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Learn English meaning of Uber

Date: Nov 13 2015

Themes: Tech, Travel

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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The world of transportation is changing in exciting ways. More people are living in cities and using technology to get around. Technology and cell phones have connected people and given them the power to use transportation in new ways.

The company Uber has completely changed the way people use taxis. All you have to do is take out your phone, touch a button, and your taxi will arrive in minutes.

Brian and Gary are thinking about using Uber for a ride. Find out Gary’s experience with the Uber app in this English lesson.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Brian:  Hey, Gary. Do you want to take a taxi? I know you don’t like walking too much.

Gary:  Oh, actually, I just booked us an Uber.

Brian:  Oh, that’s the drive share program.

Gary:  Yeah. I use my phone and it uses our GPS location to tell the driver where we are, and they just pick us up.

Brian:  So, what’s the business model? Is anyone an Uber driver, or do they have to be registered with the company?

Gary:  Yeah, I think that’s how the business is going to expand. I think the CEO has said that he wants every car that is on the road to be an Uber car.

Brian:  Wow, so it just has omnipresence around the whole city. A car driving by could just pick you up.

Gary:  It’s transportation for everyone in every way at all times, and all you have to do is use your phone to book it.

Brian:  But is it safe? It seems a little sketchy to me, to jump into a stranger’s car.

Gary:  My experience has been great. They have cameras in their cars just like taxis.

Brian:  Alright. Well, let’s try it out.

Gary:  It will be here in two minutes.


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Brian asks Gary if he wants to take a taxi with him. Gary books Brian and himself an Uber. Brian wonders if it is safe to use Uber because the idea of getting into a stranger’s car seems dangerous to him.

Brian doesn’t know very much about the Uber app, so Gary explains how it works. Gary loves that he can use his smartphone to book Uber as a taxi service. He has had a great experience and thinks that Uber is safe because the cars have cameras.

Would you book an Uber car to get around the city? What is your favorite form of transportation?



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United States

Uber is just a side job for any men and women who want to earn extra money ….lol 

04:37 PM Nov 14 2015 |




yes i could book an urber for go to anyplace, and i really like use my car is more confortable

02:15 PM Nov 13 2015 |

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Yes, this is a new option to get dilivered to somewhere you want. I haven’t tried it yet. I think it’s pretty safe since it’s a company, they’re all monitored. A good chance to get extra bucks and a pain in the ass for taxi drivers. Yep, the bread is taken away right from thier mouth. Be careful though on weekends with Uber. They raise the fee – 9 times more! It can cost your a fortune ;)

01:43 PM Nov 13 2015 |

Naveen Singh Shahi


I don’t know about Uber Cab. One of my friends told me about it, that time I didn’t pay attention towards this transportation company. One day middle of night, I was coming from Gurgaon to New Delhi. I downloaded the Uber Cab Application and booked the cab. It’s service good.  

09:33 AM Nov 13 2015 |

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