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Learn English meaning of gaming

Date: Oct 15 2019

Themes: Hobbies, Tech, Time

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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Long before the internet, gamers have had their own subculture. “Dungeons & Dragons,” for example, was created way back in 1974 and continues to be highly popular in the gaming community. People enjoy being able to immerse themselves in worlds that are so different from their own. It’s an easy and fun way to escape life while just sitting at home.

Today there are so many choices if you’re a gamer. You can play by yourself or join a multi-player game. You can play on your computer or on your phone. There are two-dimensional games and games that make you feel like you and the other players are up close to each other. Turning on your computer lets you enter a totally new environment in minutes.

Gary and Jessica are talking about the different kinds of games they enjoy. Find out more in today’s English lesson about gaming.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jessica:  So, Gary…

Gary:  Yeah?

Jessica:  You may not know this about me, but I am an avid gamer.

Gary:  No way!

Jessica:  Yes. I love to immerse myself in another world… in the virtual reality of video games online. I like to play multi-player games. Do you play video games?

Gary:  I do. Do you play on consoles, as well as a smartphone?

Jessica:  Yeah. I wish I didn’t play as many of those two-dimensional puzzle games on my phone, but I do.

Gary:  Yeah, but you can escape into the game for a while. And just kind of enjoy what that experience is, whether it’s problem-solving or a first person game.

Jessica:  It’s true.

Gary:  They’re really fun!

Jessica:  Yeah. I love to play on the PC…

Gary:  OK.

Jessica:  ... because there is such a strong gaming environment, especially with multi-player games.

Gary:  Sure. Have you ever actually played a virtual reality game where you put something on your eyes, and you’re kind of walking around, and you see it up close?

Jessica:  I have not. I’ve watched videos of people playing those, and…

Gary:  I can’t wait to try one.

Jessica:  It looks really cool.


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Jessica enjoys being able to escape life through video games. Not only does Jessica play games on her phone, but she also plays multi-player games on her PC. She is part of a strong gaming community of people who like the same activities as she does.

Gary is a little surprised that he and Jessica share this interest. He wonders if Jessica has ever played a virtual reality game that makes a person feel like he or she is actually walking around. She hasn’t tried one yet, but Jessica agrees that it sounds interesting.

Do you like gaming? What are your favorite games?



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why is my icon so big??

03:44 AM Oct 17 2019 |



Russian Federation

I don’t like gaming. When i studied at school i used to play games, but now i prefer don’t waste my time on games. I know that there are many people who played a lot, especially online games, i think it’s addicted. I try to use my free time on something useful for me. 
My friend usually playes in Dota, and he couldn’t stop playing. He has been spending much time on it, deleted and restored it once again. It’s really a big addiction.

05:45 PM Oct 16 2015 |



I love gaming, especially on PlayStation consoles. I never had an xbox or a PC so I prefer the PS. I always find time to play because it reduces my stress. Although I am willing to try different genres, I would usually play open world first person shooter games like the Far Cry series. I play minecraft and lego too if I want to be creative. FPS games are usually hated by a lot of people because it can be a bit dizzying. I guess it really just boils down to what you’re into! 

07:42 AM Oct 15 2015 |




I like gaming, I used to be a gamer, but now I do not have enough time to do that. 

08:35 PM Oct 14 2015 |




i like gaming ….. but i can’t game the children can play better then me 

06:46 PM Oct 14 2015 |



United States

Gaming is fun I love it.

05:23 PM Oct 14 2015 |

La Princesse de la vie


I used to like playing puzzles, but not anymore, because my time is more packed now to play. However I still play Subway when I feel disinterested in doing anything xD Yeah, I’m a moody person xD xD

02:00 PM Oct 14 2015 |

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