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where it's at

where it's at

Date: Jul 11 2019


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“The crazy fans are where it’s at, because they know all the songs that you’re singing, and they’re dancing and having a great time.”

Singer and actor Ross Lynch, talking about his favorite fans (BrainyQuote)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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where the most exciting activity is found

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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When you go out with your friends, you probably want to know which places are popular. It’s natural for people to be interested in the restaurants, dance clubs, movie theaters, or bars that are getting a lot of attention. If you see people standing in the rain in a long line outside a cafe, there has to be a good reason. They’ve decided that the cafe is where it’s at.

Places are where it’s at for different reasons. A club could be where it’s at because the DJs play awesome music, but it might also offer excellent food. A coffee shop might be where it’s at simply because it sells great coffee, but it might also be a place where single men and women usually hang out. You and your friends can decide that a park is where it’s at, and in time, more and more friends will get the message. It’s really in your hands.

Actor and singer Ross Lynch says that his fans, or the people who buy and listen to his music, are where it’s at. He loves playing music for them, because together they make the performance a place where he wants to be.

Do you know a place that’s where it’s at in your city? What makes it great?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“Rocco’s Pizza is where it’s at. All my friends hang out there on the weekends.”

“If you want to go dancing, 5th Street is where it’s at.”

“Los Angeles is where it’s at if you want to act in movies.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

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There are lots of where it’s at places in Istanbul to have fun and spend your time quite well. However, I am not please enough because I have not several close friends and also sufficient time to join as a group and meet up together in order to be in where it’s at places. On the other side I hate to go alone into these places. However the only way to solve this trouble is to carve out time and seek for friends to participate in crowded communities such as restaurants, bars and so on. 

10:33 PM Dec 04 2014 |

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  •  liiter to me 

  1. iwell live with my new and better sittal on my live and see to up and never back down some peopal thay  think iam just like agire and  never to be agregrious man and keep him just  old boy  iwant tell to them fake you i have more friends on the world i chat with them all ways on intrent and i am going to univercity next year  so fake you see you agine only years and go  to usa get live there and it so hard but ican do it

05:23 PM Dec 04 2014 |

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SEASIDE…yess its very close to center of my town and its where its at ..

if you live in a small town ,you know which places are popular ,you can see many of people there ..

There is a big square ,made for celebration ..you can sit on the benches under old trees,you can see falling dry yellow leaves in Autumn ..or blooming flowers in the Spring..you can read your newspaper near fountain-pool while listening running water..in other place,there is a child park ,you can take your kids,grandsons to there..they can enjoy in the slides,swings..you can hear children’s loudly happiness..if you walk little ,you will be near seaside..there are alot of different cafes there..many people sits there and drinks tea,coffees ,cold and hot drinks depends on season..they talks while watching sea ..if you want,you walk to lighthouse about 1.5 km..you can see different sized boats,ships..fishermen ..homeless cats and dogs..big ferryboats and large cargo ships ..if weather is suitable,you can sit on the rocks and you can watch calm blue sea,sweet waves and seagulls..or you can go to love bridge ( its small copy of Istanbul bridge) and you can take a photo as a nice memory .then if you are hungry you can go eating to restaurants near seaside, for eating fish or famous Turkish kebab..and, dont forget drinking a small cup of Turkish coffee ..with delicious Turkish delights ..


12:09 PM Dec 04 2014 |




Naira,  also in Argentina , where it`s at , would translate in spanish as ” la movida ” , this street in summer is  full of    young people  having fun .   Franchises as  Mcdonald`s  and Burguer king  are packed up  with them  . Also it could be a place with  trendy disco clubs and restaurants .  

11:11 AM Dec 04 2014 |




there is a street in our city  called Trade avenue.This is aplace where its at.There are always lot people there young and old walking ,hunging out,they all like to spend time there, especially  in the evernings and on weekends.

03:41 AM Dec 04 2014 |

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