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Backing Up
Backing Up

Learn English with this computers English lesson

Date: Jun 19 2013

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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It happens to everyone: You write a great letter, application, or paper for school. You’re really proud because you invested time, thought, and effort into your work. You’ve read, edited, and proofread it. It might be the best writing of your life. You’re anxious to share it with your co-worker or professor.

But then, your computer crashes! All of your hard work is down the drain. You can rewrite, but it will never be as good as the original. You want to scream or throw something. You’re kicking yourself for not backing up your document.

Find out what Marni wishes she’d done before her computer died in this English lesson about backing up.





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Marni:  Oh, my god. I think my computer is dead!

Mason:  What? Do you have a back-up copy of stuff?

Marni:  No. You do that?

Mason:  I don’t do it probably as well as I should, but yeah. I’ve got like really important stuff that I burned onto a disc.

Marni:  So, am I just in trouble? Is my data gone? My photos, everything… am I doomed?

Mason:  I’ve been through this before. Chances are there’s a way to recover some or all of your stuff, but it’s really expensive. It’s the kind of thing that that little bit of prevention up front would help save you a lot of pain.

Marni:  Gosh, I knew it. I knew it! I just kept thinking “I’ll do it down the road,” but…

Mason:  Do you have Mac? Do you have Time Machine that you could use? Or do you use any online services like Dropbox where your stuff might be?

Marni:  No. Should I be doing that?

Mason:  It’s not a bad way to save some stuff in a place that’s maybe a little more protected. Even stuff that you emailed to maybe your mom. You could find things that way. There are all sorts of weird hacks to track down things.

Marni:  Yeah, I guess. Gosh, I just hope that I haven’t lost all this data. I guess from now on, I’d better start backing up.


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Marni’s computer has crashed and she’s really upset. Mason asks if she backed up her files, but even though she knows she should, Marni never does it. She’s heartbroken to learn that even her photos are probably gone.

Mason gives Marni hope when he tells her that it’s possible to get her files back. Still, she isn’t backing up her computer every day and some things will be lost forever. Marni’s learning the hard way that she needs to take better care of her data and pictures.

There are many ways that people can back up their computers. Some save files on a hard drive, while others use online services. With so many options out there, there’s no reason not to be backing up.

Has your computer ever crashed? Did you lose everything, or could you get it back? What do you do to protect the information, photos, and movies on your computer?



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I have one experience about losing all of my file. I downloaded a protected program and install in my computer system. And then two system crash on it, so both program were died. Therefore my computer died and never open it that I try to help it but it wasn’t work. So that was a very miserable experience.

03:55 AM Jun 22 2013 |


United States

I’ve never had such situation with my computer but I am always scared that it can happen! That’s why I prefer to copy all my pictures and different important data to the hard drive. Although here is a funny thing … I never delete my stuff from computer even if it’s on a hard drive ;)) 

Looks like backing up is a normal thing for me 

11:50 AM Jun 21 2013 |

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vanessa307Super Member!

Viet Nam

Hi All ! Im a new member . Can I down load MP3 of this lesson while using this website as free trial ?

07:26 AM Jun 21 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

These kinds of things also happened to me, I’m really exciting to get a new word backing up, I’ll be backing up all my things, files…

07:46 PM Jun 19 2013 |



United Arab Emirates

it happens to me before more of the time when am doing my final projects but now i have learned that after every paper i make i click the save bottom directly , it’s like a phopia that i will lose my work a gain after hard work.. i know that the technology is developing but sometimes the computers get a vairouse and damages everything … 

05:58 PM Jun 19 2013 |

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    I’m not very computer savvy but past experiences have taught me that no matter what brand or how recently you have purchased one, it is susceptible to crash. One of my worse computer crash experiences that I can recall was when I was two pages deep in writing a report when suddenly my mouse and keyboard became unresponsive and my screen turned blue, and so was I. Realizing what had happened I knew exactly the height of trouble and tricky situation I was in: Paper is due tomorrow, but this time the dog didn’t eat it, my computer crashed- yeah, the most customary excuses used by irresponsible students. For some reasons, I just anticipated that my teacher wouldn’t fall for that. So, what I ended up doing, when all other options such as restarting and restoring failed, is rebooting my computer to its factory settings and not being able to recover a single file. My report was lost for good. The most irritating thing is that it never occurred to me to back up my file into my external hard-drive, which by the way was plugged in my computer at that time.  After reinstalling Office, I did what many students loathe; write the report all over again, and with all the stress and pressure of time I was now under, I was not particularly proud of my report. It was a cheap knockoff of the one I had previously written.

    Now all precious files are kept in my external hard-drive that is always at my house- It’s worth nothing that those files are sorted by types (photos, music, past homework, due homework, etc.) then duplicated and transferred to some labeled and portable USB cards. Have the obsessive habit of backing up your files because one can never be too safe :). There are many YouTube videos that can walk you through the different methods it can be done, it’s very easy.

