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Date: Jan 21 2020

Themes: Fashion, Health

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Modesty is very important in countries and cultures around the world. Millions of people believe that it’s not OK to bring attention to yourself with clothing that is revealing. But in some cultures, attitudes about what’s OK and what’s not OK are quite different. Some people believe in the saying, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” Others commend modesty and feel that bragging about your body is wrong.

So, how do you choose what to wear? In a country where modesty is important, most people would probably agree that you should be respectful of that belief. In a country where feelings on the subject are different from person to person, your choice of clothing is up to you. The opinions and feelings of your family and friends are likely to affect your choices as well.

Brian and Rafael do not agree on what is OK to wear in public. Find out how they feel by reading today’s English lesson about modesty.


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Brian:  Hey, Rafa.

Rafael:  Yes?

Brian:  I saw a guy at the beach the other day in just a Speedo.

Rafael:  Inappropriate, man.

Brian:  Inappropriate?

Rafael:  Yeah. Just save that for the bedroom. You know what I’m talking about?

Brian:  I’m not a firm believer that, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” but I do think that people should be comfortable and proud of their bodies.

Rafael:  Call me prudish, but I just don’t see the point in bragging.

Brian:  I think as long as they’re being respectful to other people and not throwing their clothes off in front of people, that a little bit of revealing clothing doesn’t necessarily hurt anybody.

Rafael:  And I’m not going to lie. Maybe eating that cupcake makes me less prone to wanting to be seen on the beach with my shirt off. You know what I mean?

Brian:  Yeah. But that’s where I think people, if they can be comfortable with who they are, they don’t have to have those rock-hard abs. This guy was not in the best shape, but he was certainly acting like it, and I’ve got to give him major props for that.

Rafael:  You seem like you’re comfortable in your own skin, so I commend you for that.

Brian:  Thank you.


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Brian and Rafael disagree about what is OK and what is inappropriate when it comes to clothing. Brian feels that people should be comfortable with their bodies and wear whatever they want. Rafael is more modest, and prefers that people cover their bodies in public.

While they may not agree, the friends are respectful of each other’s opinions. Rafael tells Brian that he thinks it’s great that Brian is comfortable with his body. Brian questions Rafael’s opinions but doesn’t make fun of him for how he feels.

Is modesty important in your culture? How do you feel about it?



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Modesty is a traditional culture in our country and it last for thousands of years. Even though, we have right to wear what ever we like until we don’t disturb others in public places. Everybody decides what his/her appearance, clothing and make up can reflect someone’s charcater and lifestyle.

Modesty is not just about the clothing but also the words and manners.

01:22 AM Jan 21 2020 |




If you’ve got it, flaunt it…hehe, I really like this expression! It’s so encouraging.

As a woman, I strongly believe modesty is a choice. I’m not the type to show off what I’ve got but each and everyone is free to do as they please. We don’t have to be modest to be respected. Men who objectify women are imposing standards and cultural control on us. Personal freedom is something that shouldn’t be restricted by religious beliefs. Everyone picks the lifestyle they want, hence dress the way they wish.  Modesty police have become outdated forever and ever!

03:28 PM Feb 06 2019 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It seems in my country, modesty is important for government more than my people!!

They want to control everything also our clothes!

So because of long years of limitation and compulsion I think my people needs freedom instead of modesty or other things.

Lets people decide what to wear!

12:10 PM Jan 22 2019 |

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It is importent in modesty is how to wear how to talk how to eat but we should contemplate the humanity and respect.

11:06 AM Jan 22 2019 |



Serbia and Montenegro

I like golden mean in evrything, from clothing to some more or less important things in my life.

04:21 PM Feb 14 2015 |

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  “Wear modest, clean clothing.  Your clothing doesn’t need to be new and [it] should have some fashion of course, but [it] should be clean, modest, and neat.  Be dignified in your outward manner and in your inward morality.”

06:39 PM Jan 11 2015 |



South Korea

Showing their abs in front of people with shirts off is up to us, somewhere which is not appropriate ,but otherwhere is. i think we should need to know what is props for others in the culture where we belongs to. “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” is up to us and where we are.

some people are so prudish that they might not want to talk or do about some topics, but we should need to have props to them. behave yourself with modesty, not bragging.

