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Get Something Out in the Open
Get Something Out in the Open English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English with this truth English lesson

Date: Oct 07 2014

Themes: Friend, School, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Tag Questions


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Everyone has secrets. Maybe you don’t want your mom knowing what you get up to after school. Perhaps you have an undercover job that no one can know about. You may be the kind of person who isn’t comfortable sharing information that seems revealing. Or maybe you don’t want your secret to get in the way of your ambition.

It’s fine to have secrets as long as they can’t hurt you or your loved ones. If they can, it might be time to get something out in the open. This doesn’t mean that you have to tell everyone your most personal feelings. Getting something out in the open just means sharing the truth about a situation. It might be as simple as telling your parents you didn’t pass an exam, or it might be as difficult as telling your boyfriend that you want to break up.

Jeff wants to get something out in the open with Marni. Should she be nervous? Learn more by reading today’s English lesson about telling the truth.

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Jeff:  Well hello, Marni.

Marni:  Hello.

Jeff:  What’d you get up to last night?

Marni:  Oh, you know… the usual. Went home. Made dinner. Put Dawn to bed.

Jeff:  Anything else?

Marni:  No.

Jeff:  Are you sure?

Marni:  Yeah. Exactly what are you getting at?

Jeff:  Well, I feel like it’s time that I get something out in the open.

Marni:  Please do.

Jeff:  You know the photography course?

Marni:  Yeah.

Jeff:  Yeah. I’ve been out taking some photos.

Marni:  OK.

Jeff:  And since I want to get a job as a pro photographer… maybe even with StarScoop, those guys… I’ve been doing it undercover.

Marni:  Undercover?

Jeff:  I followed you last night.

Marni:  You what?

Jeff:  I figured since you and I work together, I thought you’d be the perfect person to follow.

Marni:  Oh my god. I can’t believe you! Is it really your life’s ambition to be a paparazzi?

Jeff:  Maybe. Yes, yes. Anyway, I saw you with some very revealing clothes coming out of a restaurant. Any idea what that’s about? Would you like to tell me?

Marni:  No, I don’t want to tell you. But I don’t have much of a choice, do I? I have a second job.

Jeff:  Doing what, exactly?

Marni:  Belly dancing. Belly dancing, OK? Are you happy now?

Jeff:  Wow, Marni. You’re full of surprises.

Marni:  Well, as long as we’re talking, I want to get something out in the open, too.

Jeff:  Which is…?

Marni:  I’m never talking to you again.


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Jeff followed Marni after she left the office. He was practicing working undercover, because he thinks that one day he might want to be a paparazzi. Jeff saw Marni go into the restaurant where she has a second job as a belly dancer. Until now, the only person who knew about the job was Jessica.

Jeff confronts Marni with his knowledge of her coming out of a restaurant wearing revealing clothing. Marni’s furious that he did it, but Jeff’s more interested in learning the truth than he is worried about Marni being angry. She finally tells him that she sometimes works as a belly dancer in the evenings. Jeff is very pleased with himself, but Marni says she will never talk to him again!

When was the last time you had to get something out in the open? Was it difficult, or did it go well?



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all my happyness it must be shaerd with all people whether close friends or  family member .

otherwise there is some kind of reservation , so be care ?

10:11 AM Apr 12 2016 |




Everyone  has a secret ,yes, but ,sometimes ,we need to share that with our friend or person we love, we cannot live like an hermit..

07:47 AM Oct 08 2014 |

2 people like this




 Julito, it’s impossible not talk about politics when the war is in the country where you grew up. I don’t care a damn of losing “a friend” who supports Putin’s aggressive invastion into Ukraine. I live in Canada, Steven Harper, the Prime Minister, represents my views and I have a lot of Ukrainians in Canada who will be on my side and one more, we’re not afraid of expressing our religion since every religion is respected here. Canadians are very tolerant but when it goes to war, we are against it!  

06:18 PM Oct 07 2014 |




I can relate with what Ola33 has posted. Although I have nothing to hide and I prefer to come clean with friends and people I know I rarely talk about my political and religious preferences. I keep quiet about my personal life and if by any chance I go abroad unless I am asked I keep quiet about it , I have made the mistake to talk about it and some people immediately changed the conversation . Ohh, I thought ,what’s going on here.Jejeje!!!

05:03 PM Oct 07 2014 |




I don’t like getting somthing in the open until i become succssful in what i’m doing…I really idon’t like when i tell them before it works.

What about you frinds ? Do you think what i’m doig is right?

03:50 PM Oct 07 2014 |

3 people like this




Before getting something out in the open, get ready for losing a friend, aquaintance or just a person you talk. Some people just can’t take it, if you have a different opinion, got a new house, had a wonderful trip. You share that to them and you’ll never hear from them after. So, it’s time I get something out in the open! Are you ready?! ;)

01:26 PM Oct 07 2014 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Come on.. make it up

Its no big deal. :)))

01:05 PM Oct 07 2014 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Nosy people … eventhough a paparazzi , this kind of behavior make me sick !

11:01 AM Oct 07 2014 |




Obviously everybody has some folly habits, hidden stupid experiences as well as several guilty pleasures along with wrong actions in different stages of his/her life including me which do not want to be shared with others. As me, I’ve done lots of mistakes in my life which if will be revealed I have to die of embarrasses and shame. 

Anyway, the last time I got some personal thing out in the open that come back to 3 month ago when I met up with some close friends. They laughed as much as they can to me and poked fun of me. But it was okay bcz we’ve been in tough situation and we have needed to be a little bit more happy. Eventually, it went well, I speculate. 

Finally, I want to say this one: Let bygones be bygones. The future is more important of the last.

09:24 AM Oct 07 2014 |

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its true everyone has their own secrets some of us alwyas have an inclination towards revealing or get it out in the open and some of us have a tendency to keep it inside as they are afraid of wrong consequences. 

i would suggest everyone to get it out in the open whatever you have kept inside of you this way you will feel ralaxed rather than worrying about being caught.

09:11 AM Oct 07 2014 |



Saudi Arabia

It’s not good to follow a friend to see what’s he’s up to, even If there is a reason like what Jeff done. I don’t blame Marni for not talking to him again.

06:46 AM Oct 07 2014 |




haha  funny video  ;))

02:39 AM Oct 07 2014 |

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