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Learn English meaning of ‘autocorrect’

Date: Nov 16 2016

Themes: Hobbies, Tech

Grammar: Passive Voice


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Technology is awesome, right? These days, almost everyone is some type of computer geek. However, with the good also comes the bad. Autocorrect is one example. Computers, tablets, and even phones now have autocorrect to help people spell words correctly. But autocorrect isn’t always right. In fact, sometimes it changes words and causes people to send embarrassing messages. This is why many people joke and call it auto cucumber.

Sometimes, a bad autocorrect message is just a little funny. But at other times, autocorrect might cause you to send something that is NSFW. If that happens, your friends probably won’t let you live it down. They will have fun joking about your inappropriate message for a long time. That’s why it’s always good to check your messages before hitting send.

Romeo is having trouble with the autocorrect on his phone. Listen to today’s English lesson to learn the details.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Romeo:  So, you know I’m not just friends with you because you’re, like, a computer geek, right?

Gary:  Yeah, I know.

Romeo:  I think I might need your help.

Gary:  What’s up?

Romeo:  My phone… that’s what’s up.

Gary:  What’s wrong with your phone?

Romeo:  Apparently, my autocorrect has been disabled.

Gary:  You mean, your auto cucumber?

Romeo:  Uhhhh… sure…

Gary:  Yeah, autocorrect is pretty great and pretty bad at times.

Romeo:  Right, well, it’s kind-of embarrassing.

Gary:  You didn’t send an inappropriate message?

Romeo:  Oh no, it wasn’t inappropriate.

Gary:  Tell me this… Did you send something that your friends aren’t going to let you live down?

Romeo:  Oh no, they’re not. They’re just going to be like…

Gary:  What did you send?!

Romeo:  I sent a word that anyone should know how to spell that I didn’t spell right.

Gary:  Oh, man!

Romeo:  What is it, I before E, except for after C?

Gary:  Something like that.

Romeo:  Yeah, well…

Gary:  Dude, that’s a fail on your part.

Romeo:  And I always get receipt and receive confused. They sound the same. How come they’re not spelled consistently?

Gary:  I get it. I get it. I’m so glad you didn’t…

Romeo:  Really confusing!

Gary:  I’m glad you didn’t send anything that was Not Safe for Work.

Romeo:  Um, yeah… but about that… You might want to check your email.

Gary:  Wait! Did you send me an NSFW?!


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Romeo recently had an embarrassing autocorrect experience. He didn’t know that autocorrect was disabled on his phone, and he sent a message with a misspelled word. Thankfully, the message was not inappropriate. However, his friends aren’t letting him live it down. Romeo knows that Gary is a computer geek, so he asks him for help.

Gary agrees that Romeo experienced a major fail. However, he wants to know exactly what Romeo’s message said. Romeo is too embarrassed to tell him, but he says that he misspelled a word with ie or ei in it. They both agree that spelling English words with these vowels is difficult. Romeo tells Gary that this messages wasn’t an NSFW, but Gary should be careful when he next opens his email….

Did you ever have an autocorrect fail? Do you think spelling English words is easy or difficult?



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United Kingdom

Few times, autocorrect had been big embarrassment for me. When I wanted to write something and it turned out something very annoying, something very awkward. I don’t like it. It acts like an autocratic tyrant; so I’ve muted it on my cell.

06:01 PM Nov 17 2016 |

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I am using Grammarly as autocorrect , it is free and it is doing a great job. Each time  I make a grammatical or spelling mistake this ” dude ” stops me and let me know about it. 

Autocorrect  in the smartphones are kind of tricky, We have to be alert and don´t click the send button unless you are sure of the words that you have typed in  




In general, when i use whats up which is one of programs on phone, i cannot consider language mode . Thus, unmeanful words can occur. 

Spelling is english to not easy . misunderstanding sometimes appears for each sides

09:21 AM Nov 16 2016 |

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