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The Weeknd
The Weeknd

Learn English meaning of ‘The Weeknd’

Date: Jan 15 2016

Themes: Celebrity, Music, Pop Culture

Grammar: Conjunctions


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Have you ever had a song stuck in your head? The music repeats all day long inside your mind, and you probably begin to sing the song. There are many catchy songs on the radio today. Sometimes, it is difficult to categorize today’s popular music. A lot of musicians blend one genre with another genre. They might blend rock-n-roll with hip-hop or jazz with R&B.

The Weeknd is a popular new musician from Canada. He likes to blend genres, and he has wonderful vocal stylings. He recently had his second concert tour, and thousands of fans came to listen to him. The Weeknd is so popular that he set a world record. He was the first musician to have the top three songs on the Billboard Hot R&B Songs chart for many weeks in a row.

Marni has the song Can’t Feel My Face stuck in her head. Find out her opinion about The Weeknd in today’s English lesson.


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Marni:  I’ve got this song stuck in my head.

Jessica:  What song?

Marni:  I Can’t Feel My Face by…

Jessica:  The Weeknd! I love him!

Marni:  He is pretty cool, right? I feel like a lot of his vocal stylings sound like Michael Jackson.

Jessica:  They do, I know. His songs are so catchy. But I can’t really categorize what genre of music it is.

Marni:  Yeah, it’s kind of hip-hop but maybe sort of R&B. I like that sort of throwback to old vocal stylings.

Jessica:  Yeah, it’s really unique though. It is like Michael Jackson or even Bruno Mars.

Marni:  Sure.

Jessica:  And I guess people would think that’s annoying that he’s copying them, but I don’t know, I think it’s catchy. I like it.

Marni:  I just think that’s true of so many artists today. I mean there are so many female artists that sound like other female artists. And I’m never sure quite who’s singing the song, but I just think it’s a sign of the times. And his songs are catchy, so…

Jessica:  It’s true. And there’s something original about it. It makes him stand out.


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Marni has a song by The Weeknd stuck in her head. She tells Jessica, and Jessica becomes excited because she also loves The Weeknd. They both think that his vocal stylings are similar to Michael Jackson’s. His songs are a catchy mix of hip-hop and R&B styles.

Because The Weeknd likes to blend one genre with another, Marni and Jessica think that it is difficult to categorize him. Marni says that it is difficult to categorize many musicians today. She says that it is a sign of the times that so many musical artists sound similar. But Marni and Jessica agree that songs by The Weeknd stand out.

Which song gets stuck in your head? What is your favorite part of this song?



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United States

I love his songs. I what to see him in person.

07:31 PM Apr 14 2016 |




It’s clearly a R&B song. Many R&B artists are using drums, bass and vocal styles from the 80’s R&B, that’s why remember Michael Jackson. But when a R&B artist make huge success, the media use to call him POP. I think it’s why R&B remember black people, and Pop it’s a kind of musicians bought by white teenagers of middle class. They’change’ the category to not bing back the origins of the soul music and the segregation between music markets. It’s like Funk and Disco in 70’s.

11:58 AM Jan 19 2016 |

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Yep, Drake is from Toronto and the Weekend is from Scarborough, east of Toronto.
I read the rylics of Can’t feel my face. What a good description of the strong feeling- I can’t feel my face. I listened to his first verse. No doubt, he’s talanted but somehow, I didn’t find that cathy rhythm like Bruno Mars has or Michael Jakcson. Lyrics is not enough, there should be some rhythm that burn that phrase into your head.
The catchy phrase fo me is from Gloria Gaynor song- I WILL SURVIVE!!! And the song was first produced in 1975. Still catchy… for some.

10:45 PM Jan 16 2016 |



I discovered this singer recently and i like his songs very much, he have a special vocal stylings. I like many of his songs but the one which stuck in my head is i can’t feel my face :)

04:04 PM Jan 16 2016 |

1 person likes this


United States

I like the folk song such as ” those were the day my friends ” . 

03:51 PM Jan 15 2016 |



The song of “listen to your heart” had ever got stuck in my head for very long time. I love this sond and like this style.

  There was a very long time when it accompanied me to work and sleep very day. Its libretto is as follow:

I know there’s something in the wake of your smile.

I get a notion from the look in your eyes,yea.

You’ve built a love but that love falls apart.

Your little piece of heaven turns too dark.

Listen to your heart

When he’s calling for you.

Listen to your heart

There’s nothing else you can do.

I don’t know where you’re going

And I don’t know why,

But listen to your heart,

Before you tell him goodbye.

Sometimes you wonder if this fight is worthwhile,

The precious moments are all lost in the tide,yea.

They’re swept away and nothing is what it seems,

The feeling of belonging to your dreams.

And there are voices

That want to be heard.

So much to mention

But you can’t find the words.

The scent of magic,

The beauty that’s been

When love was wilder than the wind.

I don’t know where you’re going

And I don’t know why,

But listen to your heart,

Before you tell him goodbye.


  But I prefer to its tune.


07:05 AM Jan 15 2016 |

joao correia


I don’t know this artist weeknd, but I’ll looking for his songs.

02:24 AM Jan 15 2016 |

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