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Dietary Restrictions
Dietary Restrictions

Learn English meaning of ‘dietary restrictions’

Date: Jan 13 2016

Themes: Friend, Health

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Do you know anyone who has food allergies? Some people are allergic to peanuts and can die from eating one tiny bite. Other people have food intolerances and can only handle some foods in small doses.

Food intolerances are different than food allergies. People with food intolerances get a stomachache after eating a food that bothers them. If someone with a food allergy accidentally eats something they are allergic to, they can have trouble breathing and have to go to the hospital! The good news is, many restaurants have special menus for people with food intolerances and allergies. It is getting easier to eat out if you have dietary restrictions!

Jessica and Julie are talking about food intolerances. Read on to find out more in today’s English lesson about dietary restrictions.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Jessica:  My stomach is so sore.

Julie:  Oh no! What happened?

Jessica:  I think I ate too much dairy yesterday.

Julie:  Are you lactose intolerant?

Jessica:  I don’t know, I don’t I think I am? But I know I’ve been having just stomachaches after I eat dairy. I am gluten free though.

Julie:  So yeah, it’s hard when you start piling on the dietary restrictions. It’s like… what do I eat?

Jessica:  Exactly. And I do have a lot of friends who are vegan, so I don’t actually eat a lot of dairy. But I have noticed that I have lactose intolerance issues.

Julie:  Yeah, it can be really tough kind of parsing through what is actually causing you problems if you can handle some things in small doses. But you know, some people have really strict allergies, and some people just have intolerances. It’s kind of hard to figure it out.

Jessica:  I know. I’ve been told that you have to do an elimination process and start some clean eating. And then, start adding back in.

Julie:  Introducing things slowly so you can really pinpoint what specific foods are causing you problems.

Jessica:  This sounds so complicated.

Julie:  It is, but if it’s your health, and it’s going to make you feel better, it’s worth it.

Jessica:  It’s true. I’ll get started.


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Jessica tells Julie about her dietary restrictions. She isn’t sure if she is lactose intolerant. She tells Julie she gets stomachaches after eating dairy. She has a lot of friends who are vegan and knows she has to do an elimination diet to help herself.

Julie explains to Jessica that it can be hard parsing through the foods that are causing problems. She tells Jessica it is worth it because it will make her feel better. She suggests eating a clean diet and trying different foods slowly until she finds the ones that are causing problems.

Do you have any food allergies? Have you heard of eating a gluten free diet?



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08:36 PM Jan 14 2016 |



Dominican Republic

It’s an interesting information thanks!... Lucky I don’t have any dietary problem :)

11:11 PM Jan 13 2016 |




i don’t have problem in my stomach because i eat anything vegetarian i like this but sometimes i have big problem in intestines when i eat someting oily like peanuts 

08:18 PM Jan 13 2016 |


United States

I don’t have any problem with dietary restrictions except peanuts . If I eat a lot of them , my skin is itchy , but small amount , it is okay for me . Human’s body is a wonderful biological machine , If you listen to it , It will tell your brain what food is dangerous for your body !!! 

04:49 PM Jan 13 2016 |




thanks. so interesting..for milk is my lactose intolerances small dose can causing big trouble To my stomach.i avoided To est à lot since i figured out that dairy is the cause of it

12:32 PM Jan 13 2016 |



no. i do not have any food allergies. and i have not heard of that.

04:26 AM Jan 13 2016 |



Fortunately, I am not allergic with any kind of food .
But , I knew little bit about allergic issue who some people struggling with it .
It is parsing thought that the food causing problem because everyone has different type of metabolism for digisting their food .
For instance , pineapple has specific element which could be intolerant fruit for people that are not able to eat it .

03:58 AM Jan 13 2016 |

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