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Date: Dec 03 2013

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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If you’ve ever played team sports, you know that you have to interact with a lot of people. There are all of your teammates, and there’s the team that you’re competing against. When everyone is on the field it can be kind of crowded, so you have to work at communicating with a lot of people at the same time.

When it comes to dating, some people prefer to meet a lot of people at once. They don’t want to settle down right away. Instead, they like to play the field and communicate with a lot of dates at the same time. For them, it’s better to stay active and keep moving.

Read on to find out who wants to play the field in this English lesson about dating.

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Mason:  Hey, Jeff! You got a special package here. Looks like it’s from Greta.

Lily:  Oh, so romantic!

Jeff:  Come on, you guys. Seriously!

Marni:  What do you think it is?

Jeff:  Well, I did send her a pretty special care package last week with something that I really cared about. I would imagine that she sent me something equally important. Don’t you think?

Mason:  Oh, look! It’s a teddy bear. It’s so cute!

Lily:  Do you think it was hers when she was a kid or something?

Jeff:  Yeah, this is actually what I just sent her. This is mine. She sent it back.

Lily:  Oh. Is there a note?

Jeff:  As a matter of fact there is. I can’t wait to read this one. “Dear Jeff, It was good to hear from you on set. It’s very sweet to know that you miss me. It was really cute that you sent me your childhood teddy bear, but I’m going to have to return it to you. I can’t accept it. You know that I just recently started dating, and I can’t get serious with just one person. I need to play the field for a while. I’m sorry. Fondly, Greta.”

Mason:  Fondly? Ouch.

Lily:  That’s so odd. I would never think of Greta as one to play the field. I mean, it seems like she would just go ahead and settle down.

Jeff:  Yeah, me too.

Lily:  What are you doing?

Jeff:  I’m updating my AmericanDreamD8.com profile.

Mason:  Do you think that’s such a good idea right now, buddy?

Jeff:  Well, if Greta’s going to play the field, then I can play the field, too. OK?


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Jeff has received a package from Greta, and everyone’s dying to know what’s inside. He recently mailed his childhood teddy bear to her at her movie set, and it was such a sweet gift that his friends are sure that Greta sent something special to Jeff in return. But when Jeff opens the box, he finds his teddy bear inside. She mailed it back!

Greta tells Jeff in a letter that she thought his care package was very cute, but she’s not ready to date only one person. Greta wants the freedom to go out with whoever she wants and she’s not ready to be serious with Jeff. His reaction surprises his friends: Jeff goes to work on his online dating profile so he can meet someone new.

Was sending Jeff his teddy bear and a letter a kind way to end a relationship with him? Do you think people should start dating again right after a break-up?



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It looks like that there is a misconception between Jeff and Greta on dating subject or even worse it had happen a misunderstanding with their friendly relationship over a period of time. Greta needs to say his idea. In fact i think she can say her opinion in a very better way than what she did. Rejecting a gift is not a good respond, i afraid. In my view point all girls must learn to how break up with legitimate reasons include in Greta. It would be pretty good for both of them if Greta accept the gift and after a while by the use of tact activities convince Jeff about their lovely behaviors. by the means of this not only she will achieve her purpose but also she will not hurt Jeff’s feeling. I suppose people must respect to people’s sentiments in order to themselves be deserved of esteem. Of course i’m totally disagreeing with play the field with some people. i strongly believe that if my last dating is important to me and my gf we both will never date with sb else right after break-up.

02:56 PM Dec 15 2013 |

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Well, I think Jeff can think twice before send Greta the care package. Maybe he didn’t noticed that Greta was not so into him and she still wanted to play the field. Dating immediately after break-up can balance him a little bit, yet, the important thing is to find the true love in his life. 

02:43 AM Dec 15 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

well they still can be together as friends and lose themselves to achieve some better chances and in my opinion it’s nt good to start a new relashinship rite away after a break up coz sometimes they get angry n didnt expect from eachother to refuse his date so they start a new relationship just to stir eachother up and get angry.

03:21 PM Dec 08 2013 |

Jordana Brasileira


Yes, I think it was a way to end evertything with him. No, I don’t think so. After a break-up, people should stay alone for a while, to think what they really want for life, recover and prepare themselves to the next relationship be better than the last one.

08:05 PM Dec 07 2013 |





08:50 PM Dec 05 2013 |



Depend on individuals.

