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Guilty Pleasures
Guilty Pleasures

Learn English with this treats English lesson

Date: Apr 11 2018

Themes: Hobbies, Time

Grammar: Count and Noncount Nouns


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Everyone has one. Maybe it’s eating ice cream when no one is looking. Perhaps it’s watching a soap opera when you get home from work. It could be playing video games after school. Whatever your guilty pleasure is, you’re not alone. We all have something in our lives that we like to see, do, eat or drink when we’re alone.

You might see your guilty pleasure as a weakness, but there’s no need to play it down. What’s wrong with eating a little chocolate or drinking an extra glass of wine? If doing it will put you in heaven after a tough day at work or in school, do it. The only person who is really paying attention is you.

Find out if Rafael and Marni share the same guilty pleasures in this English lesson about our private lives.


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Marni:  There was just this trashy reality show on TV, and I just had to turn it off because it was just so horrible. You never watch that kind of stuff, right?

Rafael:  To be honest with you, I do that kind of stuff all the time.

Marni:  What?

Rafael:  And not only TV, I eat chips while I watch TV.

Marni:  I guess you have some weakness for some reality television and junk food.

Rafael:  I’m not exaggerating. I don’t want to play it down. I do have lots of issues with guilty pleasures.

Marni:  Really? Man, I just try to be productive with my life, and I feel like all of that stuff is just a waste of time. But I have to admit, I’m sort of intrigued. What other guilty pleasures do you have?

Rafael:  It’s definitely not a waste of time when you have some really cheesy chips in front of you and you’re enjoying every minute of it. You feel like you’re just in heaven.

Marni:  It kind of does sound good.

Rafael:  Nachos are one of my weaknesses. Can I share some with you?

Marni:  Uh, yes. But you’re not going to blackmail me, are you?

Rafael:  You might regret it, but you won’t regret it while it’s happening.

Marni:  I can be productive after that.


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Rafael enjoys his guilty pleasures, and he’s not embarrassed about it. He watches trashy TV while eating cheesy chips, and it simply makes him feel good. Nachos, in particular, are a favorite treat for Rafael.

On the other hand, Marni thinks that enjoying guilty pleasures is a total waste of time. She wants to spend her time being productive, not sitting in front of a television. But when Rafael offers nachos to Marni, she starts to feel differently. Nachos sound pretty good. Will she change her mind for a plate of chips and cheese?

What are your guilty pleasures? Do your friends know, or do you only enjoy them in private?



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I do binge-watch dramas, eat junk food, and play with my phone all day. I feel guilty when doing them. I feel they are a waste of time.

07:37 AM Apr 17 2018 |



United States

One of my guilty pleasures is playing a 2-player-cooperate action video game with a favorite friend while enjoying good ice coffee.

05:56 PM Apr 13 2018 |



well, trashy TV and junk food are my guilty pleasure as well. besides, I have taken my child’s food, her snack after she wento to school. the snack is good and tasty. I have to say. 

05:33 AM Apr 11 2018 |

hofpilsSuper Member!


I had a problem to understand as well. The speaker were too fast.

04:43 AM Apr 11 2018 |



My guilty pleasure is eating sweets even though I know they’re unhealthy and fattening

01:04 PM Feb 16 2014 |




Guilty pleasure? Thinking of her while u r playing with yourself.

09:25 AM Feb 06 2014 |




I had problems with the audio in this lesson. I had to equalize it myself in order to have it a little bit more understandable. I know that the lessons from Ebaby are developed to be the most realistic possible in order to push you and improve your skills, but I think they could be a little more careful on this records.

About guilty pleasures, I have plenty of them. But nothing that could cause any harm to anyone, fortunately. 

01:56 PM Jan 22 2014 |



my guilty pleasures is dancing when i’m alone or singing lol and eating while watching tv i really have fun in that hahaha :D

07:53 PM Jan 18 2014 |




Watching porn is my guilty pleasure.

08:26 AM Jan 15 2014 |



I think my guilty pleasure is to eat green mangos with salt.  I love it.  

I wait for December and mangos here in my country.  I go to the store and buy mangos.


09:00 PM Jan 14 2014 |




Guilty pleasures?!?! Wow, I have a lot! Sometimes there are no problems in keeping them, but this is not my case.

While I was an intern at the court house, I was used to go to the gym, play basketball, go swimming and all. I was always trying hard and giving my best to be in a good shape and in a good mood. People even called me a health nut!

When I left the job, however, I couldn’t find a reason to go ahead with this. That was when I began to give in to my guilty pleasures: junk food. I can’t spend a day without eating a whole bag of jelly candies, chocolate and chips. Sometimes I have to do it on the quite, so that my mom doesn’t catch me. I’m not a fat guy, but I do have some love handles now. I lost my shape…

They can be good or bad… It only depends on how often you’re going to use them… 

12:15 PM Jan 13 2014 |




Guilty pleasures. OOOO. Let me think. emmm. NEVER MIND.

08:08 AM Jan 13 2014 |



Saudi Arabia

My gulity pleasture is that i like to record my voice on the phone when i am alone and hear how wonderful my voice is.
If there is any mistake, please advise.

01:18 AM Jan 13 2014 |




Masturbating, definitely masturbating.

11:10 PM Jan 12 2014 |



Saudi Arabia

my guilty pleasure is eating meal in a sauce pan or the untensil in which it 

is cooked and i also unintentionally talk to myself and it is embarrassment.

10:12 PM Jan 12 2014 |



My guilty pleasure is same as Rafael has. I like watching entertainment shows and just eating.

05:06 PM Jan 12 2014 |




i also have my guilty pleasures as everybody… and one of them is singing loudly when i am alone…i like it and that’s why don’t want to reduce it….)))

10:46 AM Jan 11 2014 |




Rafael if i am not wrong is picturing himself as a tipical couch potato ,he likes all the time watch numbing  reality shows and indulging in junk food at the  same time. To his credit, he is honest that this   kind of stuff  is ok with him  and don´t have a necessity to take a guilty  trip afterwards.  I usually smokes , while  on the contrary , my friends are  non-smokers  so i prefer  not to lit up a cigarette in front of them so as not to be label as  a weak  guy incapable of  controlling an addiction. :)))) One guilty pleasure that i must confess is after i have eaten a chocolate i make sure to wipe  out from my mouth all traces  of it so as   nobody could think that  i was so selfish as not to pass around  a chunk of the chocolate .

04:59 PM Jan 10 2014 |


amrskenawySuper Member!


I think that all people have some guilty pleasures in their own life but only the cleaver one who can resist his guilty pleasures and try to reduce it.

03:19 PM Jan 10 2014 |




a2020 whats the relationship beween Dating and being Muslim?? i think these kind of stuffs is personal and doesnt relate to religion

03:01 PM Jan 10 2014 |

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