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Online Dating Apps
Online Dating Apps

Learn English meaning of 'Online Dating Apps'

Date: Feb 10 2016

Themes: Friend, Hobbies, Tech

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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Technology has changed the way people do things. People can work from home on the computer or buy clothes and shoes from their cell phones. In modern times, you can press a button and open up a whole new world from the comfort of your home. Companies have now created a dating app that lets you see people’s profiles without having to meet them in person. You can look for your next boyfriend or girlfriend online!

This new way of looking for your next love interest is done through an online dating app called Tinder. This dating app makes it possible for two strangers with similar hobbies to connect. You just download the app to your phone and make a profile that describes your hobbies.

Jessica and Andy are talking about online dating apps. Find out what they think in today’s English lesson.


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Andy_H:  Hey Jessica, I just downloaded an online dating app and I’m wondering if you have any experience or know anybody that has any idea how that really works.

Jessica:  Yeah. I was actually just helping my mom set up a profile because I’m trying to introduce her to the world of online dating, and I think she can meet some really great people even if she isn’t using it to go on a date. She may make a connection with someone who has similar hobbies, and I don’t know.

Andy_H:   See… My sister met her husband off of a dating app.

Jessica:  Did she really!?

Andy_H:  She did. And I was worried that it might be dangerous or that the dates might have different motives. But they seem to be doing very well.

Jessica:  Yeah, honestly, I think that they’ve locked down quite a few of the websites and apps so they’re very secure. And even though you’re running into a stranger, they’re pretty locked down. I don’t think you have to worry about any of the dangers. I think they’re pretty safe. I know they have a bad rap, but they are definitely safe.

Andy_H:  Well, that’s pretty good to hear. I guess I’ll have to let you know how my next Tinder date goes.

Jessica:  Sounds good! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Andy_H:  Neither can I.


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Andy is telling Jessica about the dating app he downloaded. He wonders if it is safe to use. He tells Jessica his sister met her husband through a dating app. At first, he was worried about his sister and was scared that the man she met had bad motives. But his sister married the guy and is very happy.

Jessica knows all about dating apps. She helped her mom create a profile to post on the online dating app. She thinks her mom can meet someone with similar hobbies and interests. Jessica believes that dating apps are safe and a great way to meet new people.

Have you ever used an online dating app? How do you meet new people?



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02:47 PM Jan 27 2018 |




This app is very interesting and I hope it works… :)

10:13 PM Feb 10 2016 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Animals do u know what is privacy?

08:25 PM Feb 10 2016 |


United States

Most people lie about their profiles online  with overpraising . One time , I dated with a lady online , but she used her picture which was 10 years ago …. lol … well, she is still pretty though but we end up just bff . lol . 

04:00 PM Feb 10 2016 |

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sometimes it work if find someone who has similar hobbis with.

12:15 PM Feb 10 2016 |

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Actually ,I have had communicated to people that sign up in sort of online app dating .
Frankly , I had good time with them because they lived in other provinces and states , and also sharing our ideas about so many reasons that have came in our mind to tell each other .
There are different reasons that people register online dating apps , because some of them motoviting to find their matches , but minority of people want to screw other apps user .
It’s kind of risk to believe some online dating apps .
I can say , it’s nothing to lose it . Try it

02:37 AM Feb 10 2016 |

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