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Be Beside Oneself
Be Beside Oneself English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Aug 12 2014

Themes: Friend, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Tag Questions


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Have you ever felt so excited, or angry, or scared, that you couldn’t recognize yourself? Have you ever been so emotional that you behaved like a different person? To be beside oneself is to act in a way that is not normal for you. It’s used with all kinds of emotions, from feeling anxious to feeling sad.

A mother might be beside herself with worry if her young son doesn’t come home when she’s asked him to return. A high school student might be beside himself with excitement as he waits to hear from universities and colleges. A little girl could be beside herself with sorrow when her pet dog dies. Being beside oneself means having strong feelings about something.

Both Jessica and Rafael are beside themselves, but for different reasons. What do you think is happening? Read today’s English lesson to find out!

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Brian:  So, how do you like working at StarScoop.com?

Jessica:  I love it. I was beside myself when I found out I’d gotten the job.

Brian:  Good. And how are things in terms of working with Gary?

Jessica:  It’s been fine. Nothing to worry about. It’s all water under the bridge between us.

Brian:  Cool. Who’s looking over your yoga studio while you’re here?

Jessica:  Rafael. I promoted him to office manager. And he’s teaching all of the classes, too. He’s very capable.

Brian:  But you miss teaching yoga, don’t you?

Jessica:  Yes and no. The more I think about it, the more I feel like I’m ready to move on from the world of yoga.

Brian:  Really?

Jessica:  Yeah.

Brian:  Why’s that?

Jessica:  Working here has reminded me how much I’ve always wanted to be in journalism. And it also helps that Rafael is so good at what he does.

Brian:  I’m sure. He seems like a dependable guy.

Jessica:  Yes. And I hinted to him that I might want to sell the yoga business to him, and he was beside himself with excitement. And it’s all thanks to you.

Brian:  To me?

Jessica:  Of course. If you hadn’t gotten me this opportunity to work here, I wouldn’t be thinking about selling my yoga studio to Rafael.

Brian:  I am pretty awesome that way.

Jessica:  You are pretty awesome. By the way, I think it’s about time that you tell Lily that you like her.

Brian:  You do?

Jessica:  Yes.

Brian:  But what if she doesn’t like me back?

Jessica:  I get the feeling that she likes you, too. But one of you has to make the first move.

Brian:  True. OK. OK, OK. I’ll do it.

Jessica:  OK.

Brian:  Will you help me?

Jessica:  Of course! You know what? You should write her a poem.

Brian:  A poem.

Jessica:  Yes.


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Brian is interested in how Jessica feels about her new position at StarScoop.com. Jessica absolutely loves it, and she thanks Brian for giving her the chance to go after her dream job.

Jessica also tells Brian that because of him, Rafael may have a dream come true as well. She’s thinking about selling her yoga business to Rafael, and she would never have thought about it if she hadn’t gotten the job at StarScoop.com. Brian is clearly pleased with himself and jokes with Jessica about how awesome he is.

Jessica also takes this opportunity to encourage Brian to tell Lily how he feels. She thinks that Lily likes Brian, too, and someone has to make the first move. Jessica offers to help Brian and suggests that he write a poem for Lily.

Do you think that Jessica should sell her yoga business to Rafael? Should Brian tell Lily that he likes her? Why or why not?



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I think Jessica shouldn’t sell her business. Journalist’s activity doesn’t calls for huge spendings so she can keep yoga business because it gives her a sustainable profit even it isn’t so large. But there is another side of the situation when she can’t carve out time for for managing yoga case. What about Brian, he’s to tell Lily about his feelings whatever. 

It is better to do something and regret afterwards than not to do it and regret neither.

03:08 PM May 06 2015 |



I think that Jessica will sell her yoga business to Rafael because, she had gotten the job at StarScoop.com
Concerning Brian and Lily , I think that Brian must tell Lily if he likes her because of he is a man

08:25 PM Aug 12 2014 |

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Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Great lesson today !

03:47 PM Aug 12 2014 |




Jessica has aways wanted to be in journalism. So getting a job in StarScoop.com the dream has come true. Now she is loving her job. After hearing this conversation, i have got the idea that she like her job in StaeScoop.com than job as yoga instrector. So i feel if she really want to give her 100% towards her new job she should sell her yoga business. Because if she would have a single aim she can conventrate on better. 

And for Brian, I really feel that he should admite his feeling for lily. No matter what will happen, atleast you should try to tell her your feelings. Only two things can be happened, one she would reject and second she accepet. If one then happy for you, if second then don’t feel bad and just forget and keep moving.


03:44 PM Aug 12 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I am tring to make the first move. what do yout thing about me?

12:44 PM Aug 12 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

its not possible to have a good job or good moment evrytime and everywhere.

its better to learn how become excited and relaxed in every situetion.

12:18 PM Aug 12 2014 |




Well, i saw all the comments below.what i wanna say is “Brian is the right time for you to play it cool and ask yourself do you really like Lily then make a decision”.In real life,Man should be the one who take courage and make the first move.

Sara ,very kind of you ,you’ve already gave some wonderful suggestions to Brian,I thought Brian is smart and with humours ,Maybe he doesn’t need jump on the bandwagon and have some very special ideas to let Lily accept his love.In a word ,It’s up to you,Brian

10:19 AM Aug 12 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hey guys!I think if sth may help ur friends to succeed more, u must do it in the impressive ways. It feels great.Hey, Eric , really funny :)))) , but dont take the wind out of brian’s sails. :)))Brian, u should’vd done it eariler. Dont put off expressing ur feelings to sb, who knows ? Maybe tomarrow will be too late. Leave a romantic note with a big bunch of red flowers for her, she’ll love it, but personally i cant answer for her reply what would be.

08:52 AM Aug 12 2014 |




It is lucky to find a career that makes you be beside yourself with excitement.

08:18 AM Aug 12 2014 |




Lily is not that into you, Brian !

I don’t want to see Lily and Brian fall in love… 

Lily deserves a better Man… :D

Hahaha(I m just kidding lol)

07:49 AM Aug 12 2014 |




about selling Jessica’s yoga studio I can’t say anything about it ,you know it’s up to her ,and she agreed so do I .

I think telling somebody that you love him/her is making the relationship between them getting boring ,but I would rather to deal with her as a friend :D that would be interesting for me .

06:01 AM Aug 12 2014 |



Russian Federation

It’s always very important to meet someone dependable and capable to encourage you especially when you are hesitating or uncertain about making the first move no matter at work or in relationships.

05:54 AM Aug 12 2014 |



NOW I’m beside myself with boring for summer vacation is too long TAT.

01:59 AM Aug 12 2014 |

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