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Throw a Wrench in the Works
Throw a Wrench in the Works English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this mischief English lesson

Date: Jun 25 2013

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Imperative Form


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Picture an old-fashioned factory, from the days before everything was digital. You might picture some giant gears turning around to power all the factory’s machinery. If a worker got fed up with working and wanted to make the machine stop going, he could decide to take matters into his own hands. He could throw a wrench into the gears, also known as the factory’s “works,” and the gears would come to a halt. Work would have to stop.

When you think about it, any plan or operation is kind of like those big gears moving. There are many pieces that must come into place for the plan to work. If you want to stop that plan from being successful, you must figure out a way to make those gears jam up. You must think of a way to throw a wrench in the works.

Jeff and Mason don’t want this Greta Vanderlake promotion to be successful. Find out how they plan to throw a wrench in the works in this mischief English lesson.




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Mason:  Jeff, I got my wrench, so where’s that leaky pipe you need… there are no pipes in here, dude.

Jeff:  No. That was just a trick to get you in here. I want to tell you about my plan.

Mason:  What plan?

Jeff:  The ‘sabotage the dating contest plan.’ We need to throw a wrench in the works.

Mason:  But how are we going to do that? Amanda’s leading everything up, and Lily’s helping her, so I’m not sure how…

Lily:  Hey guys. Why did you want to meet in here?

Jeff:  Listen. We know that Greta is supposed to pick somebody for this date on Friday. And neither Mason nor I want that to happen.

Lily:  Yeah, I know Mason doesn’t want it to happen because he’s all obsessed with having babies and stuff. But why do you care?

Jeff:  I don’t know. I can’t explain. When Amanda said that Greta was going on a date with some other guy, it just didn’t feel right.

Lily:  You have a crush on Greta.

Jeff:  I do not. I’m sorry. I know we sort of had something going on…

Lily:  No, we didn’t. Look, Jeff, you’re a really nice guy and everything, and you’re a great karaoke singer, but you’re just not my type. I don’t want to date you. And I would actually be really relieved if you decided to date someone else. So, what’s the plan?

Mason:  We throw a wrench in the works! So basically, we just need to make sure that Greta doesn’t go on a million dates with all of these guys and stretch this on forever.

Lily:  What if she only went on one date?

Jeff:  No. No dates.

Lily:  And that one date was with you?

Mason:  I think you guys have got this. I’m gonna go see if there are any pipes around here that need fixing since I’ve got my wrench with me and everything.


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Jeff has gathered Mason and Lily by the stairs to talk to them about his plan. He wants to sabotage the contest so that Greta won’t go on a date with someone else. He doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do yet, but he knows he wants to make it go wrong in some way. He wants to throw a wrench in the works.

Lily knows why Mason doesn’t want the contest to succeed, but she doesn’t know why Jeff’s interested. She thinks he might have a crush on Greta. Jeff’s not willing to admit that yet, but it seems pretty clear that he has feelings of some sort. Lily’s relieved to hear this, because she doesn’t want Jeff to have a crush on her.

Luckily, Lily thinks she can figure out a way to make Greta’s date actually be with Jeff, instead of with a stranger. Since Mason has his actual wrench with him, he decides to go see if he can find any pipes that have a leak.

What do you think of the plan to sabotage the contest? Have you ever tried to throw a wrench in the works of a plan? Did it work?



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I think the guy must speak with the girl and said her his love for her. This is the best  way to face the situation

07:20 PM Jun 29 2013 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i dont have an idea but i think they will succeed and throw a wrench in the works successfully

06:48 AM Jun 29 2013 |




In my opion, I wish Jeff can stand out to talk Greta not just like hiding himself. Everyone will face this problem in our life, we can move on or try to save it. But not just avoid that problems. It doesn’t work, maybe this time you success but how about next time. Try to push youself to face it, give a big courage to yourself to figure out it.

10:22 AM Jun 28 2013 |




I don´t like what these guys are cooking up for Greta, furthermore, i think that they are gearing up for trouble .Greta  obviously is not interested in a relationship with  Jeff ,otherwise she would have sent to him a signal  that  she  is ready  to date  him. i hope that the scheme would not backfired against them and she  quit her stint at Amanda`s office earlier than thought.  

08:57 PM Jun 25 2013 |




I think to sabotage the contest it’s not really good. sure if Greta know about this, she ‘ll be sad. although Lily’s relieved hear this. just let Greta be have fun with her date. I think jeff were crush with Greta, he should said it to greta and be honest. sure Greta ‘ll try to understand you well. and maybe Greta ‘ll give you chance for that :)

No, I never do throw a wrench in the works of a plan

02:17 PM Jun 25 2013 |

1 person likes this


United States

Would you send yourself to space ? 


01:57 PM Jun 25 2013 |




If I were in Jeff’s shoes, I would not try to throw a wrench in Greta’s dating plans but instead, take hearts to go and speak to her honestly. I would pour my heart out to her and express my feelings bravely. Even if I were rejected, I would feel happy that I gave it a shot. Nothing is worse than hiding feelings, and living with regrets. Just take up all your courage and go talk to her, Jeff! But keep the possibility of being rejected in one corner of your mind, and whatever happens, move on. There are millions of women all over the world and I am sure your soulmate will just show up soon and you will live happily ever after. :)

01:04 PM Jun 25 2013 |



Saudi Arabia

I agree with dreadslayer
Very interesting lesson

09:25 AM Jun 25 2013 |

1 person likes this



Mason if you wanna concrete solution about this throwing a wrench all you have to ask her out :)) . so she wouldnt date anyone else :) .if she rejects you .there wouldnt be anything to care about this girl.Just let it go.Life goes on :) .

i think you’ll need another internship(female) after Lily leaves.

07:44 AM Jun 25 2013 |



If necessary,I would like to throw a wrench in the works and help friends to chase after their lover.

06:36 AM Jun 25 2013 |


South Korea

As long as it works for all the happiness, to throw a wrench in the works of another’s  plan is no matter to me. However, if it makes harm to others seriously like 911 terrors, kidnaps, and criminals. We have to fight against it. I collaborate with many business partners in here. Some people were underreporting regarding a business performance results to get more black benefits. In this case, I usually make our staff audit them immediately in details. After an audit, many of them regretted to lose their business opportunities. In brief, it  seems to be successful in early time, but it will be failed with big tragedy after all.  

01:32 AM Jun 25 2013 |

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