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Keep an Eye Out
Keep an Eye Out English, baby! Video Lesson

Learn English meaning of ‘keep an eye out’

Date: Dec 13 2016

Themes: Soap Opera, Travel, Weather

Grammar: Possessive Adjectives


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There are many good reasons to keep an eye out for something. For example, you and your friends might want to go skiing during the holidays. To enjoy skiing, you will need good snow. So, you should keep an eye out for snowstorms near you. On the other hand, you might be going on a tropical vacation with your family. You may love shopping with your mom. But you probably don’t want to spend too much money. So, you should keep an eye out for good sales.

When you keep an eye out for something, you look for that thing. You might use all your time and energy to look for this thing, or you might be more casual and wait to see or hear about this thing. You could even talk other people into helping you to keep an eye out. Then, you could cozy up and relax while your friends help you.

Sheila is worried because she heard some news about a storm. Her holiday vacation could be canceled! Kelsey will help her keep an eye out in today’s soap opera.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Sheila:  Oh, no! Oh, no!

Kelsey:  What’s wrong, Sheila?

Sheila:  No, no, no, no…. No!

Kelsey:  What’s the matter? What is it?

Sheila:  This site says that we have to keep our eyes out for a huge storm headed our way!

Kelsey:  Oh! I like storms. It’s a great time to cozy up and watch some movies or read.

Sheila:  Yeah, but if you have a trip planned, like I do, then it means that your flights could get delayed or even canceled!

Kelsey:  Oh, no! Delayed?

Sheila:  I know! I had my tropical vacation planned!

Kelsey:  Canceled?

Sheila:  Yeah! I know! Well, I’ll keep an eye on it. Let’s hope for the best.

Kelsey:  Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no….

Andy_H:  Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey! Kelsey! Hey, how’s it going?

Kelsey:  Um? I don’t know…. What are you doing for the holidays?

Andy_H:  Well, when I was a kid, we had this tradition where we would volunteer and help people during the holidays. So, I still do that. It’s fun! Each year, I pick somewhere different to volunteer, and I always keep an eye out for small nonprofit businesses that need help.

Kelsey:  Oh, that sounds fun!

Andy_H:  It is, super fun! I was hoping Sheila would help me out, but since she’s traveling, I talked Jordin into helping me out. So, now it’s going to be double the fun!

Kelsey:  Oh! That will be fun.

Andy_H:  I’m going to go get some coffee.

Jordin:  Hey, Kelsey. How’s it going?

Kelsey:  What are you doing for the holidays?

Jordin:  Well, sometimes, I travel home to see my parents, but this year, I’m too busy, so…

Kelsey:  Andy said you are going to help him volunteer.

Jordin:  Yeah, I was keeping an eye out for something fun and rewarding to do during the holidays, and he told me about volunteering, and I thought it sounded fun!

Kelsey:  It does!

Jordin:  Yeah, and it’s pretty cute that Andy does it every year.

Kelsey:  Seems pretty cool.

Jordin:  Yeah, Andy’s pretty cool. What? Oh! I mean, it’s cool….


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Sheila is worried because there is a storm warning in the news. Kelsey tells her that storms can be fun. However, Sheila reminds Kelsey that their holiday travel plans could be delayed or canceled. Then, Kelsey is also worried. She goes to talk to Andy, and she asks him what he will do for the holidays.

Andy volunteers at nonprofit businesses each year. He began doing this with his family, and he continues to do it today. He had wanted Sheila to volunteer with him, but she has travel plans, so Andy asked Jordin to help. Kelsey goes to talk to Jordin. Jordin is too busy to have travel plans this year, but she is excited to help Andy… maybe, she is too excited.

Do you often travel for important holidays? Have you volunteered to help people before?



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OMG ANDY IS SO HOT!!! I want to watch more of him!!!!

10:42 AM Dec 29 2016 |

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United States

I don’t usually travel for the holidays but enjoy the time at home with family and friends. Once I volunteered to work on a Habitat for Humanity project through our church that builds houses for some low income people.

05:53 PM Dec 13 2016 |




For the importanat holidays, I am not traval much. Most of the time, I spend the holiday with my parents and friends. We may just watch some movies and eating outside during these days. 

I do have volunteered to help people before when I was in the colleage. We had many noprofit groups in the collage to help peoples who are in need. For example, I once joined the group once a week to be a volunteer to teach English in the local primary school.

Now, I have started working and with limited time to volunnteer. But I will still keep an eye out for the nonprofit businesses. And it’s rewarding to join in such organization to help more people.

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