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Take One's Word for It
Take One's Word for It English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'take one's word for it'

Date: May 12 2015

Themes: Celebrity, How To, Soap Opera, Tech, Work

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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How can you know when a person is trustworthy? Can you see it in her eyes? Do you feel it in your heart? Or maybe you need someone else to tell you that she’s a person you can believe in? It’s not always easy to know, but it’s almost always important!

When someone promises to do something, he might say, “I give you my word.” One’s word is one’s commitment. If you offer someone your word, you’re telling them that you are serious. Most people would never give another person their word unless they planned to do exactly what they promised. If you ask someone to take your word for it, you’re asking them to trust that you’re telling the truth.

Jessica wants Brian and Gary to take her word for it that she’s going to be interviewing somebody famous. Will they do it? Find out in today’s English lesson about trust.

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Brian:  What’s going on, Jessica? You look like you’re ready to burst.

Jessica:  I have amazing news!

Gary:  Yes?

Jessica:  I scored the best celebrity interview.

Brian:  What? With who?

Jessica:  I can’t tell you. But you just have to take my word for it.

Gary:  Why can’t you tell us?

Jessica:  Their publicist said I can’t tell anyone until afterward.

Brian:  What? That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

Gary:  You can’t tell the owners of the company you work for.

Jessica:  Not even them. But it is going to be huge. In fact, Gary, I was hoping you could show me how to set up a blog.

Brian:  A blog?

Jessica:  My friends are always asking about what I do and which famous people I meet. I thought I could start a blog.

Gary:  OK. Have you chosen your domain name? It should be easy to remember, catchy, and unique.

Jessica:  I thought followmyblog.com could be funny.

Brian:  Maybe you should let us help you find one.

Jessica:  That would be great. Thanks, Brian.

Gary:  Do you know which blogging platform you want to use?

Jessica:  I’ve heard great things about WordPress. Is that a blogging platform?

Gary:  Exactly. And what about your theme?

Jessica:  Theme?

Gary:  It’s the layout... how it looks. Let me show you some examples.

Brian:  Are you sure that this celebrity interview is worth all of the work of setting up a blog?

Jessica:  Take my word for it, Brian. You’ll see.


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Jessica is very excited. She scored an interview with a celebrity, and it’s going to bring a lot of attention to StarScoop.com. It’s probably her most important interview yet. Unfortunately, the celebrity’s publicist told Jessica that she can’t tell this famous person’s name to anyone. Not even to Brian or Gary!

Jessica goes on to say that she wants to set up a blog. She asks the guys for help with several things, like coming up with a domain name. It needs to be a name that people will remember if Jessica wants people to read her blog. She wants to write about her experiences at her new job.

Does your family take your word for it when you share things with them?



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La Princesse de la vie


Maher, you wouldn’t have said that if you got caught by one of his bothersome silly pranks! Take my word for it :D

And do men wear perfumes visiting their mothers? xD

08:39 PM May 14 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I always try not to give someone my word until I Intend and can do! And also I give someone my world less than I could do!
But When I should do my work I will do more than I gave someone my word.

La Princes se de la vie and maher20000 comments’s was interesting to me!

09:42 AM May 14 2015 |


maher20000Super Member!


When I wear perfume and tell my wife that I am going to visit my mother, she never takes my word for it.

11:08 PM May 12 2015 |


maher20000Super Member!


Amira, your brother is going to be a comedy star. Take my word for it.

10:52 PM May 12 2015 |



Sri Lanka

Since I have the tendency to exaggerate my family always takes my words with a pinch of salt.

For example, if someone talks on TV nicely, I might say, “Hey, that guy is really singing well, take my word for it!”




Julito, you’re a good person. Good people’s words are rarely believed in;)




Yes, they are used to trusting on me. I am not a good liar, hahaha. I think that is very very important to be a reliable person. I take years to conquer trust, but just one second to lose.

04:11 PM May 12 2015 |




I have a twin brother  and he rarely take my word for it. It is difficult to persuade him that what i am telling is true.   Nobody is a profet in his own land . hahahaha

02:24 PM May 12 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


My mother is so picky and not easily persuaded, so if she has a belief, then whatever you say she wouldn’t take your word for it whatsoever..

And my youngest brother likes to play pranks on us. He always tells lies about things that don’t really happen, like “Amira, your mobile is ringing” I was outdoors having a walk and I got inside to see who is calling but nobody was calling. Silly boy! Or ” Amira, I have spilt tea on your laptop keyboard. Sorry!” And I run screaming and tossing things at him, then I see that my laptop is fine. Oh God!

I think such one can never be trustworthy, but much worse is that I always believe him and get caught by his ridiculous tricks _

02:15 PM May 12 2015 |



United States

If some one aks you a qustion you can say yes or no.

12:39 PM May 12 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

to all my friends : this lesson is very useful for daily conversation. take my word for it

11:49 AM May 12 2015 |

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