12:57 PM Dec 04 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

No absolutely not!It’s the worse way to ending up a relationship.

I think starting a date ri after a break-up is a good remedy but sometimes people only need to settle down and think seriously about their future.

08:08 AM Dec 04 2013 |




Wow,how could Greta do that? She just made me sick!

I think it’s not a kind way to send back Jeff’s teddy bear then end a relationship. I am so sorry for Jeff.That’s so hurt.

If Jef wanna fight back by playing the field.That’s not sensible. If you stay with the people you don’t love her,you finally regret. So think twice before action. 

Life is short. We should find a way to live happily and settle down with your true love. :)

03:03 AM Dec 04 2013 |

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I think,that after any break-up the person who was domped has to take some rest and heal up the feelings about everything.

If I were Jeff,I would´n send anything as a care package to my ex.Just why? to stir the pain soup?

and some of us play the field all the time…so the rest of us should keep the eyes open wide to protect against them to break our hearts…

But in the end everyone of us one day will settle down…....but some in pleasant company and another in uunpleasant company….

03:47 PM Dec 03 2013 |

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It’s really difficult problem when it comes to dating others. Everyone would get hurt right after he or she was dumped by their lovers.
In my opinion, we should consider the feeling of our lovers to dump as much as possible.
And I can’t get recovered from break-up so early :(
I’ve gotta take some rest before starting a new relationship :p

03:08 PM Dec 03 2013 |

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Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

The way greta has acted is not good because it’s totally impossible for people to start dating after a break-up.

You can play the field as you need, it’s on the other hand good because you’ll be able to figure out some values or behaviors that were hidden behind wives or husbands.

for girls it’s quite impossible to play the field !!!

But one has got to take into account the facts that AIDS exists ! You’ll miss your  youth !!!

02:09 PM Dec 03 2013 |




Jeff’s reaction is on the spur of the moment. He is obviously hurt and going online looking for somebody to make up for him  having been dumped by Greta  can only be a temporary solution, let’s wait until Greta shows up again into his life. Getting over a break up is not easy. Nowadays in my country we have gender violence at a rate unheard of.

12:46 PM Dec 03 2013 |




Obviously, Greta is not going to start a relationship with Jeff. in my opinion, what Jeff has done is totally right. sounds odd, but that’s really my point of view. because if he  play the field, he will date with a lot of females. there always someone would like start a relationship with him, and go ahead, then settle down.

12:04 PM Dec 03 2013 |



People have choices. Maybe for some people, they just like to have fun and don’t want to take any responsibility. They may enjoy free feelings, or believe that people kiss a lot frogs before they meet a real prince. But for me, I think people playing the field shouldn’t hurt others who are serious about the relationship. People had better make sure their dating person have the same attitude with their relationship before getting hurt.

09:56 AM Dec 03 2013 |

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omar saidi

omar saidi

Tanzania, United Republic Of

  Our aims of establishing the profile at the sourse of communication is to meet with a new people writing each others and sharing  of good ideas conserned with our daily life , but when 2 people meet them selves and writing every day and at the last found the have to play the fiel,,,,,,for my opinion they are out of the aim to this page .

    We always forgetfull , cause at first we can do some thing at the right way but at the end we do the mistake….


08:51 AM Dec 03 2013 |




i think it depends . some people think it’s better to start dating again right after a breat-up . maybe it’s cos they arent in love with the girl/boy completely . some people dont , like me . cos i cant forget someone i loved easily . so i cant start a new dating after a breake-up . it’s unfair for the next one .

Speaking of playing the field , Honestly, i hate playing the field very much . but i have some different point of view . sometimes , some people play the field . cos they arent sure which one they really like either . it seems that every one of them has their own glamour which can attract him/her . it’s just not enough . so they play the field and try to find the perfect one . or rather the one who is the most close to their ideal man/woman .

06:55 AM Dec 03 2013 |




Yes maybe, I am not sure, but the most important thing is that she is honest with him and I admire it in any relationship and about start dating right after a break-up I think people can do whatever makes them happy. It shows Jeff’s feeling wasn’t that strong about Greta.

03:24 AM Dec 03 2013 |

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it’s not a good way to send back Jeff’s teddy bear as an end.If Greta wanna to play the field,she should refuse jeff’s gift at the first time.She give jeff opptunity then break up with him is bad.

it’s right for one person start dating after find last one is not appropriate for him or her.

03:02 AM Dec 03 2013 |

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