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Give Up
Give Up English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'give up'

Date: Mar 10 2015

Themes: Friend, Romance, School, Soap Opera

Grammar: Second Conditional Progressive


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Lucy is having a horrible day. She forgot to eat breakfast, and her car stopped working on the way to school. She got coffee on her shirt, and she left her math homework in her apartment. She’s sleepy because the dogs in the apartment next door were barking all night. Lucy is hungry, frustrated, and tired. She’s ready to give up.

It’s normal to want to give up when things aren’t going well. This is especially true if many bad things are happening at the same time. When everything feels wrong, you might just want to go to bed. It’s important to remember, though, that there’s always tomorrow. And your friends and family want to help you to feel better today if you’ll let them!

Brian knows he needs to give up on his relationship with Lily. What is he doing to make that happen? Read on in today’s English lesson.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Brian:  Marni?

Marni:  Yes?

Brian:  What are you doing?

Marni:  I was just wondering how you’re doing now that Lily’s gone.

Brian:  Honestly, I’m OK. I know I need to give up on our relationship, but I’m not quite there yet.

Marni:  I’m sorry. What are you doing this weekend?

Brian:  I would probably be feeling sorry for myself if I didn’t have an exam to study for.

Marni:  An exam? I didn’t know you were taking a class.

Brian:  Yep. Human anatomy.

Marni:  Wow. I was hoping you were going to say parapsychology.

Brian:  What’s parapsychology?

Marni:  The study of ghosts and other paranormal activity. Hasn’t Gary told you about our office ghost? I’m calling him Oscar.

Brian:  He did mention something, but I wasn’t really listening.

Marni:  Oscar is real. Rafael saw him, too. Every morning when I come into the office, things are in a different place. Doors will slam shut. Things fall on the floor for no reason. It’s inexplicable.

Brian:  What you need to do is show Oscar you’re not afraid of him. Otherwise he’ll never give up trying to scare you.

Marni:  How do you propose I do that?

Brian:  Let’s have a meeting and we’ll make a plan.

Marni:  OK. I like it.


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Marni is worried about Brian. She knows that he’s sad about Lily moving to Paris, and she wants to make sure that he’s OK. Marni is happy to learn that Brian is staying busy, and she’s surprised when she finds out that he’s taking a science class.

The two friends also talk about Oscar, the ghost that several people have seen or felt in the office. Brian has never seen Oscar, but it seems like he believes in ghosts and understands what to do. He tells Marni that she needs to show Oscar that she isn’t afraid of him if she wants the ghost to stop causing problems.

Will Brian be able to stop Oscar? Do you believe in ghosts?



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Seiyf, if the creature is a ghost to you, sorry, my imagination runs away with me:) so you start behaving like a ghost too. I can imagine:)) you are flying all over the room making ghostly sounds:)
Jokes aside, I double like your comment! It’s funny!

12:38 AM Mar 11 2015 |




People have to give up sometimes to get their ideas into shape, to know better what they want, to study all sides of a problem etc.

* * * *

As for that ghost. I think there lives a creature like that in our office. At least
things are often in a different place. When it’s impossible to find papers and CDs… somebody slams doors! :D



United States

I do believe and i dont at same time sometimes you heard some stories and you just start thinking if they are somewhere in your house but you can’t be sure of ghosts until you meet one ooh no. 

07:52 PM Mar 10 2015 |

habiba 18

habiba 18


ghost talk scare me x( i believe in the existence of other creatures living in a parallel universe that can not see us and we can not see them :p :p

06:00 PM Mar 10 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Casper is my favorite ghost and I wish I could meet him! ;-)

05:12 PM Mar 10 2015 |



if a creature is a ghost for me, also ım a ghost for them  :)  

other topic,  ı never heard, ghosts are sitting in the chairs around a table and calling me in dark and candles lights,with closed eyes and holding their hands :))))

offfff these people are very strange and dreamer …at first they create these ghosts in their minds ,then they believe in them..and they scare each others  ..suddenly opening windows or door,changing places of materials, falling things…

” heyy,Casper, let’s scare people ,it will be very funny :)”

03:29 PM Mar 10 2015 |




Scienceboy.  now you cracked up a good joke.    jejejeje!!!

03:14 PM Mar 10 2015 |




@scienceboy how dare is the landlord to ask rent from a ghost.What’s more,they may have language barrier

03:12 PM Mar 10 2015 |




Haha, Julito, you have an amazing sense of humor :) :)

If I were her, I would tell the landlord to take the half of the rent from the ghost :)

01:17 PM Mar 10 2015 |




@La Princesse, you are right,  the ghost thing has been discussed before. Anyway, either we believe or not  it is an interesting topic of conversation. I think that it is better not to mess up with a ghost. This is what a friend who was living in New York did when she found out that in her newly rented apartment she was living  in, a ghost  was roommating with her , she went straight to the landlord and handed him out the key to never come back again. 

Was she afraid ? i don`t think so, it might be that she couldn`t tolerate that the ghost was living rent free. jejejejejeje

10:42 AM Mar 10 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


I can’t guess what will happen next, but I think that Oscar will be found out to be an imaginary ghost. Maybe it would be someone else doing that, but I can’t guess why..

Well, I think we talked about that before in e,baby, I mean the ghost thing, and mostly we all agreed that ghosts exist, but they can’t show up to us, and that they have their own world.

09:31 AM Mar 10 2015 |


United Arab Emirates

Totally agree with you MAhtab 

08:01 AM Mar 10 2015 |




A ghost in the office? Come on! 

I totally agree with Mahtab. Ghosts are in horror movies.

06:51 AM Mar 10 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


I dont believe we can see ghosts!

Even if we believe they are existing ,we should know they are not in our world!

They are not materialistic then we cant see or feel them with our senses!

No ghost has frightened me until now!

It is possible a maid moves things at their office after they leave the work and other things happen because they believe in Oscar!!!




Let pray that Brian wouldn’t be scared by Oscar.I was a little bit doubt Brian’s ability.Come on Brian,just show us you can do it.

I believe in ghost, on opposite i did like sit on a chair or lie down on bed in a dark room without any light even the sunlight,totally black.(not for sleeping)Maybe i can help u brian.

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