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Get (Something) Off the Ground
Get (Something) Off the Ground English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of 'get something off the ground'

Date: Sep 29 2015

Themes: Soap Opera, Tech, Work

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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Orville and Wilbur Wright are two brothers who are known for creating the first working airplane. The Wright brothers began with a bicycle repair and sales shop, and with the money it made they spent more and more time trying to create an airplane. After years of hard work, they were finally able to get one off the ground in December of 1903.

To get a project or a business off the ground today is to get it started. It doesn’t have to be as well-known as the work of the Wright brothers, but it does have to be operating. Whether it’s a new, international bank or a child’s business selling lemonade, someone has probably worked hard to get it off the ground. With a little luck, it will be a success!

Sara would like some help getting her website off the ground. Who’s the right person for the job? Read on in today’s English lesson about having a side business.

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Brian:  Sara! Marni tells me you have a side business.

Sara_R:  Yes, and I’m trying to get it off the ground. I knit.

Brian:  Like socks?

Sara_R:  Socks. And dog sweaters. And bikinis.

Brian:  Dog bikinis?

Sara_R:  No. Sweaters for dogs, bikinis for people.

Brian:  That’s awesome. So, do you have a website?

Sara_R:  Not yet, and that’s where you come in. Jessica told me you helped her get her blog off the ground.

Brian:  Well, Gary has more experience with that than I do.

Sara_R:  I know, but I get the feeling that Gary… I’m sorry. I know he’s your friend. He’s just not my type.

Brian:  That’s OK, Sara. So, you want to sell things online. There are some basic things you’ll need to decide.

Sara_R:  Like what methods of payment I’ll accept?

Brian:  Right. Also what you’ll charge for shipping and your return policy.

Sara_R:  I should probably hire someone to take photos of my products, too.

Brian:  That’s a good idea. Want to give all of this some thought and we can make a plan to talk again?

Sara_R:  Sure. When are you free?

Brian:  Whenever.

Sara_R:  Tomorrow?

Brian:  Perfect.

Sara_R:  4 o’clock?

Brian:  I love it.


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Sara has a side business selling clothing. Most of the clothing is for people, although she does knit sweaters for dogs, too. She wants help from Brian with setting up her website. Sara wants to be able to sell her items on the internet.

Brian is happy to share what he knows with Sara, but he points out that Gary has more experience with websites. Sara explains that she knows that Gary likes her and she doesn’t feel the same way, which is why she’s asking Brian. They make a plan to work on the website again the next day.

Will Sara get her website off the ground? Have you ever started a business?



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I wanna get this project off the ground: starting to be my family’s cook!

10:45 AM Aug 24 2016 |



Russian Federation

I think if she has a strong desire and intention she will get her website off the ground.

I haven’t started a business yet but i had some attempts. I sold some tanning beds, trainers, made websites, made consulting in business. But it was only a good experience. I have intention to have a business( i want to open an orthopedic private clinic) and to get it of the ground.

06:23 PM Oct 05 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Lolo1986, As you may noticed there are some links in the lessons such as Go Super to download full lesson MP3 or Go Super to take Quiz.

Unfortunately you can’t have those features as a free member and if you’re really interested in taking full advantage of all the features presented in the website, then you should consider becoming a paid-member.

02:52 PM Sep 29 2015 |




I think that she will get her webside off the ground. I haven´t started my side businees yet, but I want to try something. I have a lot of experience about money considering I am an accountant so I would like to start my own business as soon as posible.. any idea? or Does somebody want to join? 

01:51 PM Sep 29 2015 |




Good , but how can I listen to this video and answer quizzes plz I need some help

01:35 PM Sep 29 2015 |



United States

I pick up money of the ground.

La Princesse de la vie


Poor Gary! The man has been chasing his tail around Sara for a while. That will definitely break his heart.

I think she will get her website off the ground.

10:21 AM Sep 29 2015 |

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