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Learn English with this supermodels English lesson

Date: Sep 12 2018

Themes: Celebrity, Fashion

Grammar: Direct vs. Reported Speech


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The life of a supermodel seems glamorous. Supermodels earn thousands of dollars to walk down the runway in designer clothing and have their photos taken. They get to mingle with movie stars and famous athletes, and they get attention wherever they go. People put their clothes on them, style their hair and do their makeup. It’s probably the best job in the world.

Then again, there must be some supermodels who have lives a lot like ours. Just because you’re a supermodel doesn’t mean you don’t have a family and responsibilities. Being a supermodel doesn’t mean you don’t have laundry and dishes to wash, right? Still, it seems like an amazing profession. It certainly has its perks!

Read about Marni and Lily’s opinions on supermodels in this English lesson about a job some people dream of having.


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Marni:  These supermodels… they just make me sick!

Lily:  Why? They’re so pretty.

Marni:  Well, yes, they’re pretty, but my goodness. They foster bad self-esteem for young women, because they look up to these women that they can never possibly look like. Plus they get paid a ridiculous amount of money to look pretty.

Lily:  Well, yeah. I guess they are basically glorified clothing hangers, but come on. Haven’t we all watched “America’s Next Top Model”? It’s the best thing ever! It’s so fun to just see how these people interact with each other. I don’t know. It’s weirdly dramatic!

Marni:  OK. Yes, I’ve watched “America’s Next Top Model.” But I think there’s something really wrong with the fact that we glorify these women. I once read that a supermodel wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day.

Lily:  Wow. Well, I guess she must have been really in demand then.

Marni:  Well, sure. She was famous. She was beautiful. What’s going on in society when we’re paying women to look beautiful, and teachers, for example, make $30,000 a year? $40,000 a year?

Lily:  I guess everybody has to have a specific profession, and some people just do it by looking pretty! And people take pictures of them.

Marni:  Sometimes they’re looking emaciated, though. That’s a whole other conversation.


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Marni and Lily disagree about the lives of supermodels. Marni is upset because she feels that supermodels give young girls problems with their self-esteem. She thinks that supermodels are paid too much money and they’re too thin. In fact, Marni feels that teachers should earn much more than models do.

Lily finds supermodels’ lives both interesting and entertaining. She watches the TV show “America’s Next Top Model” and understands why people are willing to pay models a lot of money. Plus, Lily thinks supermodels are pretty. Of course they’re paid to have photos taken of them!

Do you think models should be paid as much as they are? Do supermodels make it hard for young girls to be happy with how they look?



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I have just seen supermodel in tv shows.

And they are  so attractive  there glorify looks attract everyone attention.

Many of people trying to be like them.

But it was so expensive and not much real.

People trying to copy their every style. 

Having  big make up on face and  changed diet  style can affect there health as well.

And if I take it personal 

I want to get marry a girl who don’t need make up to look  pretty  because my choice  not require any fake buty

02:03 PM Sep 13 2018 |

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Sometimes i see supermodels are looking more beautiful without makeup and other comsmetics, but there are some supermodels if they wash their face they look very ugly , I dont know anyone agree with me or not .

Beautiful people looking perfect in normal i mean without bringing any changes to their face.

04:55 AM Sep 12 2018 |




Well, I think that everybody chooses what they want to do in their live.  Like the idiom goes…If life gives you lemons make lemonade.  So I think if you are born atractive and up to be a supermodel, go for it.  That’s what you are meant to be. 

02:58 AM Aug 05 2017 |



I like to be fit but I don’t like to be emaciated. 

11:35 PM Aug 04 2017 |

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johnSuper Member!

United States

Can I be a supermodel?

10:35 PM Jul 24 2015 |

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Syrian Arab Republic

Now a dayz,,any girl can be supermodel….

u can create a really cool hairstyle, great make up and get some fasion tips all from the net in just a few minutes,,, i.e. everyone knows how to look gorgeous and perfect now….

so,,i don’t think anything of supermodels. nothing special, they just have pictures taken of themselves….but i like that ..:)

04:15 PM Nov 24 2013 |



Russian Federation

I am absolutaly sure that supermodels give young girls problems with their self-esteem and teachers should earn much more than models because their job is more important and more difficult. 

01:57 PM Nov 24 2013 |




The beauty is visible to any age.

