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have one's back

have one's back

Date: Dec 27 2018

Themes: Celebrity, Friend, Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“I hope we can be supportive of each other and try to really have each other’s backs, especially when we don’t know the whole story.”

Actress Emma Stone, talking about how women should treat each other


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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be ready to protect a person; be on one’s side; support someone

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Little kids often think their mothers see everything they do. No matter how sneaky children try to be, their moms usually know exactly what they’re doing. It’s not because moms have eyes in the back of of their heads, but because they have their kids’ backs. Moms and dads love their children and want to make sure they are happy and safe.

In life, we can’t always see everything that is going on around us. We might be experiencing a bad relationship, or struggling with money, or having problems at work. When you are experiencing problems, it’s good to have friends who have your back. It means that your friends will take care of you and support you, even when times are tough.

Actress Emma Stone knows that there are many people in Hollywood who try to get ahead by hurting others. She doesn’t want to gossip or criticize other women when she doesn’t know who they are. Instead, she says that women should have each other’s backs. She thinks that kindness and support are better for everyone.

Do you have friends who have your back? When have you had someone else’s back?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“As your sister, I’ll always have your back no matter what.”

“It’s good to have friends who have your back in all situations.”

“Parents usually have their kids’ backs. They want what is best for their children.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

SÉRGIO look out for each other
a2020 Support each other.
by a2020
Manu4 To support each other
by Manu4

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

we have just like this expression in persian it laso means to support eachother..

my friend:ow .i dont know if i can do it well

me:come on girl!i have your back.

07:48 AM May 28 2014 |




the best back ever for everyone is god then parents ! :)

11:04 PM May 26 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

in all years of my life there was no especial situation that I could found who is my back but im sure the first people that have my back are my parents and im not worry about it

though my friends are too but my parent support me diffrent

07:51 PM May 26 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In Iran most of the people have each other s back.

I try to have others back even if i dont know them as my close friends.

06:13 AM May 23 2014 |




Both my parents and my friends have my back.I was very appreciate for all the things they have done for me.For my best friend,we have each other’s back no matter what happens ,that’s means a lot to me.My friend and i are trying to become more strong ,indepedent to face all the challenges ahead of us

05:32 PM May 22 2014 |


mrn90Super Member!


want to make a friendship here to have each other’s back :)

04:51 PM May 22 2014 |




alot of peopl around me do that …

02:31 PM May 22 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes its really good when friends have your backkk in all situation especially in exam sessions..if observers allow us to have each other’s back.lol

12:28 PM May 22 2014 |




It’s the well-known practical world’s life law that supports others back to somebody else have your back in other stiff situations. 

In diverse condition and in all stages of my life i’ve got families, friends, teachers to have my back in my tough time in real life. I had a problem with someone in the bazar and my friend Hamid helped out me to handle it. I struggle with financial difficulties in my life and my lovely brother aid me to solve them. My sisters have taken me out of my various wrong decisions in difference cases. 

The real and true supporting which i can see right now is in the military service common life. We all (soldiers) have in common problems and we have each other’s back with no other expecting from each other. That’s really nice. I love it a lot. 

12:06 PM May 22 2014 |



its wonderful but hard..

its great but needs efforts,

to have one’s back..

it makes us feel happy,strong and serene…

and we always need these people,friends back  for living better..

11:12 AM May 22 2014 |




Whenever you go, your parents will always have your back spiritully and/or materially. 520, my mama and papa.

10:18 AM May 22 2014 |




I’ve passed through many problems in my life ,but every problem I’ve been through there must be a friend having my back, I have friends as many as my hands’ fingers ,but each one of them is like a million for me,, I love my friends whom carrying me up in time of need.. and that’s the same as for me, I’m giving them double ^^ .

09:57 AM May 22 2014 |




It’s so good and nice to have someone who has your back,cuz that makes u feel better and that u’re in safe

08:53 AM May 22 2014 |

munisa alimatova


my parents and siblings always my have back!) thank you for them!:))

06:43 AM May 22 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

In a world like this, with all the tensions and distresses people have around them, having each other’s back is very helpful and encouraging. People need it, in the family, in the workplace, no matter where they work, among colleagues in every profession, having this kind of feeling to just have each other’s back is a precious feeling that can’t be replaced by anything else. As we grow older we feel it more. So friends lets support each other. 

06:21 AM May 22 2014 |

Mr. Learner


You got a nice example :D  

03:50 AM May 22 2014 |




MonkeyLover,I will always have your back.. ... :))

03:28 AM May 22 2014 |



I have few friends that have my back…

12:33 AM May 22 2014 |

3 people like this




as the example above : it’s good to have someone who have u back in all kinda situations !!. 

12:15 AM May 22 2014 |

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