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Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Learn English with this Michael Jordan English lesson

Date: Sep 12 2014

Themes: Celebrity, Fashion, Pop Culture, Sports

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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Whenever people think about professional basketball, one name likely comes to mind: Michael Jordan. Jordan played 15 seasons in the NBA between 1984 and 2003, earning awards and making records that have kept him popular even after he retired from the sport.

The shoe company Nike also capitalized on Jordan’s success. When Jordan started playing basketball in the NBA, Nike made a shoe for him. The next year in 1985, Nike decided to sell the shoe publicly, naming it the “Air Jordan” in honor of Michael Jordan. These shoes became so popular among fans and athletes that new versions are still sold today!

Do Gary and Rafael wear Air Jordans? Find out today in this English lesson about basketball.


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Rafael:  You know what basketball needs really badly right now?

Gary:  Michael Jordan!

Rafael:  Oh, yeah.

Gary:  He hasn’t been playing for so many years, though. He retired.

Rafael:  I know. He went and did golf or something.

Gary:  Yep.

Rafael:  But Nike makes millions off of those Air Jordans.

Gary:  Yes! There seem to be new versions every year even though Michael Jordan has left the sport.

Rafael:  Do they really help you jump higher? Have you tried them?

Gary:  Maybe I could dunk if I put a pair on. I actually haven’t seen many friends wearing them. But I have to say I hear Air Jordans being referenced in music. I hear it on TV. I’m not seeing people wear them, but apparently, it’s really popular still, which blows my mind!

Rafael:  Are you saying you can’t dunk now?

Gary:  No, I can’t. I’m sad to say. You?

Rafael:  Absolutely.

Gary:  Seriously?

Rafael:  Oh, yeah.

Gary:  Oh, wow.

Rafael:  Air Jordans or no Air Jordans, I can dunk in my sleep.

Gary:  I’m going to have to go buy a pair of Air Jordans and see if I can keep up with you then.

Rafael:  I recommend it.


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Rafael and Gary are discussing Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player of all time. Gary is amazed that he is still popular, even though he stopped playing basketball many years ago. Even more amazing is the fact that the Nike shoe, the Air Jordan, is still popular, too!

Air Jordans are supposed to help people be able to jump higher and dunk, like Michael Jordan, so Rafael asks Gary if he can dunk. Gary can’t, but Rafael can. In order to keep up with his friend, Gary thinks he should buy a pair of Air Jordans. If he wears them, maybe he’ll be able to jump high enough to dunk a basketball.

Is Michael Jordan still popular where you live? Do you think Air Jordans can help people jump higher?



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a legend MJ when I speak about Basketball my mind have Michael Jordan with his great jump…..

03:58 PM Sep 15 2014 |




Michael Jordan, heard about him. Very popular and his shoes as well. What really attracted my attention looking at him on the avatar picture are his numerous rings on one hand - 6 of them! So when I spot rings like that I’ll say “spectacular Jordan”.

01:34 AM Sep 14 2014 |

2 people like this




He is well-known in Hungary too. Unfortunately I do not know Air Jordan but I am wondering whether how many basketball players wear them. Are there some statistics about that?

08:23 PM Sep 13 2014 |

2 people like this




I`m not too much into basket ball . I prefer tenis specially Nadal .

I don`t bout the shoes but i guess its good.

02:28 PM Sep 13 2014 |

1 person likes this

valencia irene yunita


i like him..he is cool n the greatest basketball player… and i like his shoes heheh….

12:03 PM Sep 13 2014 |

2 people like this

Irene Forever


I’m  from Ukraine, and I don’t know whether Jordan popular in my country or not.. To begin with, I’m not a basketball fan though i have heard about Michael Jordan. For sure his popularity plays its role in making people to buy the shoes named Air Jordans. Besides, the best quality shoes can help people to be more skillful in doing some things such as jumping up, for example. Moreover they are beautifully designed, and it’s attract me. I would buy a pair of Air Jordans. :)

11:23 AM Sep 13 2014 |

2 people like this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

the first thing comes to mind is how he is HORRIBLE.didn’t play in movies?

07:21 AM Sep 13 2014 |

1 person likes this



United States

I’m from Chicago. and I’m a big fan of Michael Jordan even now after he has retired. I never bought a pair of Air Jordans, but I secretely admired them when I saw other people wearing them. It’s a beautifully designed shoe (in my opinion). Personally, I can’t dunk, unless I lower the rim :D. I think Air Jordans could help someone jumb a little bit higher possibly, but not a whole lot. 

05:23 AM Sep 13 2014 |



Yes, even though I don’t like basketball so much, but I know Michael Jordan, and have a pair of Air Jordans is my small dream, because Air Jordans made by Nike is not cheap… : )

03:35 AM Sep 13 2014 |

1 person likes this



05:51 PM Sep 12 2014 |


Syrian Arab Republic

Basketball is different from football, basketball players must be tall and have capability to jump higher to dunk and put the ball in the hoop.

Wheres,football players mustn’t be tall, but the must be vigorous to cover the ground withen the court, and they may score by differnt ways such as by head,shooting,et.

12:55 PM Sep 12 2014 |

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Legendary Basketball Player :  Michael Jordan…

in the past, alot of kids loved basketball with him..he was on the top of basketball world..Kids were imitating his throws,shows,miraculaous jumping ..

He was very succesful basketball star..and he will stay like this in people’s minds long time.

10:17 AM Sep 12 2014 |



I didn’t know him before now, I seldom watch basketball.

06:51 AM Sep 12 2014 |

2 people like this




yup needless to say, he is popular everywhere.  however, shoes cannot be the only thing which makes you jump higher there are lot many things need to consider.

05:12 AM Sep 12 2014 |

1 person likes this




Michael Jordan, aka ”His Airness”, ruled the 9os with his team the Chicago Bulls. I remember that era of the roaring Bulls and the hype around the jaw-dropping Sir Altitude :) 

What I also remember is how shocked my host-father was when M. J. dropped the bomb about his retirement plans.

He never was a huge star in Germany. Here soccer was, is and will be the number one sport to play and watch. 

07:45 PM Sep 11 2014 |

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I didn’t know about the greatest basketball Michael Jordan,I prefer football. I think all the businesses are connected with the publicity and often with the name of a famous movies star ,artist or soccer player. In fact, the Nike company created ,also,a special shoe for the soccer player Ronaldo,called Nike R9  ....I don’t need  a specific pair of that to jump higher , because I like to work in a farm…. I don’t like to be  a cricket at my age…

01:12 PM Sep 11 2014 |

1 person likes this

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