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Dorm Life
Dorm Life

Learn English meaning of dorm life

Date: May 10 2019

Themes: School

Grammar: Prepositions


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For some students, one of the most exciting things about going to university is living away from home for the first time. It can be a scary experience to be on your own and away from your family. You also get to decide if you will live on campus or not.

Students who choose to stay on campus will usually live in a dorm. Dorms can be big or small, and typically students will have a roommate. If dorm life isn’t for you, you can rent an apartment or house off campus instead.

Gary and Jessica talk about their time at college and where they lived. Find out more in today’s English lesson about dorm life.


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Gary:  When you were in college, Jessica, did you live on campus?

Jessica:  Well, I had the pleasure of living off campus.

Gary:  Oh, really?

Jessica:  In this wonderful housing community with some awesome roommates. And it was the time of my life.

Gary:  That’s cool. Was it a co-ed place, or was it one gender?

Jessica:  Actually, it was co-ed.

Gary:  Woah.

Jessica:  Yeah. A few of my friends. And one of them had a boyfriend at the time. We all found a wonderful house. It was like communal living outside of the dorms.

Gary:  That’s really cool.

Jessica:  Did you live off campus?

Gary:  I actually lived on campus. I was an R.A., a resident assistant, for a couple years. I thought it was so much fun living in a communal area with people and learning to share.

Jessica:  That sounds like a cool way to experience dorm life.

Gary:  Yeah.


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When Jessica was in college, she lived off campus. She lived in a co-ed house with her friends and really enjoyed it. It was such a great experience that she described it as being the time of her life.

Even though Gary lived on campus, he also had a very good experience. In fact, he was a resident advisor in the on campus dorm. Gary says that he learned a lot about sharing. Gary and Jessica may have had different living situations, but they both had positive experiences.

Did you live on or off campus when you attended university? How was your experience?



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IreksSuper Member!


It was a very good and exciting time when I was living in a dorm. It was unforgettable experience in my life.

10:20 PM May 13 2019 |




However, I haven’t been to the dorm/Campus, But i am sure people get together there from different culture background, Being in dorm is a good life experience, learning and exchanging idea with people who have different prospective and ideology.

05:30 AM May 12 2019 |

1 person likes this



Congo, Democratic Republic Of The

That’s a great experience, so good! It really was the time of my life.

06:39 AM May 11 2019 |



I lived on campus for two years when I was in university, our dorm had eight girls all from different city, we had a nice experience. But I used to have insomina becasue eachone had different sleeping time, one of them came back late and made nosie, so I decided to move out of campus untill graduate.

02:15 AM May 10 2019 |



I had lived on campus for 4 years some of the roomates were good some were not so good,but i can say it was an awesome experience and it was the time of my life,

12:31 AM May 10 2019 |

nasrin jojo

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I had the compus experience about 4years ago and I can say unforgett  time in my life when I have lived with my rommates in university time..

first of all I was really sad and anxtious far from my family .after some times I have prefered staying with my friends and enjoying with them :-)what funny time!!!

09:28 AM May 16 2015 |


United States

I lived on campus in a dorm and it was a very good experience. The college would not allow freshmen to live off campus in their first term. It really didn’t matter because off-campus living was a different type of experience than on campus.

The girls stayed in the dorm across from the guys’ dorm but we all ate in the same cafeteria building. Quite different than high school but it was a positive experience that I highly recommend to college bound students.



United States

Dorm Life Doing work in school doing the samething.

05:51 PM May 06 2015 |

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La Princesse de la vie


No, fortunately and unfortunately I’ve never had this experience.

The only thing I like about dorm life is the company, that you are up to know new people and have new friends if you are coping with each other. Another pro for living on campus is that you need to do things on your own, so it qualifies you to live your life separately from your family.

My friends in the dorms say that the service there is bad, and there is no much freedom, and also the rules are very strict. So it seems to have several cons to live on campus.

Here living on campus is only for students from far places or even other cities around Egypt, and the university is not so far from my home. The on campus is only one gender not co-ed.

My brother is studying in another city, so he lives on campus. He is not the kind of person that can cope with a communal life fast and he just has few friends, but now there he is so active and has new friends. I think he has adapted to being there. He has even won the first place in chess last week, and returned to play Karate again after he had stopped for some time xD I’m so happy for him, and I know that these four years will be the time of his life.

10:15 PM May 05 2015 |



yes, i had an experience with campus livinig, i was in college i lived on campus it was a greate experience in my life. however, it was not co-ed its for only male gender. we alwas had communal gathering after lunch and dinner we had disscussion about future plannings and some interesting gossips it was time of my life.

rightnow, still i m far away from my family, i m enrolled in university and pursuing my further studies, i live in apartment on rent, here i have to do everything my own. again it would be time of my life when i complete and go back with family.


maher20000Super Member!


It can be exciting, or it can be unpleasant. It depends on the persons who you are living with, and how much you can fit together.



i had this experience 7 years ago when i was in the college and i learned alot and different things.

06:17 PM May 04 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have already had this experience in my major. I study marine engineering in bandar abbas. First it is scary but next i change my mind about this. It is the best my experience in whole my life

04:36 PM May 04 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I have never had this experiene I always be near my family

12:54 PM May 04 2015 |




I lived off campus with a few friends. 

This lesson reminded me my college years, what a magical time. I miss this period of my life.

11:55 AM May 04 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

When I attended university I lived in my home! I have no idea about live on or off campus! But I think It maybe interesting and it has own problems! Some of my friends have such experience, some of them has good memory and some of them has bad memory.
Maybe it depends of chance that you live with whom!
But I have experiences in living with my colleagues. That wasn’t good experience, living with those who you don’t know them, with other cultures, other hobbies could be interesting and maybe boring!
I think living with colleagues is different from living with students.

09:56 AM May 04 2015 |




Well, I’ve been living on campus for five years now, and I can say with no doubt that living a dorm life is much much better than living alone…

Last whole year I spent in a cubicle room, and believe me or not… That really sucked. 

This weekend, I was in the room alone, and all my room mates were home… Cant tell you how horrible it was to be alone, as I had nothing to do much and I was hell lot of bored.

09:23 AM May 04 2015 |



Sri Lanka

I studied in a college only for 5 months. Then I discontinued my studies and got married.

At that time, I lived on campus and shared a small room with 5 other girls. Even though there was hardly enough room to swing a cat, those 5 months were a blast in my life.

The only problem was I missed my parents awfully when I ran out of pocket money. 

Naveen Singh Shahi


When I was in college, l loved to live in dormitory (dorm), because the campus was one gender, we all were talked and play till mid-night. Even our course were different. Everyone came from different state they have their own languages, culturals, foods and rituals.

06:15 AM May 04 2015 |




I live on campus six people in one dorm.Some of my roomates rent an apartment off campus in junior year.We spent weekends in their apartment and it were our time of life.

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