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Long Weekends
Long Weekends

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Date: May 31 2013

Themes: Holidays, Time

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Laundry, groceries, reading, hanging out with friends, even sleeping… weekends can be so busy! We have two days away from work, but do we really get to rest? Sometimes the best reward for a challenging week at school or a job is the prospect of a long weekend. With an extra day or two to relax, it can feel like all that hard work is going to pay off.

Long weekends are so desirable and anticipated that websites exist just to alert people to upcoming weekends of three days or more. People use their long weekends to go on road trips, work on house projects, or even throw parties.

What is your first thought when a long weekend is coming up? Do you want to leave town, or would you rather stay local?





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Amanda:   You know what’s the best?

Jeff:   What’s that?

Amanda:   Long weekends.

Jeff:  I’m going to have to mostly agree with you.

Amanda:   You only need a Saturday or Sunday and then tack on a Friday or Monday to really be able to unwind.

Jeff:  Yeah, I think sleeping in three days in a row is really great.

Amanda:   I couldn’t agree more. I feel like if you just have a regular weekend, it’s not enough time to get out of town… can’t take a road trip... certainly can’t get on a plane. If you have a three day weekend, you can take up to a five hour flight. You still have time. Don’t you think?

Jeff:  Yeah, I also like how you get two full days of fun, doing whatever you want. Then the last day always is kind of a bummer. On a normal weekend, you only get one full day.

Amanda:  And you mentioned about sleeping in? I feel less guilty about taking naps, too.

Jeff:  Mmm, naps.

Amanda:  Warm milk… yes.

Jeff:  The only problem, though, I find… which is why I said I partially agree with you… is that it’s harder to get back to work or whatever your responsibilities.

Amanda:  Oh, are you working now?

Jeff:   Yeah.

Amanda:  Good for you!


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Amanda and Jeff are discussing their love of long weekends. Amanda feels like people can do so much more when they have an extra day or two away from their responsibilities. For example, they can take road trips or fly somewhere far away.

Jeff especially enjoys getting more sleep on long weekends, and Amanda adds that it’s easier for her to take naps when she knows she has more time. It seems like the only real problem about long weekends is when they end!

What do you like about long weekends? How do you enjoy spending your extra time away from work or school?



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Don’t enjoy long weekends that much. Two days is sufficient time to spend on lesuire. Long weekends are mainly due to public holidays. There is nothing to do on public holidays but to ‘hang out’, as shops are usually closed. I’d rather wake up on a Monday going off to school or work than lounging around at home, where the only thing i’ll do is procrastinate.

12:27 PM Jul 08 2014 |

Min Min Hla


 For me , two days of weekends is enough.If too long  i want to go out , shopping  must use more money and my salary is not good, so two day is enough.

02:38 AM Jun 07 2013 |


Viet Nam

As usual, every Friday night I always make a plan for next two weekend days with my husband .Sitting on a chair and taking  a sip of coffee slowly on early morning is the way we start a first relaxing day, and, of course, a favorite book is a must .It is such a beautiful moment.

One more interesting thing, we usually love to try cooking new food style for lunch, both Vietnamese and Western style. It all is so delicious thanks to my sweetheart!

That is what my lovely weekend !!!

08:56 AM Jun 03 2013 |




When I have a long weekend I try to meet with my family or friends :D In this time we can make up all arrears :) 

09:29 PM Jun 02 2013 |




i like long weekend but i never did it.because i had not time

08:26 PM Jun 02 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

i love to be in a long weekends, to can forget for moment we will not start the next day our week.

06:24 PM Jun 02 2013 |




I can´t recall how many extended holidays we have in my country, but surely  a lot. The idea on implementing long weekends was that people may have enough time to getaway from the city and visit touristic places within the country.This measure is boosting  the occupancy in  hotels and restaurants , as many people  use this opportunity  to pack up and  hit the road.

02:51 PM Jun 02 2013 |




I love long weekends so much and I can escape from work and study temporarily. I like sleeping so in the long weekends I can sleep till noon and no one disturb my dream. I like to hang out with my friends or classmates, and eat some delicious food in restaurants or have fun in Karaoke. If my friends don’t have enough time to be in company with me, I’ll play video games and watch movies or drama series or anime alone. Long weeks are so short to go to a distant place to travel.

I agree with Jeff. In the last day I will be sad and depressing. In addition to treasuring the valuable relaxed time I can’t do anything. Just PLAY HARD!

12:40 PM Jun 02 2013 |




If I have a long weekends, I will hang out with friends or families instead of stay local, however, I don’t have a long weekends for a long long time due to my stupid job, I just day off for two or even three days in one month, and the worst, I can’t allow to day off on the weekends.   I really want to have a long vocation for me to travel around or go abroad.

05:10 AM Jun 02 2013 |




long weekends are suitable for road trips.It a good way of relaxing and enjoying.I like such trips to other places but it also depends of your budget.And when it is limited I have to stay local.

06:37 PM Jun 01 2013 |


United States

Well for me I am always in a super long weekend because I work from home…sorry for you!

04:52 PM Jun 01 2013 |




My hubby and I usually take road trips every weekend. Its such an exciting experience to travel in car along with family.


04:47 PM Jun 01 2013 |



I would rather leave town than staying local because I love road trips. However, I don’t have enough time to have long weekends due to working hours. The longest weekend I had was only a day and I didn’t realise how time flew. Therefore, I try to contact with my friends and I hang out with them as much as I can. Yet, I usually stay at home and rest without ruminating on anything. I watch a movie, I read some lines in a book and I sometimes sing a song when I’m in a good mood, haha.

04:41 PM Jun 01 2013 |




“Straight ahead” what a sign?!!

Straight ahead for recharge energy!!

Straight ahead for fun and festivity!!

Straight ahead with a less responsibility!!

Straight ahead with family and company!

Straight ahead you deserve this journey!!

In usual weekends my family and I try from time to time to go ahead for a short  relaxation and recreation trip, in addition to my ken with the road trip specially with the friends!!

Now I have the summer vacation furthermore less classes and duties, so as every year I turned on the alert(hoho hoho:-) and my family will mute it with un expectable trip!!

Close your eyes,put your finger and go,if you can’t ..dream

12:13 AM Jun 01 2013 |



ok guys when i have money i love long weekends :)

but when i dont have money….i don’t know…..i think…well….what i have to do?.....jeje saturday i go to  house’s girlfriend…sometimes my girlfriend and me look movies…eat pizza maybe…something like that.

10:04 PM May 31 2013 |




Year,  I love long weekends.

For me, long weekends means that my husband stays at home more than two days. And my family can spend togethet more time.

08:21 PM May 31 2013 |




I love weekends cause i have enough time to do housework,to learn how to cook well,to go shopping for family,to enjoy my hobbies such like singing through mobilephone singbar sofeware,although i don’t good at singing but just like doing,i think it is as if my life attitude,your heart full of music will make you feel less pressure and will motivated you to do better yourself,everyweekend i have a lot of thing to do which enriched my life.This weekend one of my friend will come to my home for lunch,well,i will try to be a good cooker:)

04:18 PM May 31 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

I was partially agree with my brother when he told me, Jasonlongo, you’re grounded

04:03 PM May 31 2013 |

S01142923Super Member!


I love my long weekends. I usually take my dogs for an extra long walk in a park. Mostly, I’ll just stay home relaxing with my dogs.

03:32 PM May 31 2013 |

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South Korea

Mostly, I spend my weekend at home. I watch movies, American dramas. But sometimes I work without pay at elderly residential facility. I teach them about how to use smart phones.

02:06 PM May 31 2013 |

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