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get off one's chest

get off one's chest

Date: Feb 13 2014

Themes: Celebrity


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“There are some things that I understand, certain things that I don’t understand, certain things that I like to get off my chest in interviews, certain things that I want to talk about.”
Pop star Kanye West, discussing his family (MTV)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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tell a secret; talk about a subject that a person has been thinking about a lot

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Imagine that you are trapped under a tree branch, a big rock, or even a heavy box. It’s on top of you, and you probably feel like you can’t breathe very well. If you’re strong enough, maybe you can use both hands to get the object off your chest. If you can’t do it yourself, you might need someone else to get it off your chest. No matter what happens, though, you won’t feel free until the object is gone, until you get it off your chest.

Sometimes people feel like an idea is trapping them. It’s not a real object, like a tree, but it’s a thought or a problem. Like a heavy object, an idea can cause a person pain as long as it’s trapped inside. When that person finally tells someone else about the problem, he gets it off his chest.

A girl might realize she needs to break up with her boyfriend, so she gets it off her chest by telling him. A boss might be frustrated with a lazy employee, so he gets it off his chest by firing him. Maybe a girl found out her mom is sick, and she gets it off her chest by calling her best friend. Whenever people need to talk about something, they won’t feel right until they get it off their chest.

Pop star Kayne West gets asked a lot of questions about his family. He wants to answer some of those questions, but he doesn’t want to talk about other things. When he has something important to tell a reporter, he makes sure to get it off his chest right away. He’ll tell his fans what he wants them to know, so that hidden information doesn’t bother him.

Have you ever needed to get something off your chest? Who do you usually talk to when you have a problem?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I have to get something off my chest: I’m pregnant!”

“Marie apologized to her mother so she could finally get the broken vase off her chest.”

“Every time I talk to my best friend, I know I can get everything off my chest.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

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I am not enough sure about this but have heard many times of  free Tunes code at many website that can give you music and videos for true reasons.As the gift cards are going to affect your pocket a lot so here is the generator for you.

02:17 PM May 09 2016 |



I have heard this sentence many time in my life. I also searched the custom essay writing papers to find its answer. I am glad that I have finally got the answer here on your site.

11:19 AM Feb 13 2016 |



I really don’t share my personal feelings or thoughts with anyone.  Specially when I am in the middle of a hard situation.  I would probably talk to my sister after everything is solved.

To get something off my chest I prefer to pray.

08:13 PM Feb 20 2014 |




This is very useful. Sometimes I have tried to find a phrase that describes exactly what I’m feeling when sth is worrying me for a long time and need to tell it to someone.

03:40 PM Feb 14 2014 |

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South Korea

I usually talk with my sister. I get it off some negative ideas, hard things by tellking her. I also like to get it off with my friends, but sometimes I am afraid of that they might not understand me in a certain situation. 

05:41 AM Feb 14 2014 |

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If I have a secret thing, like a personal information, I’ll not get it off my chest by talking about anyone. But depending on of the situation, for example those happens in my daily routine, I must to get it off my chest, So, I normally analyze the thing before tell it.

10:28 PM Feb 13 2014 |




I don’t know if I can say ” I get it off my stomach ” instead …”off my chest” ..does it mean the same? We often say ” Oh, let me get it off my stomach” !! but , I believe the best thing is to be free of any ” virtual”  heavy thing from our body as soon is possible. 

09:30 PM Feb 13 2014 |



Serbia and Montenegro

Uff, I think this lesson made all of us to look into our soul and remind us of all what lies down there, hidden from others but also from ourselves, in a way. I’m also extrovert person, very sociable, but despite of that it’s very hard for me to open my soul just as easily. I’m aware that I would feel much better if I get it off my chest, if I share that with friends of family but..I don’t know. First of all, I don’t like to bother anybody with my personal things, because, each has its problems… Or I thought in that way until recently…
Now, I’m very lucky person because I have one very special person in my life I can always entrust all my fears and ideas, wheather they are positive or not … and that person will always listen to me and give me the best possible advice… And I have to admit that it’s a great relief…
Life is hard enough and we don’t need to re-aggravate it.
I believe that we should be open-hearted :), honestly .. Problems should be solved on the fly, rather than suppress them… And everything will be al right! :)

02:01 PM Feb 13 2014 |




I think secrets have weights the more we keep it’ll be harder keep moving. All in all, I’m so slower, too. In my idea if i spill out my secrets they’ll not hidden anymore. 

Aside of a few rare special items, i really prefer to don’t get any private thing off my chest bcz they are completely belong to myself and none of other’s business. Certainly during my life sometimes i’ve needed just a shoulder to cry on but i’ve decided to have the weight of the world on my shoulder and pull through difficulties to get off the hook somehow in order to be myself forever.

Oh man!!This lesson left a bad taste on my taste i don’t want to proceed, anymore. 

10:59 AM Feb 13 2014 |

munisa alimatova


if i say true, i won’t get off my chest, unfortunatly. when i nervous i can get off my chest only my parents or siblings, sometimes to my one close friend as well. but i don’t like tell my secret to friend…

05:45 AM Feb 13 2014 |

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The thing that we do not understand phylogeny. It is not a defect. But the drawback is that every time the mis-thing.

03:26 AM Feb 13 2014 |




I’m not an extravert,so i will get somethings off my chest to my mom or my best friends that depended on things.I would keep most of thoughts to myself or write it down as a outlet.

02:17 AM Feb 13 2014 |




It’s not with everybody that I get things off my chest. It’s actually pretty hard to draw me out… I mean, I’m an outgoing guy and all, but when it comes to my personal things, I just try to keep them to myself. I don’t like to bother anybody with that stuff, unless the person is REALLY willing to hear me. I’ll never ask though.

05:11 PM Feb 12 2014 |

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