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Cut to the Chase
Cut to the Chase English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'cut to the chase'

Date: Sep 01 2015

Themes: Family, Soap Opera, Travel, Work

Grammar: Passive Voice


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Have you ever seen a very old movie? When movies were first made, they were silent, which means that they had no talking. In fact, if there was even music, it was often played by a musician in the movie theater. Without talking, silent movies felt a little boring. Fortunately, the movies usually ended with a big chase, and that’s when things got exciting!

The expression cut to the chase means to get to the important or interesting part of what you are saying. Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to share a lot of details. If you’re telling a friend about something that happened to you, she might ask you to cut to the chase if the details are taking too long. Your story may not be boring like a silent movie, but it might need a little excitement.

It’s not necessary for Sara to cut to the chase when talking about Kellie. Learn more in today’s English lesson about big changes in Kellie’s life.

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Sara_R:  His story was getting really long, so I said, “Cut to the chase! I have packages to deliver.”

Gary:  Then what did he say?

Sara_R:  Nothing! He gave me a $100 tip and told me to have a nice day.

Gary:  Wow. No way! You have the best stories.

Sara_R:  Thank you. So, did you hear about Kellie?

Gary:  I did. Have you heard from her?

Sara_R:  She emailed to say that her grandmother’s funeral was nice, and that an attorney will read her will after the memorial.

Gary:  I heard she’s going to inherit a vineyard!

Sara_R:  It’s true. Kellie definitely enjoys drinking wine, but I don’t think she knows anything about making it.

Gary:  Is the whole estate going to Kellie?

Sara_R:  I think so. She has a brother, but Kellie’s the oldest. I guess her brother doesn’t even want it.

Gary:  He doesn’t?

Sara_R:  Nope. He wants the attorney to cut to the chase and say that the winery is being left to Kellie, so he can go home. Which reminds me… I need to go home, too.

Gary:  Hey, Sara.

Sara_R:  Yes?

Gary:  Oh, nothing. Have a great night.

Sara_R:  ‘Night, Gary.


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Gary is interested to learn about what’s happening with Kellie. She had to travel to France with her family because her grandmother died. Sara, Kellie’s roommate, explains that Kellie has learned that she’s going to inherit a vineyard from her grandmother. In fact, the whole estate is being left to her.

It’s probably not a surprise that the family attorney told Kellie that she is getting her grandmother’s vineyard. Even so, Kellie doesn’t have any experience with making wine. Sara jokes that she definitely knows a lot about drinking it! Kellie’s life is going to be changing a lot in the next few months.

Do you think that Kellie can be successful with a vineyard? Do you ever ask people to cut to the chase?



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Sometimes I feel I want to say “cut to the case” to someone but it depends from the situation and the person  so I do it …. or I don’t do it.

A friend, who is closed to me, could better understand this words… maybe I am in a hurry…or want to hear and speak about the important things…(absolutely smalltalk is not possible with me)

When I am in a talk with an old people and he or she dont come to a point I am patiently… because I know it has nothing to do with the story, why they are talking to me …it is more because of the contact to a human they want to talk…They need people to feel himself as a part of the humans… and to be not alone…. and so If I have time I will wait until they are ready and give god words back to them to feel good.

But I have a good friend who is always speaking much and much… and to him I dont fear to say … please what do you want to say really???

He didnt catch it realy I think … he can not let it to talk too much… :)

But he knows it and we can laugh togehther about these things….I have to remember him…cut to the chaise…or bring it to a point….otherwise I will sleep…even I dont want it…

08:14 AM Sep 08 2015 |

king khaled

Saudi Arabia

I would like to say ( cut to the chase ) even I have nothing to do. 

07:39 AM Sep 07 2015 |




Kellie needs some advisor to start in wine´s business. Because she has any experience with the vineyard. 

When I get busy, I ask people to cut to the chase. I cannot waste my time.. hahaha.

09:19 PM Sep 01 2015 |




How is it possible for Kellie to take the reins  of  the estate and make it profitable if she lacks the knowledge of this business. Definitely , she will have to cut to the chase and hire people knowledgeable in the art of  wine production process.

I prefer that people cut to the chase , and depending on the person i am talking to  i  keep silent or  i make it clear that  i only want to hear  the important part of the subject in question.

07:56 PM Sep 01 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Old people usually like to talk more, explain every thing and most of them likes to share a lot of details. I always listen them carefully even I don’t like to listen what they talk about. Generally I listen everyone carefully because I believe it is impolite to ask someone to cut the chase!
But I sometimes ask my very close friend to cut to the chase. Of course it depends on the situation too, sometimes I know my close people needs to hear them!



I don’t konw how to use “cut to  the chsse”.

03:45 PM Sep 01 2015 |



United States

I hared cut the chase that old.

12:40 PM Sep 01 2015 |

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I wanted to tell her “how meaningful you are to me ” ı started to write her , then she told me , “dont bla bla !! 

ı asked whats bla bla ? she smiled and told me ” cut to the chase”

ı learned long words look like a lullaby )))) it gives sleeping :)



Russian Federation

Kellie can be successful in her business if she has has some experience in it, or she needs to employ someone who is good in it. 

Sometimes i ask someone who tells a lot to cut to the chase, if the detail information is not interesting for me and i want to know the important thing of it



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

no, because some times the funny part of a story is a bout the details !!

10:17 AM Sep 01 2015 |




Yeah,Kellie can be successful with the vineyard,if she knows how to mannage the business.

I think,i didn’t ask sombody to cut to chase before,cuz in my view it might be annoying for that person,or it might hurt his feelings.




Poor Gary, he is madly in love with Sara but Sara has no idea. 

I think like S&W, I think asking people to cut to the chase is kinda impolite. They might feel offended.




I wish Kellie can be successful with her new business.I had never let people cut to the chase in my life cause I think it is impolite to do that.

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