02:16 PM Jan 08 2015 |



Russian Federation

Everybody desides for him/herself about his/her appearance. Sometimes clothes reflects the personality, character and lifestyle. So it is nesessary to respect each choice. May be someone feels uncomfortable revealing the body and wearing tight clothes even having good body shapes. It also depends on the situation and the place where we can wear or not to wear any kind of clothing




The modesty is important in my culture. Walking on street alone with tight clothes and short pants, some women would get verbal abuse or at least the annoying eyes most of the time eventhough not always. There is no cam, written rule or such things on street to control this behaviour.

I never felt bothered by people who dress immodest and modest, i think it is their right to do so whatever the reason is, as long as they don’t disturb others. Wearing speedo on the beach? maybe they don’t intend to show off, instead they want to get tan all over the body. If they wear speedo on street, well that’s a different case…

Dressing properly in special ocassion is important as it’s one of the tools to make good impression. Nevertheless it is too much to judge people solely from how they dress.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I’m disagree with both!

Obligation or prohibition of wearing a specific cloth!

Both are out of human rights!




I am not prone to judge when i see girls wearing revealing outfits , neither i am prudish but i consider that  the jewel of a woman is her modesty in the way that she wears her clothes.

 I don`t like speedos , i have been in Brazil in a seaside resort and  watched that many people go shopping in speedos. I didn`t feel comfortable about it ,but then again , for brazilians it is not something that calls any attention, they are used to it.  




Modesty is important inmy country. But everyone can wear whatever they want. The government doesn’t interfere. But culture and religion have a strong effect on people that effect the way of clothing. We respect everyone though. You can see a women who is covered with clothes from top to bottom and a woman nearly naked together. Eveyone has their choices.

It was not always free in Turkey though. Althoug 90 percent (actually higher) of the public are Muslims, Turkey is secular and some previous governments had forbidden hijab at schools and offices and many women couldn’t get educated and couldn’t find job because of this situation. It was a shame. This period is over and everyone is free to choose what to wear now. 

We should respect everyone. 



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I want to write my 1st line as a muslim girl that the distinct  quality of Islam is Modesty, and there is no doubt about it :)

But i raise a question, how much a person can find modesty in a way that others dress up?

they say: the way you dress up could show what a person you are, and at the same time they say : we should never judge by appearances !

Therefore, the most important thing which every body needs to be aware about clothing is , how to wear (formal or informal – full covered or half naked – light color or dark)which all depends on the ppl we meet and the places we go !




I’m pretty much democratic about clothes. It’s something you want to tell, it reveals your personality, your mood. I love bright colors and can’t help complement a person with his positive mood generating attire.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes its very important but modesty is not only about clothing!

Its about behavior or how to make-up too!

In my country we cant wear everything we want and women have to wear Hijab but in spite of all there are many girls who have hijab but they dont look modest for everyone!

We see many girls who have hijab and no part of their bodis is revealing but they have inappropriate make-up or wear very tight cloths or they have done many plastic surgery on their face , lips , ...!

For me its a least right for a human what to wear!

It must be our choice how to look in public!

Yes there are rules about clothing in every situation or location!

What we wear in a party must be different with our cloths at work or in university or at home!

Anyway modesty is very important to me but I dont believe a unique clothing form that is determined by governments! ;)





note : an Austrian boy in the Orphanage got a new pair shoes in the Worl War II .



many many people especially girls,women  want and like to affect other people with their clothes ,dress.for making other women jealous and for attracting attention of men ..these kind of people use “dress language”. and in this topic,women are more succesful than men ))



it is really something strange !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

08:54 AM Jan 07 2015 |

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I never was the type of girl/woman who exposed too much of her skin or various  parts of my body. Anyway, I think it’s more attractive to dress in a way that leaves something to the imagination. A bit of a mystery can be charming and exciting at the same time. Oh…and one more thing!  As a golden rule, a women should be aware what message she wants to send with her clothes.

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