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Learn English with this yards English lesson

Date: Nov 20 2018

Themes: How To

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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How would your dream yard look? Would you have a bright green lawn with a white fence? Or would you prefer a jungle of tall trees and exotic plants? Maybe you’d rather have no yard at all.

Whatever type of natural area people want around their houses, one thing is certain: yard upkeep is a lot of work! Having a nice lawn means getting a good lawn mower and spending enough time outside to keep up the yard. A visit to the hardware store is sometimes necessary to buy tools for yard work.

Of course, some people prefer not doing the dirty work outside. They aren’t hyped about the yard, so they pay money and have other people do the work instead.

Learn how Jeff and Mason feel about yard work in this English lesson.


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jeff:  Oh man, I’m pretty hyped. I just went to the hardware store, got a new edger, got some new parts for my lawn mower, and…

Mason:  Oh really?

Jeff:  Yeah. Have you seen my lawn? It’s perfect.

Mason:  I don’t know how you put up with that, man. It’s a lot of work doing that kind of upkeep.

Jeff:  I think it’s a sign of how well you take care of yourself. It’s respectful to your neighbors. I stand by it. I like it.

Mason:  Are you like the one guy on the block who’s rubbing it in everyone’s face? Or is it like peer pressure where all the yards are nice, so you kind of feel that you need to keep up?

Jeff:  Let’s just say I noticed a change after I moved into the neighborhood.

Mason:  Alright. So you’re kind of leading the pack?

Jeff:  Yeah. And I don’t mind.

Mason:  I’m way too lazy for that. I want the smallest yard possible.

Jeff:  Wait, you have no yard. Is that why you live in that dumpy apartment?

Mason:  It’s one of the big reasons. Let me tell you.

Jeff:  It all makes sense.


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Jeff is excited about his new yard tools. He likes spending time making his lawn look nice. For him, it’s a sign of respect towards himself and his neighbors.

Mason asks Jeff if he really enjoys outside work or if he just wants to impress the neighbors. Jeff tells him it’s a little of both. In fact, some of the neighbors started doing more yard work after Jeff moved into the neighborhood.

Mason is the opposite of Jeff. He’d rather not work outside. His apartment is a great place for him to live because there isn’t any yard to take care of.

Would you like a big yard or no yard? Who takes care of outside work where you live?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i know myself so i know that if i wanna do sth i’ll do that in the best way i can.

i like to have a big yard infront of my house with a pool then i sit near it in the afternoon and drink tea…..that’s great i think…....

that’s my dream yard but generally i like yards…..!

02:16 PM Nov 30 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Of course i love to have big yard in front of my house.but i dont have enough time to care of it so i will hire someone to do that for me and i will just enjoy of seeing my beautiful yard!now.we have yard in front of my father’s house but it look likes a desert!How cares?!

07:30 AM Nov 29 2013 |




I would like a tropical yard with many palm trees and exotic trees

11:25 AM Nov 28 2013 |



Russian Federation

Living at the center of a large city, where is the limit of space, I can only  dream about a yard in front of my house.

But if to give  a way to the dream, I would like to have a large yard, with lots of plants growing there and a pond, surrounded by tall trees.  Such types of gardens are described a lot in  Russian literature and artists liked to paint them as well.

I’ ve been in places where ruins of old estates still remain.  Of course there are no yards in front of them  anymore. But it is possible to see some fragments of  roads or а garden gate or a place where a pond used to be. It is interesting to imagine what this  yards looked like 100-200 уеаrs ago when people lived there and cared of them.

08:41 AM Nov 28 2013 |




I’ll certainly want to opt a house with big yard. It makes my residential place so beautiful and I want to make it in great shape as good as i can. I could consider cleaning up of lawn as an entertainment of mine. 

I think large numbers of people who just cross in nearby of my yard and also my neighbors specially care about it and it would make a topic for chit chat with them at least.  

09:21 PM Nov 25 2013 |




I really want the house which have a big yard .
but In Japan it is very hard to get that kind of the house .
It is very crazy expensive .

