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rise above

rise above

Date: Oct 10 2013


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“I have to rise above that.”
- Miss America Nina Davuluri, on receiving racist comments (Us Weekly)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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not be bothered by something, get over something, take the high road

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Has anyone ever tried to get into a fight with you? Maybe they call you bad names, or they insult you. Maybe they even try to get physical with you, or damage something you own. When you’re in that situation, you have two main choices: you can fight back and engage with the problem, or you can rise above it.

When you rise above a problem or confrontation, it’s as if you float up and leave the problem on the ground. You feel lighter than the people on the ground who are weighed down with all their problems. When you rise above something, you are able to move on to the next thing, because you are not getting too involved with a problem that could drag you down.

Nina Davuluri is the first Indian-American woman to win the Miss America beauty pageant. Unfortunately, some people made racist comments toward her. She’s not going to engage with them and insult them back, though. She is going to rise above it.

Describe a time when you rose above a negative situation.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Sure, he insulted me, but I can rise above it. I won’t let it bother me.”

“I really wanted to rise above his stupid comments, but instead I punched him in the face.”

“She’s so good at rising above negative situations. It’s like she’s an angel.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

be smart enough, in order not to pay attention to stupid things
by silvermoonshine
Manu4 To overcome something negative.
by Manu4
cubi1604 Get over it
by cubi1604
overcome-don't let things affect you because you're mentally strong
by korhansaresimge
"Rise above that" - is to be superior in a behaviour, or morally good enough in a difficult or unpleased situation. A person that can act like that, demonstrate to be balanced and intelligent.
by DanielBorges

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07:20 PM Oct 24 2015 |




06:03 AM Apr 10 2014 |




Rising above something or someone is the wisest choice . but in some sicituations is also the most difficult thing .

06:31 AM Oct 11 2013 |



rose above the little appetite for study when I was younger, in a time that my results were really poor. I always try not to be influenced by negative thoughts or behaviors. 

Reading this lesson I had remember a passage of a book, that I consider a good advice for life: “Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice; Take each man’s censure, but reserve thy judgment” Lord Polonius – in Hamlet, Shakespeare.

09:50 PM Oct 10 2013 |

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South Africa

over come situation that you in, do beyond the situation

09:10 PM Oct 10 2013 |

sabz ali khan


rise above hate

07:14 PM Oct 10 2013 |


Russian Federation

I don’t try to rise above situation. My purposes promt me to my response behaviours.

04:32 PM Oct 10 2013 |

Ya Nina


I suppose that it is rather difficult – can rise above something or someone. I think if you can rise above some confrontation, it’s mean that you are a kind, friendly, positive and very wise person. You have to agree that it isn’t the easy task. For example, I try to be a such person, but a quite often I can’t stop myself and involve into a discussion or quarrel. I do it because I want to explain or approve my opponent that s/he isn’t right.
However, I try to avoid the such cases, because when you become older, you have to become wiser and after a number of years I prefer to communicate with such people who have similar view point on our world, relationships between people and I prefer not to waste my time and nervous for the confrontation with unpleasant people to me. I would like to rise above it:)

04:19 PM Oct 10 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

rising above has an equivalent in persion جواب ابلهان خاموشی است!1

04:01 PM Oct 10 2013 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

It sometimes happen also to me to be bothered by people but I often rise above their bad behavior just to don’t create talks. It’s kind of when someone is insulting you, and you don’t wanna reply them just, I can also say just shrug it off, cos if you keep arguing with them it won’t take an end, just rise above it.

11:32 AM Oct 10 2013 |




I  accept that it is preferable  to ignore  nasty remarks  from people that we hardly know, but sometimes the” target ” of those words  may not be in the mood to  brush them off  and  start  an useless confrontation , that lately , with a more cold mind would regret. 

10:52 AM Oct 10 2013 |



Cote D'Ivoire


          I‘m one of the important person of my classmate not ‘cause I’m clever but ‘cause I’m the delegate of my group. Sometimes, they gamble like children the only thing which make them think I’m feared is that I rise above their stupidity. Of course, I rise above many things. So I don’t careless of what they’re doing or saying

09:08 AM Oct 10 2013 |

1 person likes this




Rising above is the only way to go ahead when one meets some problem.Waiting and standing is stupid.

07:35 AM Oct 10 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

people can believe what they want i dont care about them , i just rise above , cuz only stupid guys care about stupid things haha :P

07:22 AM Oct 10 2013 |

2 people like this



Russian Federation

The meaning is quite clear, nevertheless the manner of explanation hereinabove hints me to consider rising above it to be a specific way of abandoning and running away from the problem, which is not really praiseworthy. However, rising above is like acknowledging that the problem exists, though clear realizing its disgusting features and admitting it not to even deserve an instant of your attention and worry. That is what make you spiritually higher than your offender.

07:06 AM Oct 10 2013 |

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