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Learn English with this yearbooks English lesson

Date: May 01 2018

Themes: Friend, School

Grammar: There, Their & They're


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What’s the most embarrassing thing that you have ever done? Most of us have many stories of silly things that we’ve said or done. But if other people know these stories, too, or maybe even have pictures from the experiences, our embarrassing moments might turn into blackmail material.

Yearbooks are tangible reminders of childhood that people keep on their bookshelves long after they have graduated from high school. Because teenagers are usually awkward, it’s entertaining to look back at how you dressed and wore your hair when you were much younger. It’s also fun to remember the sports you played and the activities you did with old friends.

Jeff just found an old yearbook. How does Gary react? Find out in this English lesson about memories.


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Jeff:  I was just cleaning out some stuff in my house, and I found an old yearbook.

Gary:  No. Oh my goodness.

Jeff:  Man, the photos in there!

Gary:  They’re so embarrassing!

Jeff:  Blackmail material, dude.

Gary:  Did anyone ever use any against you?

Jeff:  Who knows? I hope not, but talk about a walk down memory lane. I do like them, though. I mean, they’re funny.

Gary:  I just don’t see the point. If I wanted to be friends with my old classmates, then I’ll be friends with them. 90% of my old classmates… I don’t even know what their actual last names are now because so many of them are married.

Jeff:  It’s a tangible thing. It smells like the end of the school year that you got it.

Gary:  Do I need a reminder of how awkward I was as a teenager, though? I mean, really? Do I need to know that someone threw a pie in my face in school and got a photo of it and put it in the yearbook?

Jeff:  You know what, maybe you do.


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Jeff shows Gary an old yearbook he found while cleaning his house. Gary thinks that yearbook pictures are totally embarrassing. Jeff agrees that silly pictures could be used as blackmail material, but he thinks they’re funny.

It seems like Gary doesn’t like yearbooks as much as Jeff. He says he doesn’t care about the old classmates he doesn’t talk to anymore. In fact, he doesn’t even know many of their last names!

Jeff tries to convince Gary that yearbooks are a good reminder of the past, but Gary doesn’t see the point. He doesn’t want to be reminded of how awkward he was as a teenager or the embarrassing experiences he had in school.

Do you have any yearbooks from your school? What kinds of pictures do you think are funny, and which ones are embarrassing?



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Russian Federation

I have some yearbooks and I sometimes like to walk down memory lane. I see my children, young myself and remember that perfect moments…

08:52 AM May 04 2018 |




Here in Brazil we dont have yearbooks, but Id love to see my pictures from when i was a child in highschool or teenager, that would be embarassing but i still wonder how i looked like…

09:32 PM Jul 08 2014 |



i like to look through my yearbook and walk down memory lane. Agree with u, guys, it’s so exciting to return to the past. And sad at the same moment; as for me i don’t wanna become an adult and when i look at my old photoes where i was much younger, i think like “omg, the time is running. Please, stop!”

11:40 AM May 25 2014 |




I am Omar Zayed want from Jordan

02:09 PM May 10 2014 |




i do not have a certain yearbook but have many many photoes some of them arent mine … theyre captured by my friends in theire photo gallery and whenever we are getting together we sit around photos and look at them… but my parent have a big yearbook which contains the photoes of each member of our family we look at them and realize that wow many years we have left behind and cool occastions have been occured in these years

03:07 PM May 08 2014 |

1 person likes this




I don’t have yearbooks from school.I felt lucky without it.I got many embrassed in school.Being stupid in school is terrible.But i do have lots of photoes at home.

12:21 PM May 08 2014 |

2 people like this


Viet Nam


03:57 AM May 08 2014 |




I don’t know where my yearbooks are now. We don’t have a permanent place to stay so sometimes when we move to a different place stuff get missing. I like it better though if I still had them.

12:30 AM May 08 2014 |

1 person likes this



 I lost a lot of photos but  I think have had some of them was really  fun.

09:05 PM May 07 2014 |

2 people like this



I don’t have any yearbooks but i have  a lot of photos on my computer about me when I was a teenager.

Sometimes i look these photos and I walk down memory lane, it is funny and in some cases is embarrassing because now I’m different. For example now I’m more elegant and normal, in my teens I wasn’t elegant in dress. 

02:21 PM May 07 2014 |

becirickySuper Member!

South Korea

I’ve regreted not to keep it until now. When i moved my house to another place,i see the yearbook and think of necessarity. Does anyday will be needed these things so that i decided to throw it away.. and I did. But I am now father and want to show my youth years to my son so i can compare my youth to youth of my son.It is going to be fun of us if i didnt do it. Anyway I have still time to recover the things that i’ve done it. and now we have a facebook or others which can save the photos till my son grow enough to see it.  

12:53 PM May 07 2014 |




I don’t have a yearbook, just some phots my class and of course many photos of my best friends. I like seeing them. It is really tangible think of our past. I guess it good to see how cute and little we are. The clothes we worn are a bit funny but not awkward. What’s more I also think that these photos worth much more than photos todays, when most of us take a photos every minute and share them with everyone even those people who don’t know us. Don’t mention the photos which are photoshoped,they really worth nothing.

But I also think that the most valuable photos are taken in our memory. :-)

08:31 AM May 07 2014 |

1 person likes this



Russian Federation

I don`t like to remember the past, i live in the presence and think of the future because you`ll regret in any case about something that never comes back or something wrong you did.

05:35 AM May 07 2014 |

2 people like this




I don’t have that kind of “yearbooks”. But when gradulated from primary school,middle school,senior high school or university,we usually made an album filled with lovely photos taken with classmates.:) I don’t think that will be awkward or blackmail materials. They are part of our good memories..

I have an idea,if I could choose my family photos from the past to recently and put them into making the calender.That will be so so great. :)))

02:49 AM May 07 2014 |




The yearbooks remined me my parents’ youthful days and mine childhood days,coz our family also has a big yearbooks, and the photoes in all about our the wonderful past.It is very sweet and exciting when we look back one day.

01:39 AM May 07 2014 |



I don’t have yearbooks.I have just pictures my graduation. Is very funny because I had 16 years , and I was very slim 

01:16 AM May 07 2014 |

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