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Amy Schumer
Amy Schumer

Learn English meaning of 'Amy Schumer'

Date: Sep 11 2015

Themes: Celebrity, News, Pop Culture

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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Like most celebrities, Amy Schumer didn’t hit it big right away. It took years of acting and telling jokes before Schumer got attention for her comedy. A lot of people enjoy her controversial style of satire, and the fact that she takes things to a whole new level. Some might say that Amy Schumer is on fire in 2015.

Schumer’s videos have gone viral and saturated the internet. Also, the movie “Trainwreck” began showing in theaters this July. It was written by and stars Amy Schumer, and has made over $100 million. Basketball player LeBron James agreed to be in her film, which shows just how successful she has become. Amy Schumer is paving the way for funny and talented women everywhere.

Jessica is poking fun at Romeo for not knowing more about Amy Schumer. Find out more in today’s English lesson!


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Jessica:  I have been obsessed with the comedian Amy Schumer.

Romeo:  I’ve heard of her, but I have never seen a video.

Jessica:  Really?

Romeo:  Really.

Jessica:  She’s been around for a really long time, but I guess she just recently hit it big.

Romeo:  I do know that she’s gone viral and saturated the internet, but I haven’t actually heard any of her comedy.

Jessica:  Oh, it’s really controversial. And I think that’s why so many people are drawn to her, and why she’s suddenly on fire. She just takes things to a whole new level. Some of what she does is a satire, so she’s just poking fun.

Romeo:  Oh, I see. Right.

Jessica:  She doesn’t have the typical look for celebrities. She doesn’t have that typical sex appeal.

Romeo:  But you remember Roseanne Barr…

Jessica:  Oh, Roseanne Barr.

Romeo:  Yeah. Right?

Jessica:  Yes.

Romeo:  Wouldn’t you agree that she probably didn’t have…

Jessica:  The norm?

Romeo:  Yeah… of what’s supposed to be sexy.

Jessica:  Exactly.

Romeo:  And she was funny.

Jessica:  Yes! I loved Roseanne Barr.

Romeo:  Yes.

Jessica:  So, Amy Schumer is paving the way for female comedians all over.


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Jessica loves the comedian Amy Schumer. Her videos are highly popular right now, and for a good reason. She’s funny! Schumer’s sense of humor is also controversial, which seems to make her even more interesting. She’s known for poking fun at a lot of people… even herself.

Romeo has heard of Amy Schumer, but he has never seen her videos. Jessica is surprised when she hears this, because Schumer is really on fire right now. The two talk about comedian Roseanne Barr, agreeing that you don’t have to have sex appeal to hit it big. Jessica believes that Amy Schumer’s success will allow more women to find success in comedy.

Do you like Amy Schumer? Why do you think that she’s funny?



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I am gonn watch the movie tonight. Iøll get back to you afterwards)

01:05 PM Sep 15 2015 |



Confession: I used to read discussion section only. And now I did the same. So I don’t know what’s really going on xD

P.S: Still haven’t read the whole section :D

02:58 PM Sep 13 2015 |



United States

Great topic!I am from China,I don’t know her before,but i will watch her video by youtube.

01:51 PM Sep 13 2015 |




Be careful Wuthering, she can poke fun on you :)

05:04 PM Sep 12 2015 |


United States

She is a little bit overweight . Don’t your guys think so ?

03:27 PM Sep 12 2015 |




very internesting !

02:18 PM Sep 12 2015 |



United States

Amy Schumer is a allsome singer.

11:55 AM Sep 11 2015 |

1 person likes this




I am watching now.She looks awesome and she makes me laugh. :)

See you..

01:16 AM Sep 11 2015 |

1 person likes this




I don’t know her.I just know she is a comedian.I haven’t watched her before.

I will watch her comedian videos.Actually I am wondering her.:)

01:14 AM Sep 11 2015 |

1 person likes this

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