Psst!just between us, I even use my Ebaby inbox as a storage space :D

03:26 PM Jun 19 2013 |




With all the new technology progressing at full speed, the 5-7 year old computer becomes obsolete and more vulnerable to a sudden crash. I’ve had recently, after downloading  a usual file like I always do and all of sudden my computer got busted by the unknown hacker or some other alien force. I’ve been working for a month to revive my comp back to life. Was consulting with the mighty computer gurus but, alas, everything went down the drain. Nobody could help. It just proved right my giving up on the idea of becoming a prominent programmer after the sleepless nights trying to decipher that quite simple o and 1 sequence of the computer language. I think I’m not alone. The guy on the picture is undergoing the same torturing process. How did it happen, I mean the loss of my valuable files, with so much memory availability on the comp like RAM, hard disk, disk drive, cache all aimed to store and protect like your notebook which is more reliable as it turned out. Well, to prevent that from happening down the road and save your confidential information safe and sound, I’d go with memory stick. So far it’s ok. Let’s see how long it will last before a new back up medium come to replace it.

03:21 PM Jun 19 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

really i dont keep doing back up and i hope i wont have any problems cause it will be so bad to me

03:05 PM Jun 19 2013 |




I luckily didn´t so far lost my files  due to a computer mishap, but while disassembling  the wiring terminals that were connected to the electronic command in my washer machine ,I thoughtfully  wrote down  how to connect back  the same . Unfortunately I lost the piece of paper on which all the information was  written. My bad luck that I didn´t back up  this  vital data ,it cost me worries and money afterwards .Knuschu,  don´t worry. nobody is a profet  in his own land.   lol.

01:48 PM Jun 19 2013 |




I happened to me and i  have been deeply nervous and wanted  to eat anyone come near to me. I usually save the important documents in hard drive. But what make me upset was  that i  have just finished the report. I’ve  even lost the chance to proofread the report which might help me to remember what i have written. 

10:58 AM Jun 19 2013 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it had happened to me. i was so sad about it. i had lost all of my memories with my friends in school. but my uncle recovered most of them for me. it was a good experience for me to have back up. :)

09:46 AM Jun 19 2013 |

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There’s no reason not to be backing up.Short time ago my computer has crashed . i even couldnt open windows .all software was ruined.i tried many things to save my documents up ,photos,videos,lesson notes i’ve lost all of them.

afterthat i formatted my computer i used acronic program for W7 it worked i reached al of my documents and take them to my hard drive.now i cant recover it because there’s been akinda error while it’s recovering.i hope i’ll work it out soon and i’ll get my stuff back ASAp.

actually there is a great way to backing up your files.dont save up your all files to C disk.it must be other disk.when your computer is crashed you can format it and your things will remain as they were before.

08:59 AM Jun 19 2013 |

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Arlinrat Aui


my job;system imformation accounting on server that concern lan and internet system also all network at my office

Make sure system could be lose.

Backing up in the end of day to protect the information

if someting happen we can recovering


Good luck dear :D




08:33 AM Jun 19 2013 |


United Arab Emirates

backing up is very important to keep our hard works or value files in saving and protection from any bad things it can effect your files or lose it.
the lesson is really good to make many options to saving your files in safe ways.

08:03 AM Jun 19 2013 |



It’s really a  problem but we  must ensure the safety of the device and provide all the security conditions before embarking on work

07:43 AM Jun 19 2013 |


Viet Nam

you bring hard disk go to shop repair computer. you tell with they back up database come to device backups other for you, so is ok

07:22 AM Jun 19 2013 |




My computer crashed a couple of years ago, and the pain was huge. It felt like I lost my purse – which I never lost, thank God. All my academic stuff, photos and other important documents were gone for good. I was unable to save anything, so I felt terribly upset and infuriated at myself that I was too silly to back up my files on a disc or on an email account. The next and first thing I did after my computer was fixed was to get a gmail account and save my documents there, especially my academic documents, CV and resume. I thought that would not be enough, so I got another hotmail account where I could save my documents. That’s, I send my important documents to both my gmail account and hotmail account any more and it is all safe. I am not worried about my accounts getting hacked because no one knows my accounts exist. I do not share those accounts with anyone. I have other accounts to keep in touch with my friends. 

I will buy a hard drive soon but I have some doubts about that. One of my friends – she was the nerd in our department – dropped her hard drive and all her files were gone, and her hard drive was also broken. I also heard some other stories as such, but it is a practical way to keep important files safe. 

06:53 AM Jun 19 2013 |

Ya Nina


Unfortunately, I am, as well as Marni, always thinking that I back up all my important files down the road. Definitely, isn’t good position to such important stuff. I suppose that light-minded attitude can be explained that fact when my computer crashed earlier, I always got back all my important files. IT-administrators always did all possible and possible so that recover all needed information. 

In spite of that successful cases with crashed computer in my life, I’m sure that as nowadays our lives depends on computers and other equipment, we have to do all possible for the safe our personal or working information and recovering them in case of crashing.

04:32 AM Jun 19 2013 |



I think i will start backing up.

01:28 AM Jun 19 2013 |

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I crashed the PC of my stepdaughter. My task was, simply to change the hard disk and to move the OS. But it failed, and some important writings were lost forever. I don’t need to mention, that she was not amused ;)

Oh – I should add, I did this at work … because I am an IT ;)))))

Now I have a extern hard disc so I ‘ve always a offline backup of important files.

01:04 AM Jun 19 2013 |

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