08:18 PM Nov 25 2013 |



My current house doesn’t have a yard but the house I am planning to buy is going to have a yard definitely. I love green, I love trees and flowers. Besides having nice smells and eating delicious fruits, a green yard makes you feel a fresh air. And that’s something I always miss in the morning when I leave my home :(

07:53 PM Nov 25 2013 |

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Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

Today I’m just watching people commenting on the lesson, I really liked the lesson !!!

07:48 PM Nov 25 2013 |

Ngubo Sixtus

South Africa

i do keep my yard clean all the time, it’s got flowers and fruits plants. 

05:25 PM Nov 25 2013 |

2 people like this




My dream house would be one with a front yard  with a nice lawn  decorated with flowers  , only i would set up a  white wooden fence. As for my back yard , it would be jungle-type , with bamboo canes, fruit trees, a very shady spot  to sit on during summer . I live in the city, the municipality takes care of the outside work,,sweeping the street mostly.

03:07 PM Nov 25 2013 |




I do prefer big yard, but nowadays we are living in hard times, because lands are too expensive. The place where I don’t have a beautiful yard, but the land is big and who do the work to upkeep it are my horses, they do a good job…..

02:53 PM Nov 25 2013 |



If I lived in a house, I would have an average yard with fruit trees. I think it’s so nice!  My grandfather had one in his house and I remember when I was a child to drink juice from his trees.

01:07 PM Nov 25 2013 |




Luckly i had a big frontyard when i was young.We plant vegetables and cherry tree and apricot tree .They need a lot of time and hard work to upkeep.But,Autumn is the best season.We have many fresh fruit to eat.Even our dog often go there and find something to eat.

11:39 AM Nov 25 2013 |



Burkina Faso

I have seen only image of such a yard and I hope getting one in my future.In my country it is rare to see a house with garden, only some rich person have it.

10:39 AM Nov 25 2013 |

Youky Yeung


I think I will choose to have a big yard. I like green, like the feeling of have nature, and also I think it is better for my children, because they will have larger place to play and have a party.

09:15 AM Nov 25 2013 |




Well,I would like to have a small size frontyard and a big backyard of my house. I like doing that kind of job to upkeep the lawn or the flowers.And lead the pack among my neighbours,rather than rubbing it in someone’s face. 

When I get up every single morning and see such a nice yard,I feel hyped. That’s a good way to live a happy life.

03:45 AM Nov 25 2013 |



Our family are now living in an apartment wiht 17 floors,and the yard doen’t exist at all .But the community our aprtment belongs to has a beutiful garden, which  is full of tall trees and  exotic plants. There are expert persons to keep up it , and they always work on the right time ,so the residents won’t be annoyed by the noses. I like it! But I dream of  owning a vally with a yard when i am retired. At that time i will have enough time to  take of it.

02:56 AM Nov 25 2013 |




I don’t have a big backyard, anyway I love growing fruits and vegetables there. It’s a good relaxation and satisfaction when you got to pick up a basket of cherries or apricots. We just have finished eating tomatoes. They didn’t give up on us until the first snow. I wish I had the bigger backyard and more sun on it. Sun and the right water is very essential for a good crop. Also the type of species matter. This year I’ve bought 9 different types of tomatoes in Botanical garden and they all grew well to compare with the last year. 

I can’t say I’m a role model for my neighbours. I think they’re role models for me :) They always take care of their lawns, cutting the grass and make it greener on their side. Now we have many dandelions all over the place as pesticides are banned. Well, for me, it’s nice to have a piece of land and make it cultivated or just the neat and well-kept lawn. Yep, I’m a rural girl :)



I like to have a big yard, but rather lazy to upkeep it. I like greenery scene, but Dislike touching mud and soil. It will stick on my nails, and quite hard to clean it up. Moreover, a yard will attract a lot of mosquitoes. The authority will give me a fine if they find any mosquitoes in my yard, especially, the Denggi Mosquitoes. Denggi Mosquitoes could take a life !  So, end up I haven’t any yard.

01:58 AM Nov 25 2013 |

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