02:46 PM Nov 23 2013 |

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Certainly supermodels get a lot of attention, but should we blame them by  how are they glorified by youngters and not so young women  that  look up to these elite “clothing hangers”  as skinny role  models  of beauty  and elegance. For sure, we shouldn´t !!!. It`s  not their fault , in any case , it is the fault of our  culture  that  has changed  its values . I have known a model ,she was pritty  even without photoshop ,she confessed to me that  was unable to seat for a long time without starting to feel  a pain in her lower back ,all due a lack of  flesh tissues.  

01:56 PM Nov 23 2013 |




That is what they should get, they paid more before they become a supermodels.

12:37 PM Nov 23 2013 |




I think these super models worth to get the money. Before they succeed,they need to work hard and face lots of difficulites.

02:46 AM Nov 23 2013 |




    How much money these women amass is of little importance to me, to be honest. What I would like to know is how the fashion industry able to generate so much revenue while only targeting customers of a certain height and body frame? – But then you begin to understand why, when you look closely at the likely consumers of such market, you find that most of them are elite athletes, movie stars or anyone in their immediate entourage.  These folks, for the life of me… I don’t know why, are the trend-setters and what the majority of us have determined to be the benchmark for what  that is “attractive” should look like.

     Now, I will not go on a rave against these models, they are people who simply have found the opportunity to make a fortune with their figures, whether through surgical process or hard work. Modeling is their occupations and as long as they’re not stealing my hard-earned money doing it they can walk the polished-finish off these catwalks and be as thin as this piece of paper I’m holding : )I couldn’t care less. That said, I will not point the fingers at these women for these little girls’ low self-esteems, for all they know they’re only doing a job.  However, the media‘s version of “beautiful” it’s doing so well selling (and we’re so gullible for buying it) and the good job it’s doing educating our children for us because we’re so busy is why kids nowadays have a distorted perception of themselves.

   True, we cannot keep these young girls from being exposed to the media or peer pressure, but that should never be an excuse for parents to not being successfully able to impart some important values with them. For instance, you find out that your daughter is obsessed with a show like “America’s next top model” you could tell her “darling, the show is called next top model, but not the next most beautiful woman in the world, you” that simple sentence could make her feel better about herself. :D

Parents do your job! those models are doing theirs.

08:49 PM Nov 22 2013 |




just imagine u are a supermodel. just kidding. if some people pay a huge amount of money to u, of course u will think by yourself it’s your right. In my view it is definitely right bcz it’s her natural ability.it does not matter anybody else who wants to expend his money how. the point is if the supermodel just has a little memory as amount as frog has can donate  at least 1% for people whome live in miserable condition in poverty places. 



07:45 PM Nov 22 2013 |

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habiba 18

habiba 18


many of them are sooooo skinny that u can almost see their bones, i heard they eat tissues and paper when they feel hungry  !!!! O.o 

05:55 PM Nov 22 2013 |




They earn big amounts of money but their career are very short, so it’s not bad at all…

05:41 PM Nov 22 2013 |




Supermodels like Naomi Campbell,  Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and many more are being recognized across the board in fashion industry. Their fabulous looks can be seen from the covers of the famous and popular magazines like Vogue, they successfully performing in the runway shows, they dictate a global trend – it all definitely adds up into a whopping salary they’ve got. They “don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day.” But the world does want them! Their look, their glamorous style inspires! The world calls them “Supers”. They’re always at the forefront of worldwide celebrities

I see your picture everywhere
A million dollar derriere
And when you walked in to the room
You had everybody’s eyes on you, supermodel

03:34 PM Nov 22 2013 |




In my country, models are seen as starving people. Being too skinny is not something appreciated.

Models are paid to be like that . So it is easy for them to keep it that way.

It is their rights if they are paid much. But what really behind this arethe beauty companies. It is them which create this concept of beauty by economical motive.

01:38 PM Nov 22 2013 |




If models earn that money, it’s because someone pay for it! Everyone wants to look beauty, then people pay a lot for it! Luck of the models!!

12:24 PM Nov 22 2013 |

Youky Yeung


I watched an interview to a Chinese supormodels, know about more of her life, I think I’m agree with Lily in the dialogue, The models’ work mightbe a little hard, I mean before they are a supormodel, they must been work very hard, and oneday, when they become a supormodel, they should be paid with those money, honor…

10:00 AM Nov 22 2013 |


Hong Kong

The job of supermodel is made by rich people who could spend a lot of money on buying famous brand clothes. Supermodels are serving to these people, not to the poor. So, that’s why they get higher pay than many decent, meaningful jobs in the society.

For the second question. The problem is that young girls living nowadays are full of halluciation and over imitate to those who are rich.

02:34 AM Nov 22 2013 |

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