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Keep One's Cool
Keep One's Cool English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this relaxation English lesson

Date: May 13 2014

Themes: Friend, Health, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Imperative Form


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When it’s really hot outside, it’s hard to want to do anything. You don’t want to exercise. You definitely don’t want to cook. You might not even want to talk! All you want is a cold drink and a fan to blow air in your face. You will do anything to stay cool. If you feel cool, you may get something done.

If a person is trying to keep his cool, he’s doing what needs to be done to stay calm and focused. He may not be dealing with a hot day, though. It might be a stressful job interview, a crying baby, or an angry co-worker. If he’s keeping his cool, he’s working to stay relaxed in any kind of situation.

People learn to keep their cool in different ways. Some slowly count to ten, some breathe slowly, and some tell themselves that everything’s going to be OK. What works for one person might not work for another. But everyone can do it!

Why is Rafael trying to keep his cool? Learn more in today’s English lesson about staying relaxed.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.











Lily:  Hey, Rafa!

Rafael:  Hey, guys. I’m so glad you could make it.

Jeff:  Yeah, man. We wouldn’t miss your first pro yoga class.

Rafael:  Coming from you, that means a lot.

Marni:  How are you holding up?

Rafael:  I’m OK. I’m really just trying to focus on keeping my cool.

Jeff:  Really? Why’s that?

Rafael:  Well, you know. First day. Got the jitters. Anyway, why don’t we get started?

Marni:  Don’t worry. You’re going to be great.

Rafael:  Welcome, everybody. I’m Rafael. First, is this anybody’s first time doing a yoga class? OK. Well, don’t worry about it. Just find yourself in a comfortable position and let me set the tone for you.

I am so, so sorry, everybody! Just hold on. Just a second. There we go. All right, everybody. Now just concentrate on your breathing and let your mind relax. Block out all the sounds. Just let yourself be free of distractions.

I am so sorry, everybody. OK, well, now we should be able to completely relax. And breathe in on a count of five. And out.

Jessica:  You did fine, Rafael. Really nice job.

Rafael:  Really? I feel like everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong.

Jessica:  I know. But you still kept your cool.

Rafael:  You really think so?

Jessica:  Yeah. Maybe it didn’t feel like you were keeping your cool, but it sounded and looked like you were. That’s all that matters when you’re teaching a yoga class.

Rafael:  So I’m not fired?

Jessica:  No, you’re not fired. Come on. Your friends invited us out for brunch.

Rafael:  Cool. Mimosas on me.

Jessica:  Nice!


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Rafael is excited but nervous to teach his first pro yoga class. His friends have come to give him support, but he’s still worried that something will go wrong. His new boss, Jessica, is watching from the back of the class. Rafael wants her to believe that he’s a good teacher.

From the start, things do begin to go wrong! First, Rafael plays loud rock music. Then a police siren gets everyone’s attention. And finally a baby starts crying loudly in the hallway. It feels like a big mess to Rafael, and he worries that Jessica is going to fire him. But Jessica is much more understanding than Rafael realizes. Even though there were many problems, Rafael stayed relaxed during class, and to Jessica that’s all that matters.

Is it easy or hard for you to keep your cool? What makes you nervous? How do you stay relaxed?



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When I am nervous I go out for running. The run helps me in several ways to improve my mood. It is healthy as for body as for soul.

07:19 PM May 14 2014 |



For me is easy keep cool. I usually work with people and I am satisfied with my job, but when we need keep cool I listen classic music


05:15 PM May 13 2014 |

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For me,Waiting for the results of job interview or examination ,things like that will make me nervous,Soft musica always works for me.I don’t like to play Yogo by myself .I need a teacher like Rafael stand in front of the class room and set the tone,That would be better .

10:22 AM May 13 2014 |




Honestly and personally, the best way i used and still to get and keep cool are islamic yoga or prayers, and meditation or dhikr…since college, which was the previous lesson on this english learning website.

Please check this very funny video about praying yoga in public, and learn english at the same time : 


Learn english in NYC:



As a student, life is full of pressures and obstacles, and the best way to keep cool from the college system is through meditation and yoga of salat and dhikr, the only thing i learnt at college is that it’s a period of school of life, the hidden curriculum and students’ culture are so corrupted and deceitful, The best thing i learnt at college, is that knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not knowledge, and both cannot co-exist at college. 

Yesterday was the first time in my entire life that i dismissed an official and decisive exam, i cant believe how i forgot today i had an exam, i was near the room but i was totally ignorant till the last minutes classmates went out and asked me why i didnt attend , i was so surprised my memory became so weak today, lol, and usually i could remember the slightest detailed details of details,  it’s just because i’m so fed up of how humanity is behaving and thinking in the 21th century, which is catasrophic..
Al HamdoulillAllah, the univ prof gave me a second chance next week, i will graduare this year, im sure if i wasnt offered a second chance, today was going to be my last day at college, i’m still waiting for the 7th of june, the date i’ll communicate to college to go to hell forever.

College, College, College
you’re the first ennemy of knowledge
great minds never attended college
coz it keeps you in a big false image
but they kept wrapping this bandage
u took my entire age
using such a terrible language
while i lost all my luggage
and didnt give me time to manage
you know nothing but to discourage
and push students to waste all their time on an ebaby and facebook page
you were worse than a cage
remember, u didnt offer me any wage
U were a huge mistake, and i will make you regret what you know to make
remember this funny looking comment, it is not silly, it’s fire of a resistant
money is not honey, money never tell u one day u will stay lonely
Thanks God, that did not happen to me, but i pity those were damaged mercilessly
i will beat ur belly, and make of u a jelly, and will continue sing this melody, and you will be forgotten by everybody.

Idris : Random Poet from Algeria, beardman with green hat.


09:45 AM May 13 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

one of the best things for stress out is  doing yoga,its great,usually Im very relax but in stressful position i try to have  concentrate on my thinks,for example I do yoga,drink cold water,breath deeply, walking fast…this works can be help to keep ones cool.I recomend to my friend do yoga for relaxing and health

09:26 AM May 13 2014 |




It’s very hard for me to keep my cool, so I guess it would be really great if I learn to yoga. And it would be really great if anybody can do it at your school or workplace if you need for it. Unfortunately there is a very few chances to do it in our country.

06:53 AM May 13 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Well, when I’m anxious you can’t read that from my face. My friends say you are so cool about all things. But actually there is a big storm right inside me!

Whenever I’m angery or nervous,walking and fresh air are a very big help.

By the way thank you for video Ebaby!Good job! :)

06:47 AM May 13 2014 |


United States

Excelent videos!! Thank you so much!! Ebaby.com, your videos are way too great!! Kepp going with the good work!

05:35 AM May 13 2014 |

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This video makes me lol…........  He is so cuteeeeeeeee.:) 

Juse keep cool,Rafael. You can be a good yoga teacher..:)

01:40 AM May 13 2014 |

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