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Being Late

Being Late

Date: Apr 24 2009

Themes: Time

Grammar: Future Perfect Tense


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Some people are just always late, no matter what. It almost seems like they must be living in another reality, where all the clocks are set differently.

This can be really frustrating, especially if you’re the kind of person who’s always on time. It sucks having to wait around for people, wondering if they’re ever going to show up. And nobody likes those people who come to class 15 minutes after the professor has begun talking, or who interrupt a movie by stumbling into the theater after it’s already started.

Jason is one of those people who can never be on time. Listen in on his phone conversation with Devan, as she tries to teach him how to be more punctual.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  I can’t believe you haven’t left yet! By the time you get here, I’ll have been here for over an hour.

Jason:  I’m so sorry. I got held up at work today. All kinds of crazy stuff came up. I’m running late. I’ll be there. I know you really needed to talk about your application to the international bowling league, so I’ll be right there, I promise.

Devan:  I really need to talk to you about that, and I’m starving, and Jason, you are the least punctual person I know.

Jason:  Go ahead and order without me. I’m sorry. I know I lose track of time, but I’m seriously on my way. I’m like five minutes away.

Devan:  What are you gonna do to not be running late all the time?

Jason:  I don’t know. Do you…do you think I should set my clock late? Do you think that works?

Devan:  I think you should…Yeah, I think you should set your clock later, and you should always give yourself an extra half hour no matter how much time you think it’s going to take you to do something.

Jason:  Yeah, that is the problem, that I have a really hard time estimating how long it’s actually gonna take to do different things.

Devan:  Just tack on 30 minutes to that time you estimate, and then you’ll always be on time, ‘cause you’re always late.

Jason:  I guess I’ll just have to do that.

Devan:  Alright. Well I’m ordering you a salad and I’m not waiting, I’m gonna start eating.

Jason:  OK, I’ll buy, I’m sorry. I’ll be right there.


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Jason was supposed to meet Devan for dinner, but he’s already really late. He tries to explain why he’s late and promises he’ll be there soon. But Devan is annoyed with him because he’s late all the time.

Devan asks Jason what he’s going to do to stop being late. She thinks he should set his clock late so he always thinks it’s later than it really is. He should also add give himself extra time to do things. If he thinks something is only going to take an hour, he should leave himself an hour and a half. Then if it takes longer than expected, he’ll still be on time.

Are you punctual, or are you always late? Does it annoy you when other people are late? What do you think they can do to become more punctual?



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lizaolamaribel@yahoo.comSuper Member!

United States

I always like to on time when i have doctor appoiment .I like give myself atleast an extra 30 minutes 

08:52 AM Mar 25 2018 |




well i am not late all the time but sometimes i lose the track of the time. and yeah it annoys when people are too late.

02:24 AM Jun 25 2017 |




I also get very irritated when I have to wait someone who’s late. I see it as a lack of respect although I know some people really struggle to be on time. :)

02:06 PM Nov 24 2014 |



Russian Federation

Once, several years ago,I went to a bus excursion to a nature park, which  I wanted to see for a long time. It was so much interesting to me, that I really lose a track of time, walking there, and returned to the bus almost 20 minutes later after  the appointed time. The guide and and all other tourists ( there was a large group) had to wait for me  during that time, and of course, they were angry about that. And I felt myself  uneasy in this situation.

Exept this case I  try to be more punctual and always to  be on time everywhere.

09:00 PM Oct 20 2013 |




I am the kind of people who is always on time and I really can’t stand up unpunctual person. One of my colleagues is late to the company almost every day, i totally can’t understand why could he do that ! In my thought, if someone “always” late for job or date even meeting etc., it will give a bad impression for others, and in my mind, I will think that person is lack of resbonsbility and  respect on that thing or people.

06:49 AM Jun 02 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I am very punctual and when I have an appointment or a date with someone,most of the time I arrive at the certain place at least half an hour sooner and I can’t help it .I perefer to wait than keep others waiting for me.

for sure letting others cool their heels is a sign of disrespect and if such a thing happens to me more than three times (and of course it depends on the time of waitingWink)it will switch to a deal breaker for me.


10:33 PM Jan 21 2012 |

1 person likes this




All of people say that I am a punctual person. Unfortunately I think they are not. Because everyone can be late. Being late is about traffic in city, broken alarms, sleeplessness, etc. Anybody can not say I will not be late, I will go there on time. Becuase cities have not true base in this issue. I think everybody may be late, but must do it or go there on time. 

09:25 PM Apr 05 2010 |



I always get ready at last time. I accept,i'm lazy :) But i'm also punctual. And I don't like waiting. It's annoying. I think, to be punctual is a matter of principle.

07:43 AM Mar 22 2010 |

B3 gozdetaymaz


        I am punctual person.However I don't like unpunctual person.for examle, if I go to my friends,I will say go per hour.I think Be punctual is very important for job.Because if you are late to job, you will get the sack from job.Therefore You should make a habit of punctual:) Always, alarm clock , every business should be open.

03:41 PM Mar 21 2010 |



I am totally a punctual person.If I meet my friends or If I go somewhere ,I always go on time.It shouldn't be a habit otherwise people can think you are not a responsible person.If you want to be responsible and successful person you have to obey the rules and you have to learn how to go on time that is a crucial point.Do our best!(=

11:17 AM Mar 21 2010 |

B3 Murat


I think be punctual is very important.if you are going to meet with a friend,you must go to meet on time .Be punctual shows your responsibility.İf you are not punctual person for a job,it means you dont care about the job.I recommend you should be punctual in order to earn respect of people.

08:14 PM Mar 20 2010 |




I m definitely punctual person.I will bring something instead of on time already set,unless of course a problem.Also a result of personality is to be punctual.Because,promise to go anywhere on time we do not,against our people can make desicions about us wrong,cant it?Therefore I always try to do my work on time.Smile

06:16 PM Mar 20 2010 |



I am punctual and I always wait people who are late but it does not annoy me.I think it depends on personality.if you ignore meetings or something like that,you can not be punctual.I always care about these things because it is important.if you promise your friends or your parents to be on time somewhere,you must be there at the right time.

10:05 AM Mar 20 2010 |



   I am punctual and i hate people who are late.I think it is a type of job responsibilities.They can be on time if they have regularly plan.We must consider ourselves as a clock.If you really want to be successful,you have to do.I wish everybody would be like it,because i know that it is the best way to become more punctual.On the other hand,some people may have psychological problems and it can cause of being late.In this case,they have to find the reasons of being late and in the shortest time,they can overcome of their problems.In conclusion,it is not so hard to become more punctual.Everything is your hands!

07:29 PM Mar 19 2010 |




sometime im late to my class

04:23 AM Mar 02 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

nothing can make me to be late exept sleep because I can't wake up easily .I always try to be punctual due to I don't want anybody to be angry at me .anyway,  it doesn't annoy me when other people are late , if they have convincing reason.

06:51 AM Feb 18 2010 |




sometimes i'm run late too, lololol

i understand jason…


11:01 PM Feb 10 2010 |




ALWAYS being late shows i lack of respect to the other / partner / people

09:47 PM Feb 10 2010 |

Anita Triana



I'm punctual and i think If person have have good habit it must to be always on time.

04:56 AM Jan 15 2010 |



hmm..i haven't read d dialogue yet but hv got d idea wt d whole lesson z about. .

well,, on my part i try to b v. punctual kinda gurl… credit goes to ma dad….:)

09:38 AM Jan 08 2010 |

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