not the kind of people who care about catching diseases, i’m not obsessed with germs and i think people who care a lot about protecting themselves from getting sick don’t live happily, it’s not fun to live afraid of everything and after all i believe you can’t protect yourself 100% from catching diseases, you can’t guarantee it. There was a famous artist in Egypt namedMohamed Abdelwahaab he was a germophobic he cared a lot about not to get sick, washed his hand constantly and it wasn’t good at all.

10:17 AM Mar 03 2013 |



we have germs everywhere..i am taking care about myselfe and wash my hands and do hygiens propertly. bu I am not germophobic..I have used handsoaps but also hand sanitizer..some people who has week immune sistem need to taking care more..take Vitamin C, fresh fruit and vegetables can help lots..I am doing my way but people should do whatever they want…......to each they own….

12:55 AM Mar 03 2013 |

1 person likes this


United States

I dont know too much about Germs only that they come form Germany, but they are “everywhere”

11:05 PM Mar 02 2013 |




I think we need sometime germs to develop our immunsystem otherwise we will have a very weak one! I think maniac people could get sick very often.

07:20 PM Mar 02 2013 |



United Arab Emirates

I think Lily can gets sick more :D

06:09 PM Mar 02 2013 |




I agree with Marni. I don’t worry too much. But I accept that some people need to be careful because they have weak immun system.

I think there are many way to avoid germs. Eating vegetable and fruit, takeing some vitamin pill, relaxing, etc.

05:36 PM Mar 02 2013 |

1 person likes this




There was worldwide  a vast flu outbreak, the media was constantly bombarding people about the  seriousness of this seasonal epidemic outbreak . Was it  so deadly ?  that  people out of fear were wearing masks on the streets and public transportations.  I only know that pharmaceuticals cashed in billions selling a vaccine  that according to reports    wasn´t as effective as they wanted the people to believe. Business are business !!!!      

11:27 AM Mar 02 2013 |




I think that these germs are everywhere. Useful and there are germs and harmful. And is also part of nature

11:07 AM Mar 02 2013 |




I think germs are everywhere but I don’t think about it. I try to drink water, juices and eat fuits and vegetables. If I was thinking about it all the tima I won’t live my fantastic life and take the best from the life  ... :) The thinking about it have to be really distract and confine.

09:15 AM Mar 02 2013 |




Well, to be completely protected from germs is very difficult (almost impossible), because germs are available even in the air that we breath. I live in very clean environment in the UK but last year I caught cold three times, while normally doctors keep saying that one can catch cold once a year. I asked the doctor here and he said that we have three types of cold viruses in the UK.

We all are run the risk since we daily deal with wide range of people, but most of us have a very good immune system. Therefore; it is not good at all to be germophobic as you cannot avoid them, but learn how to treat them. Hand sanitizer, Vitamin C, orange Juice, antioxidant …etc are really helpful but not to the extent that we feel scary from germs….

08:42 AM Mar 02 2013 |




i think germs are just part of nature , no need to be panic unless there is a kind of flu can’t be killed . germs are everywhere even tough we can’t see it , we are living in a world full of germs ,so thats why nature has endow us with immune system , in a sense , i trust my immune system to take care all the common germs by itself , thats why i am well & sound , it has been doing its job well

08:13 AM Mar 02 2013 |

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