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Learn English in this Drake music ESL lesson

Date: Oct 30 2015

Themes: Celebrity, Music, Pop Culture

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Do you listen to the radio? What kind of songs do you like to hear? Even if you are not a big fan of R&B, it’s more than likely that you have heard a few songs by Drake. His singles are played a lot.

Drake is a very popular artist right now. Many people like his smooth voice, though some people complain he sounds too whiny. Either way, many people think Drake was robbed at the Grammys because he didn’t win any awards.

Romeo and Jessica are talking about Drake. Find out what they think in today’s English lesson about a popular musician.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Romeo:  Drake was robbed at the Grammys.

Jessica:  Really?

Romeo:  Yes, really. He should have cleaned up at the Grammys. His voice is so smooth, and he crosses over and marries that rap and R&B style like no other rapper right now.

Jessica:  I think that he’s kind of whiny. I’m just not really a fan of him.

Romeo:  You’re probably referring to his radio songs, the ones that are mainstream.

Jessica:  Yeah!

Romeo:  Yeah, they can be a bit whiny, but he’s got so many singles out there. You need to hear all of his music, and not just the ones that they play on the radio.

Jessica:  Maybe I’ll have to give him a second chance and really sit down and listen to him. R&B isn’t really my style of music, so you’ll have to introduce me.


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Romeo is a big fan of Drake’s music. He thinks that Drake was robbed at the Grammys because he didn’t win any awards. Romeo loves how smooth Drake’s voice is and is impressed by the way he crosses over from genre to genre.

Jessica, though, does not like his music much at all. She thinks he just sounds whiny and doesn’t understand why people like that kind of music. However, Romeo convinces her to give Drake another chance. Who knows? Maybe her taste in music will change!

Do you like Drake? Why or why not?



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United States

I don’t think Drake was robbed at the Grammys however I agree his voice is smooth.

The idea that he crosses over from genre to genre might be true in some part, but it doesn’t mean everyone likes him. 

His voice is a little bit whiny and not all funs of music likes whiny songs.

07:36 AM Nov 05 2015 |



United States

love him.

08:36 PM Nov 02 2015 |



I like Drake, because his music is smooth.

12:12 AM Nov 02 2015 |

1 person likes this



I love R&B but I am just not really a fan of Drake and yes he is so whiny.

08:04 PM Oct 31 2015 |

1 person likes this




 I listen foreign music for one music. That kind is bad in turkey, so I never liked  rap music. Maybe I might like with drake, who knows? :)

05:37 PM Oct 31 2015 |

1 person likes this


United States

I like soft music , it makes all my worries flying away and I seem lost myself in the wonderful land once up a time. 

04:33 PM Oct 30 2015 |




Mostly the music that addresses your mood. Sometimes driving in a car just turn it off since nothing can be liked at the moment. But when I jog, i need music, stimulating one, without words but melody, movie soundtracks and other. And it’s amazing how it keep you going. It’s just amazing. You don’t stop with the right music in your ears. You slow down – it speeds you up, you stumble – the music will pick you up, you crawl – it it incourages you it’s ok as long you  you don’t stop and that’s the power of music. So at the present moment I found my music niche.

02:22 PM Oct 30 2015 |




mmm really i didnt hear Drake´s music, so first i must to hear him and after i could have an idea about the kind of music that he interprets.

02:19 PM Oct 30 2015 |




I like Drake’s voice and music,even i listen to this song in the first time.May i have crush on his music.I think everybody has different taste,so has different comments,but i believe good music is good music.I am on your side all the way.

08:14 AM Oct 30 2015 |

rabindra shrestha


Actually i love music and music is all around the world. Everybody have different kinds of voice so drake have also different voice. I know his one song that called started from the bottom. Really nice song and i saw his video also on youtube of this song, very awesome. Love to see that. 

06:43 AM Oct 30 2015 |




I knew him from Rihanna’s song what’s my name.

03:43 AM Oct 30 2015 |

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