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Have Each Other's Backs
Have Each Other's Backs English, baby! Video Lesson

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Date: Oct 14 2014

Themes: Alternative, Friend, Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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There’s a game people play to show that they trust each other. One person stands with her arms crossed in front of her, and two or more people stand behind her, ready to catch her when she falls back towards the ground. It’s called a “trust fall.” Trust falls are used to show people that their friends are going to take care of them if they fall. People who participate in trust falls definitely have each other’s backs.

It’s not only when we can fall and get hurt that it’s important to have friends nearby that will have our backs. Sometimes the support we give each other is emotional. If someone loses a job, gets divorced, or a friend or family member dies, it’s incredibly important to have people around who will have his or her back. Even people who say they don’t need anyone usually feel better knowing a friend is available during an emergency.

Gary and Marni assure each other that they have each other’s backs. But why would they need to do that? Learn more by reading today’s English lesson about the supernatural.

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Marni:  Gee, Gary. You didn’t have to slam the door so hard.

Gary:  I didn’t. It must have been the wind.

Marni:  The wind? But it’s not even windy out. Plus all the windows are closed.

Gary:  That’s weird.

Marni:  Spooky.

Gary:  Super spooky. Don’t worry. I have your back, Marni.

Marni:  Thank goodness. OK. That was weird. Why don’t you work here next to me?

Gary:  Yeah, I think so.

Marni:  OK. Do you believe in the supernatural?

Gary:  I think it’s a nice idea, and it’s fun, but I’ve never had a supernatural experience myself. How about yourself?

Marni:  You know, my grandmother totally believed in ghosts. When we were little, she would tell me and my brother about this ghost that lived in her attic. It always scared the pants off of us.

Gary:  That’s just cruel.

Marni:  I know. But I actually think she really believed in the stuff herself.

Gary:  Is it time to go home now?

Marni:  Yes. Can we leave together?

Gary:  I’m not leaving alone.

Marni:  OK. Gary, I just want you to know… I have your back.

Gary:  OK.

Marni:  Let’s take the stairs. It’ll be faster.

Gary:  Yes. Yes, agreed. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!


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Marni and Gary are working in the office when the door slams shut. They blame each other, but neither Marni nor Gary was near the door. Next a box falls off the table, but nobody has touched the box. Marni asks Gary if he believes in ghosts or spirits, and he tells her that he doesn’t. Marni’s grandmother did, and she always told scary stories to Marni and her brother.

As they’re talking, a piece of paper falls to the floor. By now, Gary and Marni are truly frightened and decide to leave the office together… and quickly! They can’t explain what’s going on, but it definitely seems like something strange is happening. The two friends assure each other that they’ll take care of one another.

What’s happening at Marni and Gary’s office? Do you feel like your friends have your back? Do you have theirs?



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Why Englishbaby ask me what is going there. I’m not responsible of that.!!!!!

Obviously, something weird is happining out there. I’m not superstitious sort of person but I believe these kinds of metaphysics things which cannot be described by scientific laws.

Anyway, of course I feel that my friends have my back during my harsh time in my life. I think this topic give us a big lesson in our life that we should have reliable friends in our life to take care of us. As a result the first step is to make friends. Due to I work hardly to find friends initially bcz I believe that heaven without friends are just like the hell. Actually I am in real hell in this world these days in terms of having no friends in my real life.

08:41 PM Oct 19 2014 |

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Max, I just read your joke. You made my day. I was laughing. To tell you more. Once, when I was getting off  the subway train, I grabbed by the arm my friend and was telling the story to him for the whole 2 min. When I looked up the man wasn’t that man I expected to see but a stranger! And my friend was rolling out on the floor behind. The stranger was smiling too. But I wasn’t!

12:27 AM Oct 16 2014 |

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 we people believe in supernatural things most of the time.but i think those real ghosts have got such great power.there is boundary between the world of the living and the underworld.so we are safe enough.

08:00 AM Oct 15 2014 |




The friend who is always around is a your friend. Sometimes we’re blind, don’t see it as though a friend is a ghost who always has your back. The friend who left because of the argument, some disagreement, some other misunderstanding – is not your friend. And the one who pursuits you is the one you can trust. It’s all about trust and with people, trust is tested by time.

12:02 AM Oct 15 2014 |



  • What’s happening at Marni and Gary’s office? ... I think it is a supernatural activity!! or it is a kind of joke made by Gary… May be these is a ghost trying to attract their attention and make them realize that he exists.

  • Do you feel like your friends have your back? .... sure!! we always help each other and we always have each other’s back.

  • Do you have theirs ? .... I do my best when I am able to give help. I owe them.

As usual, English,Baby keeps surprising and gifting us with extremely amazing lessons 

” have each other’s back ” lesson deals with one value that is rarely found in our world. Finding a faithful and loyal friend is something scarcely found thesedays. A;; of us need to find someone whom we can count on; someone who share us our hard times before sharing us our bad and hard times. We need to have someone to have our backs. 

As the English proverb tells : ” A friend in need is a friend indeed. “

It is something mutual. As we expect to find other people have our backs and help us whe we need help, we should have others’ back as well.

Imagine that you are living alone on that planet, and you have all you need ( food, drinks, money….. will you have any kind of happiness taste. we always need other people to share us our life.

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” 

Thanks for the interesting lesson



10:54 PM Oct 14 2014 |

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There is a woman comes to the cemetery at night, afraid to go on. She saw a man, she asks him to go with her. They go on together. A guy tells jokes. Woman laughing, said: – You are a cheerful man. A guy says: – You should have seen me during my lifetime …

10:48 PM Oct 14 2014 |

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yes its good to have somebody’s back or somebody is having your back. At one time you are left with only your frineds who you have had made throughtout your life and that is the best part. And, this is how this world goes..!!

06:31 AM Oct 14 2014 |

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Oh, my God, this lesson speaks to me! I’ve just opened the drawer, it’s pitch black night outside and I heard the strange sound coming from there, like a whisper. I told a couple of people about it and they said it happens after watching “Dracula untold” and they laughed, but I’m telling you, I’ve heard that sound! 

03:40 AM Oct 14 2014 |

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