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pass away

pass away

Date: Jul 04 2013


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“My beautiful sister Rona sadly passed on May 24 in Los Angeles.”

-Singer and actress Olivia Newton-John speaking about her sister’s death (Us Weekly)

“我漂亮的妹妹罗娜 (Rona) 于 5 月 24 日这天在洛杉矶不幸去世。”

- 歌手、女演员奥莉维亚·牛顿·约翰 (Olivia Newton-John) 谈论妹妹的离世


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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No matter what your views about what happens when someone dies, you can’t deny the fact that the person who died is no longer there in the way she once was. Even though her body may lie there in front of you, something is gone. Call it her soul, or her personality, or simply her breath. That person has passed from this life into something else, whatever it is. It’s just not here. She has passed away.

Saying that someone passed away is considered more polite than saying someone died. Sometimes an expression, or euphemism, sounds nicer because it isn’t so literal. On the other hand, some people prefer to just use a word like “died,” rather than try to make something seem nice that simply isn’t.

Olivia Newton-John clearly feels strongly about her sister’s death. She says that her sister has “passed,” which is short for passed away. Using the expression must feel more comforting to her than using more literal language. Plus, passed away expresses her feelings that her sister has passed from this world to another one.

In your language, do you have both expressions and literal words for death? Which do you prefer to use?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“My grandmother passed away when she was 95.”

“My brother passed away five years ago. I still miss him so much.”

“When she passes away, she wants to be cremated.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

dearpesar to die
by dearpesar
apatchi It means:to die
by apatchi
cubi1604 Die
by cubi1604
Ahshan died
by Ahshan
a2020 Died.
by a2020
Died, a euphemism for die.
by zhaleh hoor
Manu4 To pass away, to dead...
by Manu4
mohsen999 politeness expression for die
by mohsen999
Died, deceased.passed away.
by liamliams84
bienemaja Leave the present life Die
by bienemaja
zhuldyz25 die
by zhuldyz25
shaerwan to die
by shaerwan
Olivine death
by Olivine
samaneh64 died
by samaneh64

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In Poland we usually say: he/she died and it isn’t offensive expression. But we also say: she/he left us forever/gone forever.

The worst expression using in Poland is: kick the bucket-Julito already spoke about it…I don’t like it.

05:39 PM Jul 09 2013 |

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my mother passed away and so my father.

01:32 AM Jul 06 2013 |

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to die

03:21 PM Jul 04 2013 |




Christian meaning: Jesus said to his disciples talking about his closer friend in Jhon 11:11“Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep; but I am going there to wake him up.”

12 His disciples replied, “Lord, if he sleeps, he will get better.” 13 Jesus had been speaking of his death, but his disciples thought he meant natural sleep.

He compares death as sleep, that is dead for believers, to fall asleep

12:54 PM Jul 04 2013 |

Ya Nina


When I knew that we used phrase “pass away” talking about death in English, at the beginning I was surprised. Afterwards I thought that it was very logical, because, for example, we also use the same word in Russian language. 

Taking into consideration my grievous losses I understand that when we talk about death of our close person, we can’t use the verb “die” – it is very hard to us, because it sounds like convict and it bring us somehow certainty. On the other hand, when we use the verb “pass away” – it sounds a little soft and gives us some hope that loss can’t be forever and whenever wherever we will meet our close person and will be together and happy again.

12:22 PM Jul 04 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

When you were born, you were crying and every body was happy.

Try to be someone in future that..

When you pass away, you will be happy and every body crying.

11:12 AM Jul 04 2013 |




Yeah.  somehow saying ” pass away”  softens  the inevitable  necessity of having to  announce  the death of a dear person. In  case of a   Christian  it is said  ” Returned to the heavenly   Father” , a Hindu may say ” left the mortal body” . An slang expression that I would not recommend but sometimes it is  used:  You know  who has died ? no, tell me !! John Doe” kick the bucket”   it means that John Doe  passed away.

10:44 AM Jul 04 2013 |



of course we have a way to say more politely expression that is ’’ vefat etmek’’ we usually use this phrase if we say like ’’ she/he died’’ it means it died finally so there is appropriate way to say it :)

08:02 AM Jul 04 2013 |




We have both expressons for death in my country. These are the words ‘pochina’ and ‘umrya’. When we talk about our relatives or close friends  prefer to use ‘passed away’(pochina).

06:18 AM Jul 04 2013 |



sometimes euphemism would change a rude expression to an utopia situation. I prefer ‘depart this life’ because maybe it makes sense that other life if exist will be better.

06:05 AM Jul 04 2013 |

Arlinrat Aui


leave forever..

04:45 AM Jul 04 2013 |




I prefer to use “pass away” if someone is died, because in one day I will also pass away this life and I will meet/see him in other life which is total different to this one.

04:44 AM Jul 04 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

yes we have 2 expression for death

one is direct and means death : mirin

and one is more nice and polite and means literaly went to the Al rahma

wich mean went to the kindness : cu rahmate

04:31 AM Jul 04 2013 |

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I never use “pass away”. I think it’s old fashioned.

We had one guy in a hospital,  struggling for his life When he died, the first announcer of his death just said, “he didn’t make it.”

01:44 AM Jul 04 2013 |




When someone who is relative to us pass away,we will be very sadly, for he is not accompany with us,even though his boby or something is still around us. So I prefer use “pass away” than died, the “pass away” is more comtable and euphemistic to express our feelings.

We should cherish the person around us ,especially someone who is old.And we should often see him/her and  be filial piety to them,and donot give ourself chance to regret when them pass away.

01:36 AM Jul 04 2013 |



never back

12:52 AM Jul 04 2013 |

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