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Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

Learn English meaning of 'Jennifer Lawrence'

Date: Feb 26 2016

Themes: Celebrity, Work

Grammar: Articles, Quantifiers, and Determiners


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You can see Jennifer Lawrence in major movies all around the world. From “American Hustle” to “The Hunger Games,” her movies are hits at the box office. But Jennifer Lawrence has not always been a superstar. She was discovered while walking around New York City with her mother. A photographer asked to take her photo, and after that, modeling agencies and studios would not stop calling her!

Fans around the world love Jennifer’s spontaneous and quirky personality. People like that she is an outspoken actress but worry that she is letting all of the fame go to her head. After all, she is now worth over $60 million!

Jessica and Dominique are talking about Jennifer Lawrence at the Golden Globes. Find out what they think about her in today’s English lesson.


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Jessica:  So Dominique, I love Jennifer Lawrence, and I’ve loved so much of her work. She also has such a quirky personality; it’s really fun to watch her in interviews, especially on Late Night. But I don’t know, she seemed really fake at the Gold Globes recently.

Dominique:   She did. I used to really enjoy her personality. She seemed like a girl’s girl. Someone that’s just really real. And then at the Golden Globes she seemed like a jerk. I almost feel like she was being fake and her true colors are coming out now. And that’s really who she is. She’s not genuine to me.

Jessica:  I really hope she is not letting all of the fame go to her head because I know a lot of her movies have done really well. And audiences love her, and she always does really well at the box office. But I don’t know, on the red carpet during those interviews, she’s so genuine. I really hope she stays grounded, and she is very young! So maybe, that’s why she is behaving so strangely lately.

Dominique:  Maybe, maybe not.

Jessica:  I do know that she is known for her very spontaneous attitude. She is kind of an outspoken actress especially during her interviews.

Dominique:   She’s usually really nice though, so for me the connection has been lost. No longer a fan because her attitude stinks.


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Jessica is telling Dominique about Jennifer Lawrence. She thinks Jennifer has a quirky personality and thinks it is fun to watch her in interviews. Recently while watching the Golden Globes, Jessica thought that Jennifer seemed fake. She hopes that all of the fame is not getting to her head, because audiences love Jennifer’s spontaneous personality.

Dominique used to really enjoy Jennifer’s genuine personality. She thinks that Jennifer has changed, and has become a jerk. She thinks Jennifer Lawrence’s true colors came out at the Golden Globes.

Have you ever seen Jennifer Lawrence in a movie? Do you like her outspoken personality?



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hi,I’am Soren from China,pls add my skype ID: “soren.bai” to practice our English.

01:08 AM Mar 15 2016 |




she is really pretty. I do not watch her on red carpet or golden globes but I have to admited some actress could become in jerk because they think they the best. Fame could dissapear in seconds.

12:18 PM Mar 04 2016 |




Another dissappointment in Hollywood brotherhood following the Oscar from yersterday – Will Smith and his wife who deliberately boycotted the Academy Awards for blaming the whole organization as racist. How come it can be racist if his wife still in a show, he himself got $20 milllion for the movie. If they were not nominated for their achievements, then they got to be better, just that’s it. Leonardo Dicaprio was waiting for that moment for a long time getting better and better and give it all in each movie and he got an award for the best actor.

And kudos to Chris Rock for not jumping on the boycotting band wagon and keeping his job. Well who wouldn’t. It’s such a honor just to be there. So what stayed – Art, Oscar, joy. Sorry for those who missed it.

01:32 PM Feb 29 2016 |




I enjoy her movies, espetialy when she is acting with Bradley Cooper.

06:10 AM Feb 28 2016 |




I saw her in Hunger Games. Good acting, but in real life just an ordinary person, always giggles which is a good cover when there’s nothing to say. She likes to blow out of proportion some small issues on which the other big time actresses like Nicole Kidman would say- big deal and move on.
About her recent reply to the reporter, I don’t find it funny as she expected that to be. Let me be a little bit outspoken here- i don’t think it was quite a smart answer. When you want to ridicule someone on public, it doesn’t give you credit even if you’re worth 60 million.

03:52 AM Feb 28 2016 |




One of my favourite actresses ever))And I appreciate her for her talent first of all. She is a human like all of us. We can’t be perfect everytime and for everyone.

11:02 AM Feb 27 2016 |


United States

why i think she’s so rude to the reporter during the interview? being genuine does not meaning rude and thoughtless.

08:30 AM Feb 27 2016 |

1 person likes this




I think, She is overrated

05:59 PM Feb 26 2016 |


vanesa207Super Member!


I like Jennifer Lawrence, I like her work, I’m a Hunger Games’ fan; and I think that she is a professional but she is a human being and she cannot be perfect.

03:46 PM Feb 26 2016 |




It’s a young actress … i like her

01:30 PM Feb 26 2016 |




I do love to Jennifer Lawrence!!  ha..ha..ha 

03:24 AM Feb 26 2016 |

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