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put your foot down

put your foot down

Date: Jan 16 2014

Themes: Celebrity


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“I think this industry can be tough on everyone.You have to surround yourself with supportive people and know when to put your foot down and do what’s best for you and your family.”

Singer Rebecca Ferguson, talking about how women are treated in the music industry (Marie Claire)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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insist; be firm

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Have you ever tried standing on one leg? You feel pretty wobbly, and if you’re not careful, you might fall down. To make sure you continue standing, you’ll probably need to put your foot down. When you put your foot down, you stand firmly. You have better balance, and you won’t topple over.

You can also put your foot down figuratively. It means you insist on something. You’re absolutely firm in making a statement or decision. For example, a mom might put her foot down that her kids go to bed at exactly 8 o’clock. A doctor might put his foot down and tell a patient with poor health to stop smoking or drinking alcohol.

Singer Rebecca Ferguson knows that it’s important for her to take care of her family. She puts her foot down when people try to take away her time with her kids. She insists that her family comes first, and she’s not going to change her position.

Have you ever put your foot down? What is so important to you that you’ll never change your opinion about it?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I am putting my foot down. No more drug use in this house.”

“The teacher put her foot down and failed all the students who cheated on the exam.”

“We really wanted a pet when we were kids, but our dad put his foot down: no animals in the house!”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

a2020 to be strong in the situation.
by a2020
sukyta be assertive
by sukyta
 julito to assert something in a strong way.
by julito

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All the people want to make their families good and eductaed in the community. Without the resumesplanet reviews we cannot able to make their life successful in our life.

07:01 PM Feb 07 2016 |




I was handling with a specialized software named USIM PACK (some kind of designing type) for the last  2 months but i don’t recognize why but it put its foot down to don’t work properly. On the other hand I put my foot down to beat it bcz i need it. 

Sometimes sb put his/her foot down to accomplish one special thing but as there are a lot of diverse uncontrolled issues maybe he/she could not perfectly able to tackle it. But in these specific cases I strongly believe that the important thing is that sb does his/her best no matter what will gonna be happen. 


06:01 AM Jan 20 2014 |




the last year I put my foot down and I stoped totally chewing Khat ,and that makes a big change in my life-style and I’m not ganna back to that damn tree never ever again.

I did not put my foot down and stop smoking haha . I just quit it before a month ago ..
the point is .I putting my foot down the right way,_

12:23 PM Jan 19 2014 |

*butterfly wings*

Saudi Arabia

I have always been nice to my coworkrs and hlepful with their works.Actually, i found out that they have been using me this whole time and when i put my foot down and refused to do the work they are supposed to do. They just turned aginst me.I got to admit that i had such a horrible experience working with some mean people in that school.

2 years ago, i managed to work in a different school . It is a more comfortable work environment that appreciates your work. I am truely blessed to work in such a place. :)

08:06 PM Jan 18 2014 |

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Family is most important 

01:08 PM Jan 18 2014 |

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I have just came across a friend and on asking how he  was doing  as i was aware that something wrong was with him, he told me that  he was frustrated because his employer denied him a raise in his salary , in spite that for a long time  he has been working  without receiving any compensation  related to cost- of- living index. I told him that his employer won´t do that unless he put his foot down   that he is going to quit   otherwise.



i put my foot down on being always brilliant in my studies .keeep my friends that i love so much especially the closest one to me HASSNA

02:24 PM Jan 16 2014 |



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

From this lesson I just wanna ask a simple question, that’s the following:

Why do girls put their feet down when boys ask ‘em for sex ?

01:51 PM Jan 16 2014 |



I might put my foot down on learning English starting from today because of my examination is around the corner .

01:03 PM Jan 16 2014 |




I think we all have “enemies” or people that we’re not so much into… I’m no different!

The problem is that some of them are my parents’ friends, and I can’t even imagine having to put them up in where I live. I know the house is not mine, but my parents’.

However, I hate them so much that when they send a message saying that they’re going to stay here, I put my foot down and tell my parents: “_You’ll have to make your decision! It’s them or me!” I know it sounds a little childish and maybe like cheating (in fact it is, I know), but that’s the only way to keep them away from me… Lmfao



United States

sometimes we have to pit our feet down to prove some other people that we deserve something or that our opinion matters

07:20 AM Jan 16 2014 |



putting forth as if he or she were a tortoise.

03:51 AM Jan 16 2014 |



It is very vital to oneself,one way to cut off unhealthy doing and guide the healthy ones for better.

03:02 AM Jan 16 2014 |

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I heard today this phrase just straight from the horse’s mouth and I got it right! So right away I gave the benefit of the doubt how useful the lessons of English, baby are. I just want to add  many phrases from the lessons are being heard from the natives. And it’s amazing! You feel more confident recognizing them. Thank you very much!

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