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Ringling Bros. Closes
Ringling Bros. Closes

Learn English meaning of ‘Ringling Bros. Closes’

Date: Mar 10 2017

Themes: Health, Pets, Pop Culture

Grammar: It's vs. Its


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For many children in the US, going to see a three-ring circus is an exciting thing. There are clowns who do tricks, elephants who dance, and even trapeze artists. For almost 150 years, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Baily Circus was the most popular circus in the US. However, this famous show is now ending forever.

Many people have mixed feelings about this news. Seeing a circus is always exciting. However, circus animals don’t have very good homes. They must live in small spaces, almost like prison. Many people are happy that Ringling Bros. is closing because these animals can have better lives. They probably can’t be reintroduced into the wild, but they can live in nice animal sanctuaries. They will be more comfortable and happier.

Gary didn’t know that Ringling Bros. was closing. Listen to today’s English lesson to hear Andy tell him the news.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Andy_H:  Have you heard of the Ringling Bros. closing? It’s over!

Gary:  They closed it?

Andy_H:  Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Baily Circuses had 147-year run, …

Gary:  Wow!

Andy_H:  … and they are officially closing their circus show, which probably was the first show to include a three-ring circus, dancing elephants, dancing clowns, trapeze…. All of that is no more.

Gary:  Wow! I can’t say that… I don’t even know… I’m happy. I’m sad. All the animals are going to be freed, I’m imagining. Maybe.

Andy_H:  Freed or given, hopefully, enclosures to live their lives in. I’m not sure which ones can be reintroduced to the wild.

Gary:  I doubt that. They could probably send them to a sanctuary, though.

Andy_H:  They could.

Gary:  There are sanctuaries all over the world to be able to help animals like that.

Andy_H:  Well, let me tell you, I’m happy that it’s over because, seeing the way that some of these animals are treated, I…

Gary:  It’s brutal.

Andy_H:  It’s like prison.

Gary:  Yeah.

Andy_H:  And I’m happy that something that is causing animal suffering is over.

Gary:  It’s a significant cultural shift for everyone just to say the words: Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Baily Circus. Like, it’s no more. It’s gone.

Andy_H:  Yeah, I remember going as a kid.

Gary:  This is amazing! Wow! Thanks for sharing the news.


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Andy tells Gary that the famous three-ring circus, Ringling Bros., is closing. The circus was famous for almost 150 years and had many exciting things, like elephants and trapeze artists. At first, Gary doesn’t know what to say. He’s both happy and sad. However, both Andy and Gary are glad that the circus animals can now have better homes.

Andy doesn’t think that many of the animals can return to forests or jungles. However, they can go to animal sanctuaries. In the circus, these animals lived in very small spaces, similar to prison cells. Now, they can live in large enclosures and enjoy natural places. They will be happier and healthier. Andy and Gary will miss the circus, but they are very happy for the animals.

Did you ever see a circus? Have you visited an animal sanctuary?



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In the circus must be only the persons. The animals must stay in the forests or jungles where they can run and be free.

Imagine the humans with chains and obliged to do things unusual. Would they be happy?

07:10 PM Mar 16 2017 |

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It reminds me of Water For Elephants 

04:17 AM Mar 12 2017 |

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I am realy sad about the animals in circut, actualy they suffer many problems there…

04:13 PM Mar 10 2017 |

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Who as a kid hasn´t had the opportunity to go to a circus ? . I remember very well as I and the neighborhood´s children were filled with excitement watching when the circus´s tent was being set up. In those times – as there were no sanctuaries for wild animals in my country , the circus gave us a front row view of tigers, lions ,and elephants . Our eyes were wide open at the sight of tigers and lions inside the cage performing live  and the whip of their tamer to whom we admired for his/her command of the situation. 

12:12 PM Mar 10 2017 |




hurrayyy !! at last,Animals will have their freedom .they will live in their own natural places or in sanctuaries.They will not learn stupid dances,jumping from fire circles..they wont move from town to town .they wont live in  a cage,closed and small containers,spaces..they wont have tortures for hours,days for learning these shows .

another good thing,anymore,Cırcuses dont collect new animals for show performing.  

07:44 AM Mar 10 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think I saw a circus when I was a little kid but thank God they are closed now!

I know someone in Mexico who protect felines ( tigers lions…) with government’s support!

Most of animals are taken from circuses and also the people who kept them as their pets!

Many of them had very bad situation when they arrive but after curing and caring they are healthy and happy and live in a sanctuary all together!

Search for “black jaguar-withe tiger foundation” and see what a worthwhile activities they do for animals!

04:38 AM Mar 10 2017 |

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