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Throw Caution to the Wind
Throw Caution to the Wind English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘Throw Caution to the Wind’

Date: Jan 26 2016

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera, Travel

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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People who study new languages usually like adventures. They like to learn new things and go after their goals. This isn’t easy. Learning to speak a new language fluently takes time, and beginners often feel awkward when they communicate. Living in a country that uses your new language is a good way to learn quickly. But you will probably feel homesick and experience culture shock. Still, many people are happy when they throw caution to the wind and follow this dream.

To throw caution to the wind is to take a risk. You must be very brave and not afraid of failing. When you throw caution to the wind, you stop worrying about the bad things that might happen. Instead, you only think about the best possible result, and you change your life to get this result. This is a big step, and it’s difficult for most people. However, you will feel wonderful when you reach your goal.

Brian has decided to throw caution to the wind in order to be with Lily. Find out what Gary thinks about this in today’s English lesson.

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1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Brian:  I’ve made a decision.

Gary:  What’s that?

Brian:  I’m going to throw caution to the wind and go after Lily.

Gary:  What do you mean, “go after”?

Brian:  I’m moving to Paris.

Gary:  What about your life here? Wait, what about our business?

Brian:  Being with Lily is my first priority.

Gary:  Do you even speak French? You are going to experience major culture shock.

Brian:  How different can it be?

Gary:  First, there’s the language. Until you speak French fluently, even simple conversations are going to be very awkward.

Brian:  Learning to speak French will take time, but people are patient when talking to a beginner.

Gary:  What if you can’t find anything to eat? What if you don’t like French food?

Brian:  I’m pretty sure people in France eat a lot of the same foods we do. Even if they don’t, I can learn to like new things.

Gary:  It’s going to be very exciting at first, but you’re going to feel homesick.

Brian:  That’s true. And there’s no way around it. But there’s email and Skype, so it’ll be easy to see and talk to everyone back home.

Gary:  This is a big step, Brian. Are you sure you want to throw caution to the wind like this?

Brian:  I know. But yes, I am. Seeing Lily again is worth it!

Gary:  OK, but I’m going to drive you to the airport.

Brian:  Thanks for everything, Gary.


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Brian is going to throw caution to the wind and move to France. He misses Lily and wants to be with her. In fact, this is his top priority. He tells Gary about his plan. Gary is worried about their business, and he’s worried about Brian. He tells Brian that he will feel awkward in Paris until he learns to speak French fluently.

Brian understands that he will experience culture shock and feel homesick when he moves. These things are a normal part of living in a new place, and there’s no way around them. But Brian can also use technology to talk to his friends and family. Moving to Paris will be a big step, but he is excited for the change.

When do you feel homesick? Have you ever experienced culture shock?



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Cliché to become very careless. Jane, who is usually cautious, threw caution to the wind and went swimming in the ocean. I don’t mind taking a little chance now





11:37 AM Jul 12 2016 |



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I’ve not felt homesick,or experienced culture shock yet,but i’m really determined and willing to go abroad and learn languages and throw caution to the wind,becuase it sounds cool.I’ve dreams,and ambitions which i attend to go after them,so i’m prapared for everything,and i’m ready to take any risk…becuase i’ll be doing what i love and want and tht’s enough :)

03:55 PM Jan 30 2016 |


WordsmithSuper Member!

United States

When I was young, I never felt homesick. But I am older now, and I don’t like to be away from home for more than a couple weeks. After 2 weeks, I begin to miss my partner and pets.

08:00 PM Jan 26 2016 |


United States

The first year living in the USA , I was homesick so badly , However , I was getting better afterwards . Even living in the USA for a while , I still try to keep my culutres , I am getting losing them recently because I have an american friend . The funny thing is that she even understands what I am talking in my launguage and I am shock . 

04:16 PM Jan 26 2016 |


United States

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10:57 AM Jan 26 2016 |

king khaled

Saudi Arabia

I think when the conversation is as a video and be written under the video is very easy to learners to understand the conversation.

thanks for everything

08:32 AM Jan 26 2016 |

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When I was in high school that one day throw caution to the wind .
I didn’t realized there are lot of things might be encounter to my self such as : awkward , homesick , and culture shock .
At the same time , I was thinking to go after and there would be no way around them .
It is very tough to settle a new country , because it takes time to prove new language , new culture , and more things .
Ultimately , I did throw caution to the wind .

03:40 AM Jan 26 2016 |

Candy cat

Candy cat


I hope I have courage throw caution to the wind and go after my dream one day.

02:53 AM Jan 26 2016 |

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